Perfect Mercury Quote

Perfect Mercury Quote Ay, marry, uncle, for I always thought It was both impious and unnatural That such immanity and bloody strife Should reign among professors of one faith. King Henry VI, Henry 6.1 5.1.11 #Shakespeare […] read more

Mercury Retrograde: Snow Crash

Mercury Retrograde: Snow Crash Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson Was on sale via iBooks, Snow Crash. “Southern California doesn’t know whether to bustle or just strangle itself on the spot.” Chapter 1. The opening chapter, the first few paragraphs, it promises such a wild ride. I forget how emotionally enticing it is for me, dive […] read more

At the Stone Goddess

At the Stone Goddess Rock Shops like me. These days, it’s less about the name and more about the space. Tuesday in San Antonio, at the Stone Goddess rock shop and wholistic emporium. At the Stone Goddess 1730 Hildbrand San Antonio, TX 11 AM – 5 PM At the Stone Goddess Bexar County Line […] read more

Instructions for Guest Posting

Instructions for Guest Posting Really? Again? Yes, so I thought I would pen a quick answer, Instructions for Guest Posting on — or any subsidiary sites. I would suppose, the first place to start is my bio — gives enough biographical data as well as plenty of geographical information. A sense of place is […] read more

Xmas Album Draft

Xmas Album Draft “Weird happened on the way, reaching for the stars.” There is a Shakespeare quote that goes with each entry and a scattered sense to this, as well, as it was all clipped from various portions of the archive. Xmas Album Draft The first idea was an Xmas album, some kind greatest hits […] read more