News and Grammar

News and Grammar Recent news piece, vetted, edited, I’ll assume, and fact-checked to corroborate details, sure. Too bad the grammar sucked. Couple of dangling modifiers, and items with no subject. Hard to be objective when I find that in a staunchly, rigorously marketed news outlet that I supposed to be, “Nothing but the facts, impartially […] read more

Ruffian’s Misfortune

Ruffian’s Misfortune Ruffian’s Misfortune by Ray Wylie Hubbard Ray Wylie Hubbard, Scorpio, I’ve used him as an example in horoscopes, on more than one occasion. Famous for a tune, according to lore, he wrote in a blackout drunk, he continues to hone his craft. A favorite on Letterman, and Ray Wylie was always consumate musician, […] read more

Shakespeare’s Image

Shakespeare’s Image Can’t get to the bottom of this, but it’s about Shakespeare’s Image and, quite possibly, the only one from his lifetime. Live. Like a photo. Or not. It’s sketch in a book of herbs, plants, botany and there’s one of four figures not accredited. The suggestion is that the mysterious person is William […] read more

Advertising for

Advertising for Client called with a great idea, the next big thing! “What if you did a series on YouTube, about astrology?” “Like Bare Foot Astrology?” "No, you don’t get it! Like, explain the signs a little, then have a link back to you! People can get a reading then! “Don’t you see? […] read more

Shakespeare’s Advice

Shakespeare’s Advice From Peter Hall’s Shakespeare’s Advice to the Players – Shakespeare tells the actors when to go fast and when to go slow; when to come in on cue, and when to accent a particular word or series of words. He tells the actor much else; and he always tells him when to do […] read more

Coffee Maker Memories

Coffee Maker Memories Weird how this kind of material percolates to the top of the brain, unbiden thoughts that surface after so many years dormant. Coffee Maker Memories The first part is two-fold, and previously, I’ve written it elsewhere, I think. It was either a ‘Tom Thumb’ or Safeway, but I think, ‘Tom Thumb.’ It […] read more

Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes The equations of profit and loss, metrics, and relative success. Prompted by this article, with a hook that caught me, “I owned a bar,” I had to stop, briefly, and consider. However, for me, it’s more Lemons and Limes as pieces of the greater picture. I happen to love my “Day Job,” […] read more

Mercury Retrograde and

Mercury Retrograde and Shakespeare’s Henry 8 Two years ago, I interviewed at Nature’s Treasures in Austin to be one of the in-store “practitioners.” The store owner, Virgo, suggested she’d seen me so many times in Austin, and I do love me some Virgo, that I really didn’t need to audition. But I did. Formally. Proper […] read more

Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art Quite unsure of the source, but the idea, once I get an itch, I have to answer it. Simply enough, it’s a bare picture frame with no image in it. At this moment, it’s on the wall. The idea of a bare picture frame has haunted me for years, and here it is, […] read more

At the Rock Shop

At the Rock Shop Again Looks like Austin, At the Rock Shop Again, at Nature’s Treasure. Often in Austin Two-Meat Tuesday Two-Meat Tuesday: Astrofish.Net/Xenon Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel […] read more

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