starting 11.25.2010

"Adieu, valour! Rust, rapier! Be still, drum! For you manager is in love; yea, he loveth."
Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost [I.ii.96]

In 1602, during a rebellious year, the Earl of Essex requested that (Shakespeare's) Lord Chamberlain's Men perform the older play, Richard II, a play with political overtones. Sagittarius: Happy birthday to all those most excellent November Sagittarius types. Just about the best, huh?

Mars is fast approaching a square with Uranus. Not bad, just a little extra layer of tension. While I like tension on a fishing reel, and I like tension when it involves the plot, what I don't like, and what none of us Sagittarius likes, is tension that's not welcome and appears suddenly.

Weird how that works. This week. Could be from any number of different areas. How you deal with it? That's the secret to success. The way I see it unfolding, we have family plans for T-Day. At the last minute, a whole group of cousins, distant relatives, friends and neighbors all show up.

That kind of tension. I'll do my magic act with the loaves and fishes, but after that? How do we fit all these people around the single dining room table that was already too full?

Here's the Sagittarius trick and answer to the Mars induced tension: card tables and folding chairs. There's a definite "retro" feeling to this action, yet it's also an effective way to deal with the tension caused by Mars (and maybe Uranus). Be prepared to add room for extra guests. Family, friends, enemies. All of them. It's a simple gesture, go to the closet and start unloading, and unfolding, a few extra place settings. Capricorn: Maybe a year ago? Maybe not quite that long? I don't recall the exact details. Road trip, I know it was a business trip. Of that I'm sure. I bought shirt, a floral print, brightly colored shirt. To some, it would a be a Hawaiian shirt. To me? It was inexpensive outerwear from nationally recognized discount chain store. Cheap. Off the deeply discounted price. Might've been two or three dollars, I don't recall. I used it all last summer, repeatedly.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 11.18.2010

"Upon your sword
Sit laurel victory! And smooth success
Be strew'd before your feet!"
Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra [I.iii.121-3] Scorpio: Every theater in NY plays every movie ever made. I'm not kidding. I saw this on TV. Seen it in movies. Seen it in literary references. Pick an obscure movie title. Then check the books, films -- and TV shows. That strange title is playing in a small theater, off Broadway, one of those movies.

Classic films enjoy revivals. Movies too arcane to be on late night TV? Showing in a theater in NY. Maybe this is some kind of agreed-upon literary device. Maybe this is a conspiracy (you are a Scorpio), maybe this is a convenient way to make a point.

My experience with big cities and move theaters is that a movie like "Casablanca" will make an appearance in an art house, bar, independent movie house, outdoor theater, or some similar venue, maybe once every two years. It's just, how do three all wind up in movies, TV shows and books? Just when that obscure title is needed, there it is, at a movie house, with a few seats, maybe a main character and supporting role, in the movie's audience. Never get to see the one scene, but we can hear it, and watch while the crowd, if there is one, cowers, acts squeamish or laughs.

Pick an obscure movie title for your week. Birthday week, last of the Scorpio birthdays. It might be showing at local place. If you live in NY? I'm sure you can find one of those local places that is showing it. Whatever the title? It's got to make sense out of the Scorpio plot. Which is what this is about. Pick a movie title that will help make sense out this last few days before the (American) holiday.

    Venus is no longer Retrograde special: Order a half-hour reading and get a full hour (year overview) reading for the half-hour price. Valid only if your birthday is this week - some restrictions may apply. Sagittarius: You'd think that -- as Texans -- we'd be able to outdo any tailgate experience. However, one of my friends was comparing two tailgate experiences, an East Coast Experience and a West Coast Experience, and the tales of those two play into stereotypes, plus, to make it better, the experiences were better than any Texas party.

Consider the source of this data, friend of mine. Big-time Oakland Raiders fan. Fan. Has the logo as a tattoo. Left Coast Tailgate party? Loud, proud, and good food. Friendly people. Music, free beer, free BBQ. Or rather, free barbecue, as those left coast natives are unclear on certain concepts, I'm sure.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars for the week 11.11.2010

"The man who hath no music in himself,
Nor is not moved with the concord of sweet sounds,
Is fit for treasons, stratagems and spoils."
Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice [V.i.83-5] Scorpio: Ticking clock, the spinning beach ball, the cursor that was the spinning hourglass? Seen them all? Yet there's more. I was watching the progress of a new upload, and there was the usual status bar, a little bar marching across the screen, fulfilling its allotted space. Then the job was done processing. Uploading, really. Only the bar? It kept on going.

A wonky bit of web-ware. Maybe the processing cycles went longer than anticipated. I think it was just faulty animation, but the idea worked since the machine was effectively tied up until that progress indicator, the little growing bar graph, the machine was busy until the graph stopped growing. Even if it took longer than projected.

The next few days? It's like that. The progress bar goes marching along, then runs over its allotted space and the bar keeps on growing. Almost like it will grow right out of the computer's monitor. Which won't happen, but if it does, we can make much money. I doubt that. Doubt that the bar would really extend past the monitor, not that we could make much money.

The example, I hope you can imagine this, but there's going to be one Scorpio birthday wish, one Scorpio event, one Scorpio occasion in the next couple of days -- that one event, item, thing, person, is going to require a little more time than originally allotted. Like the spinning cursor. Or the progress bar that went over the line.

    Venus is Retrograde special: Order a half-hour reading and get a full hour (year overview) reading for the half-hour price. Valid only if your birthday is this week - some restrictions may apply. Sagittarius: Advice? As Mars and Mercury fry through Sagittarius? Venus backwards in Libra? "Follow the river and flow around the rocks." I don't have a source for the quote, but it sounds like an Eastern/Occidental expression.

Adds a whole different level of meaning to the term, "Go with the flow," as it elevates that to a method to deal with profound obstacles. Those two "M" planets will illustrate some Sagittarius perceptions of problems. There will be a problem. Or a perceived problem, more than a likely.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars for 11.4.2010

"There's not a minute of our lives should stretch
Without some pleasure now."
Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra [I.i.54-5]

Themes and dreams. Scorpio: I was eating some Tex-Mex. It was sort of trendy place, and the advertising suggested it was "New Mexico-style" food. Sort of. I asked the waiter, a Scorpio, if the food was hot.

He drawled. A laconic, sardonic language, accented and southern. "I'm Cajun, it's not that hot, not really." I sampled the hot sauce. To my mind, he was completely correct. My date didn't concur, as to her more refined palate, I'm sure the food was hot and spicy. All depends on the point of reference.

I inquired further because that Scorpio lad's accent intrigued me. "I'm from Southern Mississippi, really, but close enough. Cajun." I'd call it close enough to count, as if a boundary line between two states is really a hard and fast rule. More like a gray area, sort of where the lines are drawn, not always observed.

Is Southern Mississippi truly Cajun? Purist might argue, but from the lad's accent, it was abundantly clear he was of the ilk. What's hot this week: To me? Is it really that hot? Happy birthday, anyway.

    Venus is Retrograde special: Order a half-hour reading and get a full hour (year overview) reading for the half-hour price. Valid only if your birthday is this week - some restrictions may apply. Sagittarius: I looked at the guy's business card, read the last name out loud, and I asked, "You got kin in Louisiana?" "Yeah, but not by that name, I'm related to Thibaddeaux," he replied. That's like saying "Smith" in most places.

It's a very common name. Which led to some discussion about his kin folks and family ties in "Lower Arkansas." My own, personal experiences with Louisiana natives are colorful and magical, sometimes tinged with excess. The food is generally better, more spices, more fun. As rule, however, I found it impossible to drink more, or otherwise consume more, than a native. Don't even try. That's not a hard and fast rule, but as guidelines go, especially for our usually resilient Sagittarius selves?
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"He sues his folly like a stalkinghorse, and under the presentation of that he shoots his wit."
Shakespeare's As You Like It [V.iv.57] Scorpio: "Them Scorpio's, they stick to you like a burr, don't they?" Client-side query. Yes, and the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me, as well.

I don't know the Latin genus/species/phylum for "Sticker Burrs." I don't know if you even have them in your neighborhood. We do. I grew up with the pesky plants, ruined many a summer's day when I should've been barefoot, only to have to wear shoes because of sticker burrs.

Close examination reveals that stickers are barbed and basically a round seed pod with a hardened, spike-covered exoskeleton. The individual points have strong hooks on each end. Stick and stays stuck.

Pull it out with your hand? Suddenly, stuck in two place, not just one. The weeds grow wild and seem to know no seasonal changes, still growing strong late into the South Texas "autumn." The stickers, though, once it's stuck? Like a Scorpio, or anyone who is dealing with a Scorpio? Once stuck? Best left well-enough alone.

Brush off a Scorpio, especially now? Get twice as stuck. I'm just saying.

    Venus is Retrograde special: Order a half-hour reading and get a full hour (year overview) reading for the half-hour price. Valid only if your birthday is this week - some restrictions may apply. Sagittarius: There is some delivery that is just best delivered in a verbal fashion. While I tend to write in a similar vein, that's not going to get the real point across.

There's a dry, almost parched, delivery required. Perhaps with a hint of exasperation, and sooner or later, this material will piss one person off, greatly offend another, and make one (usually a Scorpio) chuckle. "Oh why don't I just kill myself now." Dry, clearly ironic delivery. Like I said, I'll probably get hate mail with the "It's not funny" comments.

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