Ruffian Dick

Ruffian Dick - Joseph Kennedy & John Enright All about Sir Richard Burton — at least — look at how this stacks up... “...more than a century after his death, he is still considered the world’s greatest erotic anthropologist.” Page 13. What sold the book, from a list I subscribe to, for me, was two-fold. Three. [...]


According to the 1755 dictionary, Samuel Johnson’s exhaustive and definitive work? “A mode of speech in which the meaning is contrary to the words;” NB: 1755. Hipsters with their typewriters? Maybe they should use Johnson's Dictionary as a source for the meaning of words. Image of Johnson's Irony. Dictionary of the English Language (Complete and [...]

Fresh Hot Coffee

“Fresh Hot Coffee” is merely an allusion and placeholder for me, for points further south, along the lines of wet fuel cell. Artisanal Astrology Handcrafted Estate Grown Mechanic On-Duty Restricted Access Special Reserve Limited One-Off Limited edition Rare Made with Real Cheese Shade Grown Locally Sourced Custom-built Hand-Picked Boutique Small batch roasted Limited Time Offer [...]

Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z - David Grann Reminds me of Talbot Mundy’s books, starting with — I think — Kim of the Khyber Rifles. By dating the publications, obviously a precursor presaging Indiana Jones, et al. But The Lost City of Z purports to be fact. Told by a journalist, not a novelist. “Although [...]

The short answer? No. The longer explanation? The site is “mobile responsive” or “responsive,” and that means the data is displayed just fine on a phone, iPhone, tablet, iPad, desktop, or laptop — not sure how it looks on a watch, my watch doesn’t have “internet.” But the way it works, equally easy to get [...]

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