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"You have as little honesty as honor."
Shakespeare's Henry VIII (All That is True) [III.ii.271]

Wolsey to Lord Surrey, who, with others, has accused him of treason.

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    astrofish.net Sagittarius: Xmas Tamales are a local tradition. Personally, in keeping with the spirit of the season, I think the tamales should be served with both red and green sauces. But that's just me. Properly, a tamale is a kind of dough -- usually masa flour and lard -- wrapped around beef or pork, or maybe peppers -- then wrapped in a corn husk.

    Properly prepared, these are the most amazing culinary treats. However, the actual preparation takes some work. It's labor-intensive cooking. Unlike most of my cooking, which doesn't involve labor on my part at all. I've got one client who bemoans the fact that the tamale-making is a dying art. Towards that end, I got to sit in on an afternoon of patting dough, wrapping, and then wrapping in corn husks, and I promise, I will never, ever say anything mean about anyone in the kitchen (cocina) ever again.
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    Fishing Guide to the Stars
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"I think thou never wast where grace was said."
Shakespeare's Measure for Measure [I.ii.18-9]
Lucio to a gentleman -- speaking on the subject of saying grace.

Kramus Day, either Dec 5 or 6, depends on tradition, a day when the devil (Krampus) roams the streets, punishing evil-doers. Or so goes my version of the Austrian myth. Barefoot Astrology instructional video is here.

    astrofish.net Sagittarius: I was standing in a long line, waiting on some morning coffee. Ahead of me, at least ten minutes' worth of patrons. I mumbled something about tourists. That coffee shop, they should have two lines. One should be labelled "Local," or "R" for Regular. The second line? "FT," for "French Tourists."

    I don't know if they were all French. I don't care, I just think, in the spirit of cooperation, that there should be a line for those of us who frequent the store on a regular basis, perhaps account for more revenue than any amount of those darn French Tourists. I'd like to think that me, us regulars, we should be cut out from the herd and we should be treated with a special kind of respect.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
For the week starting: 11.26.2009

"Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts."
Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part III [IV.vi.39]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day.
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    astrofish.net Sagittarius: I was talking with the counter help at a local coffee shop. The kid was lounging against the cash register, calling out the orders, and his hat -- company hat -- the bill was turned slightly sideways. His demeanor was relaxed and confident, and yet expressly casual, as well.

    I happen to know, it's his birthday this week. His attitude is exactly how all of us Sagittarius types should approach this week. With that hat cocked slightly to one side, we look rakish and yet, still in line with local rules and regulations. Lounging yet working hard. It's not easy to be busy and relaxed at the same time. With T-day and all that? Casual yet refined and uncouth. All about attitude.
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Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
For the week starting: 11.19.2009

"We, ignorant of ourselves
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for our good;"
Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra [II.i.v]

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    astrofish.net Scorpio: I've seen turkey processed and prepared a number of different ways. Having a birthday like I do, that -- intermittently -- falls on T-Day, I've seen more done with Turkey than I would rather think about.

    Here's the deal: deep fried turkey caught on, then the dangers were revealed. Not that it would stop any of my friends, but that's not what this about. It's about the best way I've ever had turkey and for my Scorpio friends? A simple suggestion. The best way I've ever seen the mighty Thanksgiving Bird fixed? Green Chile Enchiladas. It was a New Mexico treat, as that's the best source I know of for Green Chile. Use that stuff in everything, but one fall, I caught it just when the Hatch (NM) crop was coming in. It'd been dry that year, which makes the peppers meaner. Better as far as I was concerned.

    The only time I've had a truly "hot" turkey, although, I'm still hoping for a Cajun/Louisiana bird some day. Look at your chart, last day of Scorpio, then it's all onto new stuff. Lingering Venus and the Cardinal pressure. Think about new ways to cook the bird. Maybe a new recipe. Maybe a new spin on an old-style dish. Let me know what you cook up.

    astrofish.net Sagittarius: What if there really was a secret conspiracy to keep the public in check? What if there really was a secret body of knowledge and some sort of evil cabal was in charge? What if there were state secrets that could change the world forever -- and what if that was not a good direction for change?

    Lot of "what if" questions these days. I'm just figuring that Sagittarius is in a secret-revealing mood. Not mode, as I'm not sure it's time for us to reveal all our secrets. But it is a good time to think about our secrets, and it is a good time to think about revealing them. Toy with the idea.

    Would the greater good be served? Maybe, just maybe, I know, it's the beginning of our birthdays, the holidays, everything going on, but still, is it time for the great secret to be unveiled? Maybe not. Okay, I'll tell one secret: 3-inch, salt and pepper curly-tail on a weedless 1/4-ounce jig head. Secret bait. Always works.

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    astrofish.net Capricorn: Time and local traditions vary, but there's always a "rite of passage." As Thanksgiving looms closer, and as the Pluto/Saturn thing becomes more apparent, I couldn't help but think of certain rites of passage. The first girlfriend (or boyfriend), first date, first kiss. First beer, first fishing trip. It's mid-November, in Texas, it's also the first deer-hunt.

    Don't worry, I don't hunt. But these are merely examples of rites of passage. The only real warning, as this week unfolds, what with the moon's condition? I'd watch for the term, "Right of passage," as compared with "rites of passage." One is ritual. One is earned. One is irrevocable. And the last one? Might not have anything to do with this. Don't confuse "Rites of Passage" with "Rights of passage." It's a small point but an important distinction for Capricorn.

    astrofish.net Aquarius: In my times, I've seen some pretty interesting fishing rod repairs. Or fishing gear, in general, I've seen some strange attachments, editions, and a few just plain weird set ups. One of the more bizarre that I've encountered was at a garage sale in old East Austin. It was an expensive model of fishing pole and reel, just a "push button automatic," and I fear that the fishing line was older than me, not to mention the antique nature of the hardware.

    What interested me, though, was the way the rod tip had been attached, for a second or third time. I know how easy it is to break fishing rods, having done so myself, on a number of occasions. There's a certain "snap" sound that goes with it. What I was looking at, though, was the rod tip itself, about six inches of busted plastic, and then, wrapped around the tip, holding it adjacent to pole, wrapped in old-style electrical tape, the broken tip. Snap. Then the tip, hastily re-affixed to the pole, and it's been like that, maybe longer than I've been around.

    A temporary fix with really long-lasting results. That's what this is about. You'll hear a "snap" kind of sound in the next few days, like a fishing rod tip being broken. How you fix that? Careful, might last longer than you think.

    astrofish.net Pisces: I answered my mobile phone, "Saddlebags." The call was from a buddy, and he wanted to know where I was at that very moment. Something to do with plans and trips, and getting a drink later, a cup of coffee, and I'll bet, he also had a girlfriend figured in the equation. Somehow. His version, anyway.

    I looked around, I was with a girlfriend, in a mall, in a store, in a mall, someplace in Central Texas, but could be anywhere on the planet, for all I care, and all I saw was saddlebags. Wasn't a good collection, or for that matter, a manly collection of saddlebags, but that's what it looked like to me. The walls were lined with all types and shapes, mostly leather, although some had cloth trim, and at least one had fake-fur trim, which, of course, makes no sense on a saddlebag, but then, they didn't ask me for help.

    My duty was to stand by idly, or carry bags. Either way, I finally stumped my buddy. He was busy trying to figure out which Western Tack store I was in. He didn't catch on a quickly. It's all about changes, big changes, little changes and naming conventions.

    astrofish.net Aries: I just wish this stuff would hold off. Regrettably, the Xmas push is here. So far, I've received the link and/or video to "The House with Trans-Siberian Flashing Lights" -- at least -- a dozen times thus far. Cool. It was cool, the first season or two. It's boring, and at this point, mildly annoying, anymore. Seen it. Don't need to see it again, but thank you forwarding me the link and/or the video. But please, don't repeat sending it to me again.

    That's the problem in Aries land, either you're sending -- or receiving -- the same message over and over. Once was fine. Twice, okay, that's tolerable. By the third time, it gets a little boring and by the fourth or fifth time, it's annoying. Six or seven times? And you get my point, don't you?

    "This is SO Cool!!! You Have to WATCH THIS!!!!" Thanks. No thanks, but thanks for thinking of me. Get the point, my fine little Aries friend? Stop. You're either sending or receiving, and my guess is you're about to forward that link to my e-mail address. Please, think about the children. "But it's Xmas spirit!"

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    astrofish.net Taurus: After I finished my six or seventh book-length manuscript, I found out the hardest part about being a writer? The most difficult part of writing isn't the writing itself, it's the rest of the business. It's -- relatively speaking -- easy to write. But that's less than ten percent of the job. The other ninety percent? Promotions, publicity and public relations. Much harder work.

    I was thinking about this example since that's what's happening in the Taurus slice of the heavens. It's about the supporting roles and the other pieces that make the way this all fits together. The fun stuff? For me, that's the writing, but for you? The fun stuff is whatever it is, but that's not the point. There's still plenty of fun stuff around. It's the rest of the toil that's required. Just as an idea, here we are, holidays looming on the horizon, and there's still some career stuff that needs attention. Pay attention now to make sure everyone is pleased. (Still waiting on that literary agent to get back to me, too.)

    astrofish.net Gemini: Some folks will encourage an attention to detail at times like this. Look after the little pieces, and then the bigger pieces all fall into place. It's a nice idea. Doesn't work.

    That attention to detail? That looking at the smaller parts and pieces? You're missing a bigger point. The short version of the scope? Quit obsessing about minute details.

    The longer version? You keep looking at the smaller and finer points until you're working -- in typical Gemini fashion -- on microscopic level. Then it's a sub-atomic level. Fine for theory, but there's a point your missing, up here, in the real world. That attention to detail? Skip it for the duration of this horoscope. Now, make a note to yourself to come back and thank me since you did get to see the big picture. Write it down, you know, part of a list of items that need to get done.

    astrofish.net Cancer: I was reading a coffee (aficionado) website. There was a short article, had to be humor, about how to make coffee if a coffee-maker wasn't available. The usual ingredients, the coffee grounds, then a coffee cup and boiling water, and then straining the grounds out with a strainer. Just seemed like a lot of extra effort to get a cup of morning brew. I used to only drink specialty coffee, and I've outlasted a variety of coffee makers, and I've outlasted a variety of coffee shops, too.

    I do prefer fresh roasted then fresh ground coffee, but the rest of the details are subject to what's available. Think about it: headed out at "oh-dark-thirty," for fishing or hunting? Doesn't much matter what the coffee source is, as long as it works. What was amusing, and the point about that "do it yourself" coffee making process was the depth of the process to get a single cup of coffee.

    Coffee beans (ground), hot water, container, that's all that's really needed. I prefer, just a choice these days, but I prefer to have the grounds strained out, but that could be me. I was thinking about this and that -- hopefully humorous -- coffee process because it seemed like it was taking a simple task and making it that much more difficult. Which is what this all about. Don't. One word: don't. Or, the longer version? Don't take a simple process and make it unnecessarily more difficult.

    astrofish.net Leo: Robert Earl Keen is a regional favorite. Locally, he enjoys real "rock star" status. Although, apparently, he's not as widely known outside of Texas. Not that it matters, either, because part of the problem is he defies typical taxonomy. I was listening to a custom play list I've got of a sampling of a long and storied career. I pulled songs from a half-dozen albums, and when I was looking at them with my music/media player?

    Each CD was labelled in a different way. Rock, Blues, Country, Folk. Yeah, well, no wonder his music isn't more universal, the folks outside of this area don't know what to call it. Reminds me of another Capricorn with a similar problem, Jimmy Buffett. But this isn't about Capricorn musicians, this is about Leo. Notice that the example are real people whose work defies being shoved into a single category.

    Other than being Leo? (THE Leo?) Other than that? Stay away from striated and opinionated categories and classifications.

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    astrofish.net Virgo: By the end of this horoscope, it's time to bust out the Xmas Album. I collect material and put together a play list and burn a couple of "Kramer Xmas Holiday" CDs for friends and enemies. Couple of important pieces to consider, I've gotten to where I use the Cheech and Chong clip, highly recommended, and the Robert Earl Keen "Merry Christmas From the Family" song. Run DMC, "Christmas in Hollis," too. Variety. One year, I found a number of xmas mash-ups, and I dropped them onto the CD's tracks.

    Some people do Xmas cards, some do Xmas letters. Me and one cousin, "Hi Brad," we make Xmas CDs. All depends on what we're in the mood for, too. I was thinking because I was looking at the way the stars fall for Virgo? Planets, really, and the line up is a time. Time to think about one Xmas chore, item, choice, pleasant experience? Something. One of them. Like the Xmas music CD? Could be as simple as that. I thought about the xmas music and Virgo, really, it was last week's quote, but you get the idea, last week's idea, this week's project. A little thought and preparation can help go a long way towards a festive holiday time, all the other influences included.

    astrofish.net Libra: Scorpio is a strange time (Northern Hemisphere, European Traditions). It's the beginning of the long winter nights. The spookiest of times, too. What happens though, as Scorpio closes? There's a point where you wake up one cold winter morning and you see the bright (cold) winter sun? Bright light, perhaps a little weaker sun than we'd all like, but still, it's clear and crisp, the leaves have fallen and it's all good.

    Winter clothes, or fall outfits, or, for some of us, just long pants, but still, you get the idea?

    There's a sense of rejuvenation, a spirit of rebirth at the onset of winter. All I'm suggesting, though, for the Libra friends and family? Enjoy the bright spots. Could be as simple as the way the leaves skitter on the sidewalk in the fall's breeze. Could be the crisp feeling the air. Could be the afternoons at the lake when we can still fish. Could be a lot of individual influences, but I tend to suggest we all find the brilliant little spots of light, wherever it falls.

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    Fishing Guide to the Stars
    By Kramer Wetzel
    For the week starting: 11/12/2009

"Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale vexing the dull ear of a drawsy man."
Shakespeare's King John [III.iv]

New Moon, Sun in Scorpio, fast approaching. The pre-sale is still on, video is about to ship.

    astrofish.net Scorpio: Local sports are always a big deal, and I might be mistaken, but there was a local high school team, probably from a remote West Texas town, the team's name? The Possums. The problem being, with a name like that? Like the "Poteet Possums?" Or wherever it was? When that team played at home, the home field advantage, they were great.

    I'd like to think it was a Scorpio-like team, because they would be sneaky and good. I mean, you know, sneaky, like clever. The home-field advantage, I'm sure. The problem with the team? Like many of the smaller West Texas towns, there's a sizable amount of travel involved in order to compete. What I'm warning Scorpio about? Travel. Careful in the next few days. You know what happened to the Possums when they went on the road? They just got killed.

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    astrofish.net Sagittarius: Theory holds that this is a good time for Bass Fishing, the month of November. The lakes are cooling off, and the fish are foraging for winter, in as much as we have winter down here. The phase of the moon, this weekend? Particularly good for fishing, although, it doesn't look like the weather will be too compliant. Hence a little dilemma.

    Fish? Hunt? Or other activity? I'm in favor of the other activity, in as much as I would prefer to be out-of-doors? Not always able to get the weather, the Moon's phase and the wildlife all cooperating. Which is the problem. Three things to do. Only enough time to do two of the three. Or one of the three. Pick and be careful, choose which one is most important at this time. Pursue that objective. Might get a chance to do the others, too, but stick to one, at first. See where it goes.

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    astrofish.net Capricorn: There's a special kind of operating mode that I've found very helpful. "Are you sure you want to do that?" I'll ask. Then, I'll affix a steely, steady, beady eye stare on the person. I won't repeat the comment, but it's a way to punctuate the "Are sure you really want to do this even though the consequences might be totally disastrous for you" -- punch that expression up some.

    Punctuate with the look.

    The deal is, that look? It's totally ironic, as that action is completely okay with you, with me, and with the other person. It's just good, though, especially with a new moon occurring during the terms of this scope, it's just a good idea to make sure that there's plenty of time to pause and consider actions that might -- or might not -- have consequences. What kind of consequences? Could be serious, you know. Which is the point to stop and ask that question, appropriately punctuated.

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    astrofish.net Aquarius: I got a catalog in the mail. I was reading it, like a magazine, full of out-of-doors people doing outdoorsy activities. Snow. Warm coats, mittens, gloves, long underwear, wool socks, heavy footwear, and I realized, as I gazed at this cold weather gear? I have no intention, none whatsoever, of landing in a place where I need that kind of cold weather attire. Ever again.

    That catalog is wasted on me. I looked for a little while then realized I was wasting my time. Not going to happen. If I have to wear long pants, a sweater, and maybe a sports coat? That's about as much cold weather gear as I want to own. Or need to own. I have a winter coat, and yes, I do have some shoes I could wear, but I live in a close-to-tropical climate, and I just figure, that's where I'll spend my winters, here at home. No need to get all dressed for freezing weather, not if I can avoid it.

    Which I can. It's a matter of choice. So the next time I get a catalog full of winter-wear, I'll just toss it before I bother wasting time looking at people bundled up in colorful layers of expensive under and outer wear. This is about cutting out one action. One item, one piece of inbound information that is no longer required. For my Aquarius self? Obviously, it was the cold-weather catalog. Might be that, or, quite possibly some other item you no longer need. Save time by not bothering with it.

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    astrofish.net Pisces: Ever figure you just a few degrees off? That's what this feels like to me. Not in a bad way, but you thought it started at 7:30 and when you get there, 5 minutes early? It started at 7:15, and you're late. Just a few degrees off. Plan on a fishing trip with me, and we agree to meet at 7 AM. You show up at 6:30 AM and wonder where I am for half an hour.

    Fortunately, if you want to belabor the point, I have a copy of the e-mail confirmation for 7. Only if you want to push the point, though. However, these are just examples of how you feel a little off, a little different, a little at odds with the rest of the world, or, as I posited at the beginning of the scope? A few degrees to one side of center. Not good, not bad, not horrifically wrong, just a little one side. It isn't bad, it isn't good, it's just understanding. Understand how you're just a little off to the side of the main action.

    Is this bad? Not really, as the bad stuff will go flying right over you and miss your sweet Pisces self completely. As long as you stand off to one side, just by a few inches, feet, just a couple of degrees off center.

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    astrofish.netAries: Local taco stand, more a restaurant than a true taco stand, this one place has some of the finest green salsa I've ever had. It's a strong salsa, typically, green salsa uses "green tomatillo tomatoes" as a base. But this one place? Jalapeño peppers are the base for the green salsa. Yeah, baby, it's hot. Really hot. Subtle yet strong and fiery. Maybe not so subtle but creeps up on you.

    Does me, anyway. Why I like it. However, I've found that I have to ask for the green sauce. Usually, the waitress sees a white (person) like me? We'll get served the milder red sauce. I make a quick point to ask for the "salsa verde" and it's all good. Quick and easy. You would also guess, after dining there, off and on for over a year, that the staff would recognize me, and from my tips, remember to bring me the good stuff. The hot stuff. Then again, this scenario gets repeated, maybe every week or two, and I have to ask for that Jalapeño salsa.

    While you would think, as an Aries, that folks would learn what you like? Not so sure that's going to happen this week. Doesn't hurt to let them know what you want. Exactly what you want.

    astrofish.net Taurus: I was in a buddy's truck, coming in from the lake, and I pulled through a certain brand of coffee shop in order to acquire an afternoon beverage. I pulled through Starbucks to get something to drink. "Would you like a nice Hot Chocolate or a Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte?" The nice counter girl asked through the speaker. I got a tall ice tea, no water, lots of ice. The ice melts, waters it down and it's palatable.

    It was also close to 85 that afternoon. Might've been about a week or two ago, might've been just yesterday. That Texas weather in the fall, it's funny like that. Warm days, cool nights. I was sweating and sunburned. No, I didn't want hot coffee, hot chocolate, and I had to wonder, out loud, at the wisdom of offering just such fare. "Hot coffee?" "Well, it was cool when I came in this morning," the girl said, then stuck her head out the window a ways, "but I can see it's warmed up a lot."

    She giggled and squirmed back in. Because I was being difficult with my cranky old man question about efficacy of hot beverages on a sweaty winter afternoon, I tipped the usual amount. Only proper. I pay for my insolence. You're a Taurus. You're going to get hammered with either weather, a question about the weather, or a cranky old man asking curmudgeon-like questions. Hopefully, he's nice like me and leaves a tip. But just as a warning? Might not be me.

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    astrofish.net Gemini: What some people, let's pretend these people are non-Gemini, consider the easiest, most expedient route to be a straight line. I'm good with that. I can see how that would appear to be the most direct way to get from here to there. From Point A, to Point B, the purported destination.

    However, you're a Gemini, and you're going to use the advance Gemini warning system to alert you to upcoming weather and unforeseen issues. Road hazards, traffic patterns, delays and concerns. The way around it all? What most folks don't understand that the easiest, most expedient route seems a little circuitous to some.

    From the starting point, you go up, then to the left, then veer to the right, then take a detour down this side road, and finally wind up where you set out to be. Long way around to outside observer. The point is, though, it was actually shorter since you avoided a few obstacles. So even though it doesn't seem like a shorter route? Use your Gemini senses to pick the way to get here from there. Don't listen to other people, not now. Might seem like more work, but for you? Not really.

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    astrofish.net Cancer: One of the guides with whom I fish? He gets all worried when I wear sport sandals instead of, like, tennis shoes. The biggest problem? In his mind, anyway? Crabs, loose on the deck of the boat. We'll pick up some crab from time to time, and use it as bait. Late in the year, like now? Reds are running good. Cut crab makes an excellent bait. Both Reds and (Speckled Sea) Trout love the tender flesh. Great bait. But that means there's a good chance there's a real blue-shell crab loose on the boat's deck, from time to time. With pincers. With crab claws that exert hundreds of foot-pounds of pressure with sharp claws.

    It's not so much dangerous as uncomfortable. Which is why that one Captain always shakes his head at my choice in footwear. However, to me, the danger is minimal, not like I'd lose a toe or anything, worst thing that might happen? One of those crabs would threaten me.

    Now, imagine that this week, like me, you're going fishing. And like me, you're thinking about sandals. Unlike me, though, you think about those crab pincers, and you opt, after reading this horoscope, you choose close-toe footwear, in the name of safety. Good move. I can get away with tempting the crab's claw. Not sure you want to play the same game, not if you don't want the pain.

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    astrofish.net Leo: I've got a picture, some place on my website, has the original Starbucks logo. From a single storefront in Seattle. The image, that original logo? Looks like, to me, an artistic representation of a woman's naked breasts. Exposed, out there for all to see. I was thinking about that because I liked it, but my obviously male and prurient tastes are transparent.

    That logo was sanitized for some, more universal or whatever. However, that's not what this is about. That original logo reaction? The mere suggestions that naked breasts were on a cup's sleeve, or signs across the country? Across the globe? That really irritates some people. Others, like me, are amused, or attracted -- or whatever.

    It's a polarizing effect. Much like what you're experiencing at the hands of the planets. Either you like it or you don't. Not much middle ground here in Leo. If you don't like it? Why? If you do like it? Same question. Might not be the original Starbucks logo, either, could be any number of issues. But you get the idea. Instead of just being opinionated, dig for the reason, source, and cause of that Leo opinion.

    Hint: there really aren't any wrong answers.

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    astrofish.net Virgo: "Ear-worm." That's when a lyric gets stuck in your head. Or, in my case, it's part of a lyric. Just a brief, slightly garbled version of a few lines of a song. Powerful verse, to me, at one time. Sort of means something now. But I got to the point where I was annoying friends and even some innocent bystanders, inflicting my useless attempt at singing the lyrics, or the brief portion of the refrain that I remember, and while that's momentarily entertaining, even to the point that, as Virgo, you might giggle or smirk at the idea of me singing to friends and strangers?

    Like karaoke, only without the benefit of being all liquored up? Yeah, it's an ugly sight. I realize that, now.

    Anyway, like that ear-worm, like that persistent and repetitive refrain? With silent musical accompaniment? Yeah, that's what this is like. Now, as a solution? I've got one Virgo fishing buddy, and what he'll do is merely burn me a CD with the song on it. He won't try to sing. But that's his solution. Most of us? We'll probably try to sing. Can't say I didn't warn you.

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    astrofish.net Libra: I like tourists. I like questions. In San Antonio, I always feel like a tourist. However as a native Texan, I understand San Antonio's importance as a historical shrine and a birthplace of freedom. I tread on hallowed ground with the requisite amount of reverence. But the other tourists, they're a funny lot. I'm constantly amused, and one of my favorite answers, when asked where I'm from? "I'm from up north," I'll drawl, "Austin." 60-70 miles north. Different land, but that's not what this is about.

    It's about tourists and weird questions. As a Libra, you're feeling the effects of Pluto square Saturn and just what that means to you. You will, sure as can be, encounter, a smart aleck like me, who's "From up north." Think that's bad? Wait, that's just the effect of Pluto in Capricorn. The effect of Saturn in Libra? One more question, not from me, but I've heard this before, "Why did they put the Alamo in the center of downtown San Antonio?"

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