Texas Secede

This would be funny, if it was the first time I’d heard it. Mentioned in 1997 – Sagittarius, I think, then Cancer, 1999, and for the time being, I can’t locate the other mention. “If Texas were to secede, what would we do with Austin?” “Build a wall around it, like the Vatican, because Austin […] read more

Iron Carbide Edge

Iron Carbide Edge… I liked the way it read, 2X sharper, 3X harder! Iron Carbide Edge So this is about the astrofish.net horoscopes… Stranger and sharper, plus one or two typos […] read more

College and University

Interesting reading about college and university experiences. Mine was different despite the bewildering array of choices. I knew what I wanted. Four-year degree. That’s what I wanted from a real College and University Very simple. Not complicated. From an early age, I was “fast-tracked” to get into a university, with my own choices leading me […] read more

not Apple Watch

Gleefully purloined from Mr. Brooks with my own reflections. I tend to not wear a watch these days. Wore one for years, the best one being a hearty Rolex. Alas, now I seldom wear a watch. Interesting, though,t as that’s an idea. “Magic ‘work powers’ ON!” I’ll give this one a spin. The decision is, […] read more


You got your friends, and you got your fiends, and some days, one come through for you. Scorpio Full Moon, almost over … […] read more

Writer’s Rules

Writer’s Rules Heard them all, many times over, but the Writer’s Rules really do apply. Still the best advice? Write Daily Read. A lot. Constantly seek improvement. Eschew all rules. So the rules, the Writer’s Rules , as collated and turned into a graphic format? Here […] read more

More Marcus

Blot out your imaginaton. Turn your desire to stone. Quench your appetities. Keep your mind centered on itself. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Book Nine, no. 7 # meditations Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - iRead Series - i-mobilize, inc. Meditations: A New Translation (Modern Library) As always a free version is hosted on astrofish.net […] read more

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