Tools Revisited

Tools Revisited

Pursuant to a previous post, here — a link about tools, there are tools that change.

One tool that has changed — dramtically — for me?

Pen & Pencil.

Previously, with much of my undergraduate and graduate career thusly colored, I used 0.7 mm “lead holders” — like a pencil version of a RapidoGraph, spurning the more quotidian 0.5 mm size.

The heavier lead suited my heavier hand, at the time. My last few years, I used a Mont Blanc ballpoint. Again, a favorite hand-tool as the heft, the shape of the barrel, the pen felt good.

Times change.

Tools Revisted

Over the years, my daily carry has changed from larger to smaller, and the various venues where I work, these days, mostly in Austin and San Antonio, each has different requirements.

While I might still have one of my Mont Blanc ballpoints with me, more as a touchstone, I currently favor Sharpie–brand felt–tip ink–holders. Cheap. Disposable. Indeliable. Able to mark a blank CD or just about anything. Great for autographing books.

Tools Revisted

At one point, I was exceedingly finicky about the pencils, the lead holders, and the lead. Had to be 0.7 mm. The Five (o.5 mm) was too thin, breaks too easy. Pen had to be my lucky Mont Blanc.

Any more? The proper tool, for the job I have at hand? A plain Sharpie, currently, I prefer the fine or extra–fine tips. That can change. I used a broad tip for addressing outbound mail the other afternoon. All depends.

Tools Revisted

The nature of my work has not changed dramtically in the last 25 years, yet the tools I use?

Hint: it’s not about the tools.

About the author: Born and raised in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel, settled in a South Austin trailer park before trailer parks were cool. He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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