Shakespeare Pro App

Shakespeare Pro App

Pretty sure I addressed this app earlier, and I figured it was worth another entry.

With Mercury moving, and Jupiter coming off his station, and Pluto turning retrograde, a professor at Austin’s UT decided to make it formal that one of the plays of the (Shakespeare) apocrypha is now legit.

First blush, first link, first time I read the article about the aritcle and the findings about the findings, I groaned. Doesn’t look like the lost manuscript for Cardenio, or the mythical, hitherto masked, Love’s Labor’s Found, both titles that are legitimate, but no manuscript exists.

The Shakespeare Pro app listed three plays including the newly minted Double Falsehood, as well as Edward III, and Sir Thomas More, text inlcuded, as apocrypha.

It wasn’t until recently that Two Noble Kinsmen was moved from apocryphal to recgonized as part of the official Shakespeare Canon. As soon as it was admitted, with parts of that play certainly penned by Fletcher, still, as soon as it was official, I got ahold of an Arden edition and read it. At least one scholar, Bloom, I think, suggests it’s better as a play one reads rather than seen on stage. Having never seen it, I can’t offer an opinion.

The Two Noble Kinsmen (Arden Shakespeare: Third Series)

From what I do – or don’t – recall, Edward III fits nicely with early history plays, especially the Henry VI trilogy.

Shakespeare Pro App

Shakespeare Pro –

It’s Shakespeare’s birthday, anyone get it?

Shakespeare Pro App

Shakespeare Pro –

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