Keep Austin Weird

Keep Austin Weird Like I’ve mentioned before, Keep Austin Weird is like a chamber of commerce slogan, which in effect, reduces the weirdness. Badge of honor? Who knows. Keep Austin Weird Want a weird hororscope? See me in Austin this week. Or weekend. Far from the maddening crowd. #Austin […] read more

Hard and Soft

Hard and Soft “The softest thing in the universe overcomes the hardest.” Tao Tse Tung #43 The image is from a bookmark, the backside. Fell out of book in my library. The bookmark itself, the obverse side with the name and address an independent bookstore on the Left Coast, and I suspect, no longer there. […] read more

Station Eleven

Station Eleven My process of discovery for new books, new literature, and new music, it’s not what it used to be. Problematic, at best, despite Amazon’s insitence that it knows what I like. Or even the iTunes, “You clicked on this, so you might like…” Same with Netflix, I suppose. Stumbling through a chain bookstore, […] read more

Vinyl is Richer

Vinyl is Richer Simply put, Vinyl is Richer, but as the cartoon states, it has other pluses as well. It’s inconvenient and exspensive. Reminds me of myself. But I do have a certain nuance. Vinyl […] read more