Rock Shop Policy

Rock Shop Policy Changes There’s a single component that runs throughout my collected “metaphysical” works: a person is totally responsible for him or her self. That’s it. I can blame the planets — these “inauspicious stars” — for a bad hand in a card game, but I’m the professional astrologer here. I’ve enjoyed a varied […] read more

Rereading Faulkner

Rereading Faulkner Mention high–brow lit., and down the rabbit–hole I go. While university-educated, well-read, and certainly versed in some material, there will always be holes that I can continue to traverse, and attempt to back–fill. It’s a piece about Faulkner’s masterpeice, re–imagined with colorful printing. Straight up, from my flawed memory and the dubious benefits […] read more

Gemini 2016

Gemini 2016 Gemini starts May 20, 2016 at 8:36 AM — Mercury is still retrograde. And Mars, Mars is Retrograde, too. —weekly mail— […] read more

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