Spanish and English

Spanish and English This article is about language. Spanish and English, specifically. In my native Texas, especially my neighborhoods, as indicated by that courthouse tile? It’s always been multilingual. Spanish Land Grants, German settlers, English, Scotch, &c. It was a dozen years back, one of the workers, technically, he worked for me, but I always […] read more

Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde Via Shakespeare’s King Richard the Second: This we prescribe, though no physician; Deep malice makes too deep incision. Forget, forgive, conclude and be agreed, Our doctors say this is no month to bleed. King Richard II, act 1, scene 1, lines 154–7 “August 2015” in the short form. 4 lines. All it takes. […] read more

One Trick Pony: Shakespeare at Winedale

One Trick Pony: Shakespeare at Winedale I can’t recall, maybe two dozen yeas ago? I know, I had a Shakespeare at Winedale hat, only available the University of Texas Summer Performance program, now in its 45th Season. Shakespeare at Winedale Malvolio was pretty much de-fanged from other versions – Henry V was most noble, and […] read more

The purpose of the military

The purpose of the military “The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things.” Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, Fox News Debate, 8/6/2015. Truth. #Virgo […] read more

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart Speaking about success? “I was really just trying not to get fired–” Live show 7/31/2015 That’s such a cool way to sum it up. Pink Cake Pink Cake is a commonplace book. Kindle Edition ISBN–13: 978–1434805751 A Commonplace Book (full text PDF & cut quotes PDF) Quotes […] read more

Attributed Quote

Attributed Quote “Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” – Ray Bradbury Pink Cake Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Kindle Edition cf., Pink Cake quotes […] read more

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