Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 1.20.2011

Either are past remedies, or, timely knowing,
The remedy is then born."
Shakespeare's Cymberline []

Sun joins Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter moves into Aries, and Saturn turns retrograde. What does it all mean? Aquarius: Happy birthday! The planets portend a brilliant new year, on its way. More or less. More less than more. It's about picking a single direction and sticking to that single direction. One, simple goal. The direction is simple. The problem is how to get "there" from "here." I once invested in software that built project management outlines. Bullet points, steps, process analysis, and most important? A visual outline of what steps are required. I used that software once. Didn't really use it, just played with it some. I outlined a project, looked at how the interface didn't really work for me, all those steps to take steps, and I decided my method of scraps of paper and spurious text documents on computers was more effective. For me. All a matter of what works. What doesn't work. The Aquarius birthday challenge, is to realize that there's a simple, stated goal, and getting there looks easy, at this moment. Leave room for someone (something) to add some extra steps. It's all part of the Aquarius process. My little stack of notes? Scribbled instructions? Seems to be growing. I know you understand that.

Pisces: Late this Thursday afternoon starts the beginning of the "Pisces Extended Dance Mix." I have a theory, an astrology theory, based on years of observation and little bit of chart twiddling, that Pisces, as whole, enters an extended period of bliss and happiness, starting, like, maybe a month before the Pisces month really starts. This is usually reserved for Aquarius birthdays, but as I've discovered, gregarious and magnanimous to a fault, the Aquarius types are willing to share the good times. There's really a lot more technical data involved, but let's keep this simple.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 1.13.2011

"They say there's divinity in odd numbers,
either in nativity, chance or death."
Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor [V.i.2-3] Capricorn: Mars is an active, almost overtly aggressive element, by transit. Pluto is an active, subtle but forceful energy, an active principal. The Sun itself, now in Capricorn, obviously, is a light, shining into dark corners. The portions of your soul that you thought you could hide? Those little corners are getting some exposure. The first image that came to mind was that of various night creatures scurrying out of the trailer's kitchenette, when I turned on the lights. With a trailer under a mantle of live oak and scrub oak, the big bugs were quite common. Trying to hide from me and the cat, under the cover of dark. Didn't work. Won't work now, either, not for Capricorn. The light is shining on you, and you've got several very active players trying to get you to get you moving. Move.

    See schedule for details.

Aquarius: One of my favorite trinkets I've collected, over the years, it was, I was in Northern New Mexico. Lady in a religious icon shop handed me a St. Benedict medallion, told me I should have it. While I'm not Catholic, I have a huge admiration for the cult of the saints, associated with the Meso-American version of that faith. I got around to looking up St. Benedict, as portrayed on that medallion, and he was supposed to protect me from evil. The flip side of the medallion is his cross, more an icon, and what I like best is that it's an equal-arm cross, four spokes, like the cardinal points of the (astrology) chart wheel. Four quadrants of the sky, earth, etc. The quartering of the heavens.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 1.6.2011

"Mercy is above this sceptred sway,
It is enthroned in the hearts of kings."
Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice [IV.i.189-90] Capricorn: New Year's Eve Party, like no other. What I observed? Tequila, jello shots, copious amounts of beer? White people really can't dance. I used to make the claim that I, as a straight white guy, I know my limitations, and I can't dance, can't drink, and have no fashion sense. Not a problem. All about understanding what the limits are. The message about the white people who can't dance and have no rhythm was sharply punctuated by a large hispanic guy. He was nicely dressed, but obviously a large man. Big. Big girlfriend, also with the flaming black tresses and jeans that were perchance too tight. The rock music died off and a country two-step came on. That big couple moved on to the floor with grace and ease, and while I wouldn't want to bump them, or hinder their way, their fluidity, casual yet studied and practiced moves proved my point even more so. Refined and elegant, that couple, just excellent dancers. Which proved the point even more so while a country tune was blasting from the speakers and one other couple tried to join in. All about limits and knowing what those limits are. As a Capricorn, like me, I had no problem standing off to the side and tapping my toe, trying to keep beat. As long as it was my toe? Perfect, no one could see if I was really keeping the correct tempo. Didn't matter.


December weather, it's like this, a slate gray sky. Feels like the ceiling is right on my head. Last month there were a few days like this, just horrendous, from my perspective. It's an image that haunts me, too. Seen it almost every winter, at some point, these clouds that feel like they are right above me. Right on top. The texture, too, it's like the old roofing slate. Looking up, it's like looking at the underside of a roof made of slate, and the cloud cover, it seems frozen in space. I watched one afternoon, when I was walking, thinking the clouds were flowing in one direction. Then the tableau stopped again. Hard to imagine. I studied the sky closely, as I figure the clouds started several thousand feet in the air, but I did stop and look. Like me, looking at that depressing skyline, like me, you're feeling stuck. You're not stuck, but you feel like you are. New year, should be all kinds of new stuff. Just not off to that auspicious start we were all looking for in Aquarius.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars for the week starting 12.30.2010

"Thrice-crowned queen of night, survey
With thy chaste eye, from thy pale sphere above."
Shakespeare's As You Like It [III.ii.4-5]

Mercury isn't retrograde anymore but you can't say I didn't warn you about the fallout.

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The coming year?
Subtitle? 2011 in an astrological nutshell: Mercury enters Aries around March 10, but turns retrograde March 30 until April 23. Mercury enters Virgo on July 9, but appears to turn backwards August 2 through August 18, starting in Virgo but winding up in Leo for almost three weeks. Mercury then enters Sagittarius November 3, and turns retrograde November 24, still in Sagittarius, until December 13. Saturn gets to 17 degrees of Libra. Stops and goes retrograde in January, uncoiling itself the first week of June.

In big planet news, Uranus moves into Aries March 10, achieving a point of 4 degrees of Aries July 9, before retrograding back to that zero degree of Aries (point) December 10 and turning around again. On April 10, Neptune enters Pisces. Doesn't get far, but Neptune hasn't entered Pisces since 1847. Neptune never achieves a full degree of Pisces, going stationary then retrograde from June 3 to finally exiting Pisces August 4. By November 4, Neptune starts crawling forward. Pluto is retrograde from April 9 until September 15, covering about 5 degrees of Capricorn, from 9 to 4.

That's the location of the planets. What does it mean? More specifically, how does it all apply to this coming week? Read on. But first, a momentary caution and urban mythology. From the "private reel."

The oral tradition behind this is just that, I heard it as lore. Whatever a person is doing on New Years' Day, the First of January? That is to be repeated, over and over, as a theme, for the rest of the year. I spent one New Year's Day with a certain female companion. Never saw her again. Theory doesn't hold.

New construction: the following scopes, while intended for the coming week, there's going to be a buried plot element in an attempt to address what the coming year will look like for each sign. Capricorn: Ceviche is a traditional -- as far as I know -- Mexican dish. Typically, it's saltwater fish of some kind, usually snapper or white fish, and I've used Redfish, onions, peppers, and lime juice. The fish is "chemically cooked" in the lime juice. Or lemon juice. With the way the planets unfold, and the uncertain weirdness that's free-floating now in Capricorn? I have but one word of advice. "Order a large."

There's a trendy little place in South Austin, used to be a dive with good, greasy TexMex, but now it's been overhauled and it's hip, urbane and cool. Like most of Austin. The waitress, though, she was cool. I asked about the signature ceviche. Should I get a small or a large, only a dollar difference in price.

"Order a large," she explained, "the cook, it varies, sometimes a small is tiny, like only about half a cup and sometimes, a small is the exact same size as a large. If you order a large, you know you'll get enough." I nodded. She had that hasty, hurry and make decision look, the pregnant pause. "I order a large, it's a meal in itself," she said. That was useful information, about the cook. I could belabor the point and ask the waitress to harangue the cook and get a small that was large, or, Capricorn, pay attention: order a large. Faster, smoother, and the information is important. Pay attention to the tip.

Order a large. Thematic points: quick, concise, direct.

Order a large. It's only a dollar more and you're happier, it's like three dollars or even five dollars more food. Aquarius: Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct, in Pisces. Venus, in Scorpio, will square Neptune/Chiron, here in Aquarius. Several evenings, early in December, I was out, walking home after meeting clients, and I would pass this one bus stop. A nicely attired gentleman was there, silent in the pre-Xmas twilight. Hat, slacks, shoes with a polished glow, and, at his side? A white cane. One evening, he had on sunglasses. Another time, when I passed him, right at 5? No glasses, just clear, light blue, unseeing eyes.

I have a reflexive action, I smile. Two, three times I passed him, and each time, I would smile at him. He couldn't see it. He has no idea that I'm the guy with the straggly ponytail, and goofy, lopsided grin. I haven't said anything, not yet. It's starting to get dark and cool off at that time. Had a brief cold snap, a few days and it was cold enough for long pants and boots, for me. I'm not sure if he could tell it was me. What I was thinking about, in respect to Aquarius?
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Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 12.23.2010

"Friendship is constant in all other things
Save in the office and affairs of love."
Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing [IIi.81]

Two shopping days until Xmas! Last minute shopping deals are here. Then, one more idea, I thought this would make a good fishing lure -- "Test Lure: DO NOT EAT." How many juvenile and daredevil fish will swallow that one, just to because of the warning label? It's a Mercury Retrograde kind of a deal, no? Capricorn: I got out of the shower and had a sudden thought. It's been sort of cold lately. Winter weather arrived. However, I was warm from just getting out of a hot, steamy shower. I had towel wrapped around me, and not much else. I dried off a little and sat down to jot down a quick a note.

As the water dripped down my back, I started to shiver a little. I had a shirt, someplace, only, I couldn't find it. I got up, wrapped the towel back around my now-freezing self, and looked for the shirt. I suppose, if I'd dried off the hair, that might've helped. Not always logical, that's me.

I darted around, getting progressively cooler, and wondering where I'd left that shirt. It was on the back of the office chair. Completely overlooked by me in my rush to find it. The clue?

Stop. Right now. Mars (and so on and so forth) is in Capricorn. It's Xmas time, birthdays, everything!

Stop. Instead of looking too hard? Look right there. Right behind you. Right on top, underneath. It's not nearly as far away as you think. Me? I spent precious minutes dashing around looking for a shirt that was hanging on the chair I was originally sitting in. Don't be like me. Aquarius: As a retail person, one year, at Xmas, I drafted up a portable computer document -- a gift certificate -- with blanks.

Great idea. Did I mention that Mercury was retrograde? In Sagittarius, this moment? So I had this great gift certificate. Some smart person printed off a half dozen of these certificates, put in friends' names, and handed them out as gifts. Only, I never received a penny.

It was a January event, bunch of people showed up with gift certificates. I politely told them that the certificate was good for a free astrology chart itself. If they wanted a reading, that would cost extra.
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