Save $95 Right Away!

Save $95 Right Away!

So how does that work, Save $95 Right Away?

My standard rate is based upon $100 per hour. My weekly horoscope and occasional astrology video series burns up an hour in an average four week-period.

Monthly subscription to the horoscopes runs $3.96/30 days. That’s four weeks, four weekly installments, plus a host of other included but not mentioned material. Upgrades. Free upgrades. 40 minutes to read the horoscopes each month, maybe ten minutes getting pissed off at something I wrote one week, and then, the video — sometimes useful, sometimes, not so much.

That adds up to over an hour of time. Get an hour of my time, maybe more, with insights, directions, guidance, coaching, all for $3.96 a month. Over an hour of my time that carries a regular price $100.

Save $95 Right Away!

Good way to save money.

Save $95 Right Away!

One place to get these horoscopes:

One place to Save $95 Right

Kramer Wetzel

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