Jung Via Pink Cake

Jung Via Pink Cake “As I saw it, a scientific truth was a hypothesis which might be adequate for the moment but was not to be preserved as an article of faith for all time.” Carl G. Jung Memories, Dreams and Reflections Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Pink Cake Pink Cake […] read more

not high on drugs

not high on drugs I’m not high on drugs. I’m just weird. —Kramer Wetzel astrofish.net/travel Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Pink Cake Pink Cake […] read more

The Reckoning

The Reckoning The Reckoning – John Grisham Consider me late to the “Grisham party.” As a literary snob, at one time, I avoided his books because they were too popular. Last book I bought, the store — Costco — had a marketing pallet of the novels. Open the box and it was an instant display, […] read more

I Drink Alone

I Drink Alone For some reason, I can’t recall the rest of the song, but one of the lyrics? “I Drink Alone…” Not like I haven’t ever misquoted song lyrics before, or failed at a proper citation, no, not new. I Drink Alone But the recent two-step on the inter-webs was Tumblr blocking and dropping […] read more


Age After my last birthday, “72!” After that birthday, what it amounts to? I’m at that age when my brain thinks I’m still in my 20’s, but my body keeps asking, “Are you done yet? Better not eat that. Can we take a nap?” What I heard? “I knew you were old. I didn’t know […] read more

Old Blog Header

Old Blog Header Lurking in the files, unsure, don’t recall, but an Old Blog Header, as seen above. The resurfacing must be Mercury inspired as I was digitally excavating old files. astrofish.net/travel […] read more