The Year of Lear

The Year of Lear

The Year of Lear – James Shapiro

Shakespeare is basically Quentin Tarantino with a thesaurus.
Trevor Noah 06/13/2017

Bought as an afterthought, then I checked some Amazon reviews, wow, slaughtered. That LA Review of Books piece was quote laudatory, way I read it. The sages on amazon, at one point, were quite without a dram of mercy. In part, this begs the question of scholarly interest as I lack the correct amount to judiciously weigh in.

But when I picked the book up and started reading it, I think I got it about the time the paperback came out, I was pleasantly thrilled with academic without being too dry or preachy.

Nothing can be made out of nothing. (4.126)

Shakespeare’s King Lear is a tough play. Doesn’t end well, simply put.

The Year of Lear

But Lear is a tough play.

“The result was the darkest tragedy Shakespeare ever wrote—” Page 63.

As seen here, The Year of Lear.

The Year of Lear

The Year of Lear – James Shapiro

The Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606

Kramer Wetzel

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