Week of: 9/28 – 10/4 “He uses his folly like a stalking-horse, and under the presentation of that he shoots his wit.” Duke Senior in Shakespeare’s As You Like It [Act 5, sc.4, 110] Aries : “Alas, poor Aries, I knew him well….” I realize that this is a sort of bad take on a [...]

Week of: 9/21-27 O! vengeance, vengeance; Me of my lawful pleasure she restrain’d And pray’d me oft forbearance; did it with A pudency so rosy the sweet view on’t Might well have warm’d old Saturn; that I thought her As chaste as unsunn’d snow. O! all the devils! Posthumus in Shakespeare’s Cymberline [II.v.8-13] Aries : [...]

Week of: 9/14-20 “Never shake thy gory locks at me” in Shakespeare’s MacBeth (III.iv.49) Aries : This is a weird week. Not weird in a bad way, actually, weird in a good way. You feel like you’ve stepped into a time warp of some kind, and no, we’re not all going to do the little [...]

Week of: 9/7-13 “Where we are, There’s daggers in men’s smiles….” Donalbain in Shakespeare’s MacBeth (II.iii.139-40) Aries : Like a cool and refreshing rain, something to cool off the summer heat, there’s a brief bit of a storm which showers you with relief this week. So much for the good news. There was a leak [...]

Week of: 8.31.1998 He speaks plain canon, fire, and smoke, and bounce; He gives the bastinado with his tongue. in Shakespeare’s King John (II.i.462-63) Aries: Other than little echoes of romance, sort of like past remembrances of long-lost summers, there’s not a lot that is going on with you right now. This isn’t altogether too [...]

Week of: 8/24-30 “There comes a time in ever rightly constructed boy’s life when he has to go digging for hidden treasure.” Mark Twain in his epic juvenile adventure book (but good for adults, too) Tom Sawyer, chapter 25. Aries : The idea, as put forth by Mark Twain, that there comes a time in [...]

Week of: 8/17-23 “Give me mine angle; we’ll to the river: there My music playing far off, I will betray Tawny-finn’d fishes; my bended hook shall pierce Their slimy jaws; and, as I draw them up, I’ll think them every one an Antony, And say ‘Ah, ha! you’re caught.'” Cleopatra in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra, [...]

Week of: 8/10-16 “From Alexandria This is the news: he fishes, drinks, and wastes The lamps of night in revel;” Octavius Caesar in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra [Act I, Scene IV] Aries : It’d time for you to consider delving into your own, deep, personal and dark abyss. There is something lurking along the bottom [...]

Week of: 8/2-9 “Hear’st thou, Mars?” Coriolanus in Shakespeare’s Coriolanus (V.v) Aries : It’s not a time for you to engage in wild speculations. I know you’ve got some great ideas, but a little penny pinching, and some pecuniary measures right now could help save you a lot. And, whatever you don’t spend this week, [...]

Week of: 7/27-8/1 “My lord, I aim a mile beyond the moon; Your letter is with Jupiter by this.” Marcus in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus Act IV.Scene III. Aries : Don’t you just love Monday mornings when you wake up and feel like some army has bivouacked in mouth over the weekend? And doesn’t this just [...]

Week of: 7/20-26 Hail, many-colour’d messenge that ne’er Dost disobey the wife of Jupiter; Who with thy saffron wings upon my flowers Diffusest honey-drops, refreshing showers, And with each end of thy blue bow dost crown My bosky acres, and my unshrubb’d down, Rich scarf to my proud earth; why hath thy queen Summon’d me [...]

Week of: 7/13-19 “‘T is a lucky day, boy, and we’ll do good deeds on ‘t.” The Sheperd in Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale (Act III, scene iii) Red Alert: Monday the 13th (far worse than any Friday the 13th) Aries : I sure hope you’re the skeptical type who doesn’t put a lot of faith in [...]