Failure to…

It’s all about failure.


Fail early, fail often.

Personally, I’ve been “Less than successful” at a number of endeavors, but that never stopped me from doggedly pursuing a goal.

More often, though, this is all about process

via The Brooks Review — nicely stated.

Learning Process

Consider I’m a big fan of the “Never stop learning” kind of a gig. Sorting through older correspondence, I stumbled across my old entry about what I learned from 14 years of blogging.


As an addendum to that? It was an entry that I wrote for my own blog site, that I eventually moved back to the parent site —

The process was the spin the weblog — basically a catch–all for unmetered and unrefined output, from book and movie reviews to food, various wandering notations, travel, observations — and — otherwise uncategorized astrology notations. Essentially a daily weblog. Covering material that lacked location, not dissimilar to a previous century’s Common place book. Cover material that isn’t elsewhere usable.

Like Saturn in Sagittarius.

After a year, and bothered with upkeep, routine maintenance, plus assorted wear and tear on the machinery, I just rolled it back into its parent. Started a simpler, easier,

Was the spin–off and ultimate re–absorption a failure? Not so much, just didn’t accomplish its goals. I can change up as need be, adjust.

Having been at this for a spell, 20+ years, I kept the data, the content, portable. Export, import, smooth, easy. No loss. Or minimal “shrinkage,” as it does happen.


Was it a failure? Not entirely. Just a learning process. I spent many years — 18 as of: Created on 1998-08-12— August 12 -/+ — at so that doesn’t hurt.

Part of this is listening to metrics, but part of this is merely an exercise on my own part to keep this as simple as possible. Cool idea to spin the weblog off into its own URL. Wasn’t as successful as I would have liked. Not a problem, just not worth the effort. Overhead, support, maintenance, essentially, work. I just like to write. Don’t care too much where it is as long as it mostly identified as mine.

Fail forward?

Another tag line that doesn’t work for me.

These aren’t failures in as much as attempts that needed to be corrected for optimum — whatever the goal is — adjusted output. Not failure.


I did like the the original article was about the way the words, “Failure to…” didn’t work well. They still don’t.

Another one to look at?

Created on 2006-11-14

Creation date, before I moved to San Antonio, but the time it finally went active was more like May of 2007. Nine years, now.

An interesting experiment that has some legs. I’d color that “success.”

Failure to…

Working through several simple projects, a grander scheme is starting to emerge.

“Failure,” is merely a term.


Kramer Wetzel

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