Gemini 2017

“It's that most wonderful time — of the year — Gemini!” The Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Gemini around 3:30 PM, May 20, 2017. “First to arrive gets the best deal.” […] read more

Three Kings

Inside joke, bit of tarot trivia, too. The image is a Thoth deck, and in its original version, it shipped with three versions of the Magus card, the designer’s original term for the #1 Major Arcana, typically called the Magician. The faith I was raised in, a gentle and sweet — forgiving — lightweight, nominally […] read more

Walled Garden

The term, “Walled Garden,” I first read that in respect to the original version of AOL, what started as the first membership-required kind of online presence. In retrospect, it wasn’t the first, but quickly ascended to the throne of best known. There will always be that bittersweet tang, as AOL was my first righteous paying […] read more

Chain Store Food

Very few chains are acceptable, but there are some exceptions. Taco Cabana, Torchy’s Tacos, What-a-burger (with jalapeños and bacon, extra spicy ketchup), Blake’s, and Jim’s. Taco Cabana originated in San Antonio, as did Jim’s. Blake’s is a New Mexico thing, Torchy’s is from a trailer park in Austin, and What-a-burger started in Corpus Christi. For […] read more

Avant Garde German

A further thought about the Jukebox? The process of curation. FM radio — when radio really mattered. An electronic billboard advertised for a German New Wave band that should, technically, be called Electronica, but that was before the term was applied to a firmly striated selection of music. That band had one song that I […] read more

Comedy of Errors

“The shortest and most unified of all Shakespeare’s plays, The Comedy of Errors, is regarded by many scholars as his very first, which I tend to doubt. It show such skill, indeed mastery—in action, incipient character, and stagecraft—that it far outshines the three Henry VI plays and the rather lame comedy The Two Gentlemen of […] read more

Happy Mothers Day

These horoscopes come from a region just south of Austin, Texas. Located in the hills north of San Antonio, the fertile ground has been cultivated for years to provide the best, shade-grown astrology charts available. Carefully culled then handcrafted with love, the combination of altitude and climate produces these quality horoscopes. They are best if […] read more

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