Sly Fox

Sly Fox Sly Fox, in another guise, figured in one story from Drawer for Wishes, and then, when I did quick search, this popped up about the fox. Originally, I would’ve called it a “silver fox,” but I doubt that, probably just the normal fox, adapted for the urban environment. The color of the fur […] read more


Ceres Hard time not making jokes, “Seriously.” Ceres with evidence of water. Cool pics. Ceres is roughly 24 Aquarius. #Ceres […] read more

How to Say a Name

How to Say a Name Grabbing a quick image of a new year banner, Ano Prospero for the ubiquitous side project, Bexar County Line, I got to thinking. In Spanish, it’s “Prospero” while the protagonist’s name in Shakespeare’s Tempest, that’s Prospero. Y’all can hear the difference, right […] read more

Design Elements

Design Elements Couple of points, all started by a sideways drift into a link from a link. I stumbled upon a page, an actual weblog, still styled as a weblog, and what amused me greatly? It was still using pre-Y2K (type) html code. Not that I have anything against clean and simple, no, but this […] read more

Advertising on

Advertising on There’s been a recent spate of advertising inquiries – along the lines of, “What Advertising on is available?” Advertising on Link in a horoscope for one week? $100. Banner ad for a month? $1,000. Sidebar widget? Above the fold, $1000 a month Below the fold, or footer $1000 a month […] read more