Xmas in Austin

Xmas in Austin

Xmas eve eve was Austin. At, maybe a little before, sunset, there it was, clearly visible, Austin’s violet crown. It’s a deep purple glow, a ring around the town, only visible to some, and only on special occasions.

Look for it.

Magic is in the air, and that special essence, only in my old neighborhoods. Family time. Xmas Eve church services, as ritual. Habit, even.

Xmas in Austin

Can’t go without a dash to the to the grocery store, last minute items to grab.

“I miss being in place where pajamas are totally acceptable as shopping attire, even in the middle of the afternoon.”

Fuzzy slippers, Xmas-themed flannel bottoms, with big, furry coat hastily thrown over it. Sure.

”Kramer, at your age, you wear pajamas to the store? You look like you wandered off from the grounds of a home.”

Austin, old and new. The more I run, the more I wind up in the same old places.

Xmas in Austin




Kramer Wetzel

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