Blinky Things

Blinky Things Best one from on the road? Barely visible mud flaps, they said? Blinky Things mean turning, not speed up Bad image, didn't really make it. The return flight? Better than Wet Fuel Cell […] read more

Best Date in January

Best Date in January My buddy in El Paso, Grace the psychic lady asked me for astrological timing on a project for her. Kind of my thing, you know, and as a easy professional favor for a dear friend — I’m in. Love me a challenge. Recently, for her, I successfully picked a property closing […] read more

More Birthday Cards

More Birthday Cards It read, “Don’t lose this birthday card,” with the inside message, “no, seriously, it’s all you get.” My mother was in town for my birthday, and assembling a manger-crèche made me think, according to her, I have divine abilities. According to my sister, myth, and mother attributes many god-like, certainly christ-like qualities […] read more

Fuzzy Boots

Fuzzy Boots It happens when the weather turns cold. After close to a decade in San Antonio de Bexar, and having duly noted this in a horoscope — — I just have to observe it again. Weather consistently dips below 70? Or, like this last weekend, in the mid-50s, but rainy and depressing looking, […] read more

Is This Thing Working?

Is This Thing Working? Kind of a standing joke, just about everyone has heard it, wrapped it into a horoscopes or two, as well, but in my next life? I want to be a San Antonio weatherman. What other job can be that wrong, that often, and still have a job? Reflection and review are […] read more


Cortado As seen here, a cortado, near perfect in execution. In San Antonio, today —… […] read more

Apple Rumors

Apple Rumors Culled from various sources, totally in rather nebulous realm of fiction, and pursuant to the terms of service, here, these are suppositions, without void or form. Maybe wishful thinking. In the next three-four months, Apple should “rev” their iPad Pro line, with a new one — weighing in between the 9.7 and the […] read more

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