Pen is in Retrograde

Pen is in Retrograde

Pen is in Retrograde is vulgar shorthand for Venus in apparent retrograde motion, which means, plain language and no vulgar notation, that the planet Venus appears to be moving in a fashion that looks like it’s going backwards — compared to the rest of the night sky.

Not like any of this crept up,
each year, I have quick overview.

Earlier in my career, when a client’s boyfriend behaved badly in a predictable fashion? She coined a term, looks like, “Pen is in retrograde.”

It works, well enough.

The term, not when the pen is.

When Venus goes east like this, relationships tend to suffer the most, interpersonal relationship, intimate, darling couples — lovers quarrel, bicker, are more prone to be argumentative, and less prone to gentle (and sweet) love-making.

Pen is in Retrograde

Super Seven

Super Seven

I have offered, in the past, products and solutions, ameliorative actions that can help with troubling times. Simple put?

Don’t freak out. The significant other, the wife, the husband, the lover, the anti-lover, the affair, whatever? That person is liable to freak the (something) out.

As noted elsewhere, in about ten percent of the population, Venus is retrograde in the natal chart. As such, those folks don’t have ANY trouble at all. But for the rest of us?

October 5, 2018 — November 16, 2018

Pen is in Retrograde

Two points, maybe one will help as a take-away? Curious about your chart? Find me in person via, or make other arrangements via

Never can tell how this plays out, individually. Not without a little guidance, huh.
  • Aperture: ƒ/2.4
  • Camera: iPad Pro
  • Focal length: 3.3mm
  • ISO: 125
  • Location: 30° 17′ 52.38″ N 97° 43′ 2.83″ W
  • Shutter speed: 1/30s

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