ask the astrologer part whatever

ask the astrologer part whatever Aries and Leo Inbound mail: What’s the difference between Leo sun and Aries moon Aries sun and Leo moon Got it. One is “Look at me while I’m doing this,” while the other is “look at what I did!” ask the astrologer part whatever —— Ask the Astrologer Ask the […] read more

Yeah, right

Yeah, right With wanderlust in my heart, I was flipping through magazine pages online, reading about how to pack for 11 days in 9 pounds. I used the same backpack for load-out last weekend. Tablecloth, pack of tarot cards, clipboard: fundamental work accessories. 11 days? I can barely fit an afternoon’s tools in the same […] read more

Contact Points

Contact Points Short, insightful observation and commentary about Contact Points. See the fineprint for rules. […] read more


Empathy To admit how long I’ve been at this? It’s a little scary. Whether I’m reading cards, stars, charts, or just listening in a consultation, a familiar situation popped up. Not the first time. Doubt it’s the last time. Typically, and this is in general terms, this will be a female client, describing an […] read more

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