Quotes The article about quotes and stuff. The article opens with a quote from Mark Twain, but the author claims that the attribution can’t be verified. It’s from Mark Twain, the full source and proper attribution is in my book, Pink Cake. Since it opens with a false statement, it must be satire about satire? […] read more

Shakespeare and Modern Politics

Shakespeare and Modern Politics That we live in unstable times, to be sure, yes, that is the case. That local and regional politics have proven to be a source of endless ire and amusement, yes, that, too. I’m reminded of Shakespeare’s Richard III, while a relatively early play, quite good as many corollaries can be […] read more

Mars and Her Children

From Mars and Her Children No idea what I was looking for but a line from a poem by Marge Piercy caught my attention: “July is a brass fanfare danced by a pride of lions. The wind is a blue circus tent flapping in great rolling billows of light.” Piercy, Marge: Mars and Her Children, […] read more

Why Ginsberg Matters

Why Ginsberg Matters Question begging aside, does another dead poet matter? Why Ginsberg Matters Not long ago, OK, a while back, maybe two-three summers past, I stumbled on an old copy, dumped on the web as an MP3, of a recording, originally analog, of Allen Ginsberg himself reading his epic poem, “Howl.” Why Ginsberg Matters? […] read more

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