Week of: Jun. 17-23 “Men’s evil manners live in brass; their virtues/We write in water.” Just like Griffith says, in King Henry VIII (IV.ii.46-6) Now think about that in terms of Ancient Egyptian Astrology where the Cancer was considered the House of the Soul. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Aries: Despite what other, [...]

Week of: June 10 – 16 “Draw your neck out of you collar.” In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (I.i.4) Aries: Many people cringe where they hear the word “karma” as if there is always something bad that’s going to happen. In FGS terminology, karma refers to past lives with ex-wives and other sundry affairs which [...]

Week of: May 27 – June 2 “Woe upon ye, and all such false professor!” in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII (III.i.114-5) Mercury goes direct on May 27. Oh joy. Aries: Other Astrologers might have words of warning, seeing as how the mighty Saturn, Laord of Karma, is traipsing through the early degrees of your sign. While [...]

Week of: May 20 – 26 Here’s to Mercury: “If she lives till doomsday she’ll burn a week longer than the whole world.” in Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors (III.ii.97-98) Aries: Work. School. Work. Nose to the grindstone. More work. Other Peoples’ Mistakes at work. These are a few of the themes this week. You [...]

Week of: May 6 – May 12 It’s another Monday the Thirteenth. Not a happy day at all, now is it? Of course, the wisdom about Monday the Thirteenth is not derived from usual sources. No, I first learned about this horrible freak of nature through the comics. And my life, and now yours, will [...]

Week of: Apr. 29- May 5 Mercury Retrograde on Friday the 3rd Aries [3/23-4/20]: How are things going at the Old Salt Mine these days, dear Aries friend? Bit rough on you? There is some nice energy floating along a little later in the week, and you will find a welcome relief as Mars moves [...]

Week of: Apr. 22-28 “In 1880, 40 thousand tons of steel barbed wire were sold to Texas cattlemen.” (page 108 of “At Least 1836 you ought to know about Texas) There is still a little collateral damage from the last of the celestial events which have occured on a Aries/Libra axis. Been a fun time [...]

Week of: Apr. 15-21 Aries [3/23-4/20]: The significant events in your life, and the stuff (or things or fame and fortune) that you have all wanted now lays firmly within your greedy little grasp. If you really want it, now’s the time to go for it. Right now. Do it. Go for it. Grab the [...]

Week of: Apr. 8-14 Aries [3/23-4/20]: You know Easter always signifies a pleasant kind of rebirth process, and the spring time, along with Spring Break, signifies a change a in the seasons when one can experience growth and life, and all that good stuff. It also means that it is time to make sure all [...]

Week of: Apr. 1-7 Aries [3/23-4/20]: This is it, dear Aries friend, the penultimate moment before Saturn makes a grand entrance into your sign. What does this mean? It means it’s a Good Friday! And Work! Lots of it! You already are feeling the beneficial effects of your ruler resting in your sign, the almighty [...]

Week of: Mar. 25-31 Aries [3/23-4/20]: Yes sir, this is the week for Aries. You guys are not only headed for a birthday, or Solar Return as we say in Astrology – speak, but you are headed for a good time as well. The planets have taken a decidedly good turn to make your life [...]

Week of: Mar. 18-24 Spring Equinox! Party On! Astrological New Year! Surf is UP! Aries [3/23-4/20]: I’m sure you felt a very welcome relief as a great and dark burden was lifted from shoulders just when the Sun crossed that make-believe line and with the Sun now firmly in Aries, everything is going to get [...]

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