Revisiting Pericles

Revisiting Pericles

Yet cease your ire, you angry stars of heaven!
Wind, rain, and thunder, remember earthly man
Is but a substance that must yield to you;
And I (as fits my nature) do obey you.

Pericles in Shakespeare’s Pericles (II.i.1-4)

Not sure I’ve used it as an opening quote yet, but I will, at some point in the distant future. However, listening, the other day, on my way to work — cf. for details on that commute — I was struck with the majesty of poetry from what is otherwise a rather unseen play. Starts one way, changes directions, shipwreck, separated at birth, redemption, vices, low-born, high-born, the usual run of the comedies.

Or tragedies.

Rather a weird play, Pericles. What makes listening while commuting such a pleasure, that one version was totally neutral in tone. Just the data, no judgement.


Kramer Wetzel

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