Now Accepting Apple Pay

Now Accepting Apple Pay So exciting, I just started using Apple Pay, myself, not long ago. It works flawlessly, as far as I’m concerned. No fishing out a card, just swipe the phone over a reader. So I was thrilled that my new Square Reader accepts Apple Pay. See me in Austin? I can now […] read more

Back to Austin

Back to Austin Carefully exhuming the encoded data on the image? That was taken in the last year on the West Side of El Paso. However, as an easy justification, at least some family will understand the connection with the VW Micro-bus, and between Mustang Island, Corpus Christi (TX), and now, back to Austin? It […] read more

Addicted to Stories

Addicted to Stories As reasonably conscious, theoretically sentient, possibly human beings, we are addicted to stories, be that myth, mono-myth, or the sad lies we tell ourselves each day. It’s about the “story,” that narrative thread, which, like me, binds us together. I did a short stint as a volunteer tour guide, because “Docent” sounds […] read more

Spiritual Life Production Presentation

Spiritual Life Production Presentation Astrological 2016, for Spiritual Life Production Presentation, talking notes. Love all, trust a few, Do wrong to none. Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well (1.1.25-6) PDF notes are here. As the new year unfolds, I had a thought. Just about everyone I know has had one book, growing up, one text […] read more

The New Year

The New Year 2016 – The New Year? Old song cycled up and I popped it into a list for some more playtime, “Texas” by Chris Rhea. “Warm winds blowing, Heat and blue skies, And roads that go forever…” The New Year Mixtape. Only one place to find it, this right here. Couple of tracks […] read more

Ever Had That Feeling

Ever Had That Feeling Sure, ever had that feeling? Mercy me, it’s Mecury in Retrograde! I always call her a Scorpio even though her birthday is Libra. Lots of Scorpio in that chart. We know how that works. I’ve worked next to Julia for years. Adore her and respect her work. Looking for a numbers […] read more