Tiny Press Pot Instructions

Tiny Press Pot Instructions Last week, I left a French Press — coffee maker — with my wee mum in Santa Fe. Any number of reasons spring to mind, some because it was an inexpensive coffee maker, maybe it was cute, and maybe, most mornings, I tend to enjoy my first cup of joe from […] read more

Ask the Astrologer Two

Astrology Questions: Ask the Astrologer Two Ask the Astrologer Typical Astrology Questions from Ask the Astrologer, should be a series, alas, it’s not. Yet. What’s more important, knowing the natal chart or the transits? All depends on what one is looking for. More important, it depends on the individual and the chart. For example the […] read more

Italian Roast

Italian Roast Still one of the most evocative — to me — images about coffee: Italian Roast. While the brand itself is not even mentioned, clever that, it still is highly suggestive of The Mermaid. I always liked her original form, very Pisces–like, twin tails and naked chest […] read more


Bloomsday My one nod? Ulysses by Joyce. 16 June 1904 Ulysses – James Joyce Ulysses #Bloomsday […] read more

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