Fast and Loose

Fast and Loose

Fast and Loose – Stuart Woods

Ah Stone Barrington, have I learned nothing from you?

Ex-cop. Lawyer. Bon-vivant. Lover extraordinaire. Perhaps “slut” would not be too much of a term. Well, literary slut, anyway. And me, what does that make me?

Literary slut.

“It happens.” Shrug.

Possible typo in the opening chapter, and another possible glaring grammatical error a few pages later, but it is a Mercury in Retrograde release date. However, from that point onward?

Who cares?

Peopled with enough twists to keep it interesting, slightly predictable, but enough of backlog of characters to keep it moving swiftly, if only slightly improbable.

I was wondering, why not just release all three books for the year as a giant, thick, 500-800 page epic? Wouldn’t sell any more books, but that’s probably not it, the novel is encapsulated as a single tale, wrapped in one, fine craftsmanship lurking beneath the veneer. Proper cannot stop reading pacing.

I commented, “Wow, Stone does have a lot of sex,” and the reply?

“It is fiction.”


Boats, airplanes, fancy restaurants, and the good life. Plus some explosions. That seemed new, and the story wraps, not with a season-ending cliff-hanger, but a gentle segue into the next novel. Coming in August, October, whatever.

I enjoy it immensely. Didn’t say it was good, but it was a finely crafted tale. A little button-down, but I would think of the stories as “realistic James Bond, American-style.”

Or Hardy Boys, for adults, or those of us who are adult-aged.

I am looking forward to the next three books, already in the pipeline, someplace.

Fast and Loose

Fast and Loose – Stuart Woods

Fast and Loose (A Stone Barrington Novel)

Kramer Wetzel

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