Favors and Flavors

Favors and Flavors

There were two Xmas gifts that keep coming back, as an echo — an “RTIC” tumbler, essentially an insulated mug, and Sister’s Coffee.


Trying to suggest the nuance and flavor of the current batch Sister roasted, I stumbled across an old weblog entry, which was supposed to be about website hosting, but the flavored introduction, both tickled and reminded me about the coffee.

There was a certain floral essence, not present in her earlier batch. Hint of cherries, maybe? Not cherries themselves, but the suggestion of sugary sweetness — but not really sweet.

A more nuanced flavor.

Favors and Flavors


I have avoided — in earnest — insulated coffee cups, branded tumblers, and just about every other form of reusable, resealable coffee mug. For some reason, perhaps the hype, perhaps the function, perhaps the cold winter nights, I started to use that metal mug — and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Might be the single pour-over coffee, using Sister’s beans, maybe I can get more out of their flavor that way.

Might be the lonely trek to Austin, with fewer stops.

Can tell more about the complex flavors in the coffee.

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

Kramer Wetzel

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