Exercise Kit

While this innocuously titled Exercise Kit, what I really wanted to name it was Exorcise Kit. Got to remember this is for Grace’s haunted trailer. “You’ve slept in it,” she said, “you know it’s not haunted.” Her last daughter – also Leo – completing her first graduate degree, swears on all that is holy, that […] read more

The Bandana

More properly, The Bandanas I frequently wear. It’s a professional addition. Roots reach back to cold-water bed-sits in old East Austin. Back in the day. Way back. Think: wired phones. I had three phones lines, one for either data, almost pre-Internet, or as a private line, one for fax, one was the home/office and one […] read more


By virtue of necessity, I’ve “rolled my own” dashboards for years. The dashboard system – in the last two decades – I’ve used a myriad of systems, the current one keeps track of server stats and uptime. One is easy – astrofish.net/TV – short script and links, reveals server stats at a quick glance. I […] read more

Arctic Allah

Arctic Allah Let me see how this works… 13th Warrior, Antonio Bad-ass, based on the book… And just retelling… Eaters of the Dead which is Beowulf… Don’t think this is the first time […] read more

Leo Insights

What’s most amusing, I was going to use this link in a horoscope for The Leo, only, once I pulled up the guy’s birthday, I realized, he was nine years old when the song was released. Cool. Moon goes into Leo at 11:48 PM […] read more

Jupiter the Planet Slayer

Simply put, is Jupiter the Planet Slayer? This article, as a shortened version of some lengthy technical tome, suggests that the early formation of the solar system involves Jupiter’s wobble, and careening like a misguided missile, taking out a number of slightly smaller objects. Makes the link from this image more poignant. Is Jupiter the […] read more

The Price of Oil

The Price of Oil It’s about the price of oil, and more important to my neighbors, literally, the next county over? The price of getting that oil out of the ground. Bit surprised to see how relatively expensive US oil is […] read more

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