"He jests at scars, that never felt a wound."
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet [II.ii.3]

Alas, poor Romeo.

astrofish.net Cancer: A very happy birthday to that one, extra-special Cancer.

It's a good year, up and coming, as long as you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

That's how this is done; keep moving forward. Happy Birthday!

astrofish.net The Leo: "Why don't you do something with your life? Why don't you get me a beer?" To be honest, it was a T-shirt, however, it's no stretch of the imagination to see either one of my friends wearing such a shirt, or, better yet, telling that to one of his children. Her children. Just not much of a stretch at all. I liked it, but to some of my friends, it might have undesirable connotations. Some days, I don't get it, if a person is easily offended or doesn't understand my offbeat humor, why read this material in the first place?
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"Thou art the cap of all the fools alive."
Apemantus in Shakespeare's Timon of Athens [IV.iii.355]

astrofish.net Cancer: Happy Birthday! During the next week, the Sun "squares" Saturn. Means that mean Mr. Saturn is going to apply some pressure to certain aspects of the otherwise kind and gentle Moon Child. During the next couple of days, especially if your birthday is around now, there's a point where there's a problem. Needs some attention. The more traditional interpretation of this, during your birthday week, is that your home's foundation needs to be bolstered. In the simple trailer park analogy, this merely translates to more cinder blocks under the old homestead. Simple. Easy. Maybe a few pieces of boards as shims for the "foundation" repair. Since this is a birthday time for Cancer, my first words of advice: seek assistance. Don't undertake that foundation repair all by your lonesome. The second batch of words of advice? Instead of a concrete foundation repair? Given where the rest of the planets, not Saturn, but other influences might be? Go back to my idea of wooden boards, cinder blocks, building blocks and removable adjusters instead of more permanent items. Might want to change this again, in the future.

astrofish.net Leo: The boulevard of broken dreams, there's a place, just, well, it's not close to me, but I'm sure there's a location that has a similar sentiment, someplace close to you. It's a long, narrow block of mid-rise buildings, adjacent to downtown, like a seldom used corridor, leading to the center of the city. One of the building's is now a hotel and another building is apartments (Weekly rentals available! All bills paid!). At one time, the buildings have been a high-class restaurant and bar, a nice hotel, a diner, lawyer offices, and basically abandoned downtown real estate. It's really three different facades, at one time, part of it was a department store. The exterior sign is still there. For that and the hotel. The apartment building one is just a simple board, hanging below the roof.
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"O most insatiate and luxurious woman!"
Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus [5.i.88]

astrofish.net Cancer: Chunking Bait into the Inter-Coastal. It was a moonless night with a reasonably stiff offshore breeze. Being located in just one place, on a friend's dock, we were kind of limited in what would work. The water gets churned up and bait needs to smell awfully bad to be of interest to the fish. The idea is that the stinkier the bait, the bigger the fish. There's something about sitting at the edge of the canal, the juggernaut of a watery road, watching huge barges push past with billions of pounds of payload, and there, at the edge, as the waves gently lap against the pier's support. It's quiet and restful and yet, it's also that intersection of world, the high-tech, low-tech worlds collide. Whether it's the barges with their carrier loads, or the fishing gear, baited with dead fish parts. High-tech and low-tech, all next to each other. Get that relief where you can find it, no?

astrofish.net Leo: "Best place in town? You come to the Y, then before the car wash, Mary Lou's, best place in town." The Y refers to a fork in the road, the single intersection in that town. Not like there's even a crossroads, just one road with a fork a little to left, goes to another small town. I like rural Texas, and I love me some Leo girls, and combine the two? That was the best set of directions.
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"There's small choice in rotten apples."
Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew [I.i.132-3]

It's Hortensio commenting to Gremio, as the two decide to find a husband for Kate -- the rest is in the plot outline.

astrofish.net Gemini: In the vast quantity of material I've got, out of the acres and acres of written, spoken and visual record of my work, a single Gemini comment stands out. As I was lecturing, I recall the exact moment, I likened Gemini to a finely cute gem-stone. Many different facets, as an outside observer, we see all the different angles. As the Gemini, though, you're going to feel like the same person, through and through, on the inside. "I don't get this whole 'two-faced' thing," more than one Gemini has commented, "I just don't see it." That's because you're not on the outside, looking in. Out here, what we see? I've actually watched, seen it before my very eyes, as a Gemini face has morphed, changed construction and the mood has slipped from one point to another. Right before my eyes. Happens. Get used to it. With what's shaking, even as we speak? It's going to be hard to remind everyone that you're like a fine-cut gem-stone, however, you know it, I know it, and that's al that matters. Remember that some people see you as multi-faceted. We, they, we're not sure which face, or which tiny angle, we're looking at. "But it's just me," your Gemini self intones. I understand that. Not everyone does. Work with us. You're moving faster, changing quicker, than anyone else. Happy birthday!

astrofish.netCancer: Birthdays start next week -- that's the fun part. There's still Venus cooking along a little too slow, in Gemini. That's the not so fun part. One of my secret vices has always been dollar stores. Goes back to formative years in my life, in old East Austin, and the dollar store there was the most interesting. Some good deals, so not so good deals, some crap and some clever marketing. It was the clever marketing that caught my attention the other afternoon.
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"Every time
Serves for the matter that is then born in 't."
Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra [II.ii.12-3]

astrofish.net Gemini: Gemini Birthdays! Yes! Party! Happy birthday to that one, special Gemini. Old story, there. Don't have time or space for that tale, but I do have some happy birthday material for my little Gemini friends. Hillsboro, TX: the sleepy, little hamlet was thrust into the national spotlight some years ago when Willie Nelson (music icon, legend, Taurus, Space Cadet) was arrested for alleged drug possession. Other than that, the only remarkable comment I had for Hillsboro, it's between Waco and Ft. Worth on the Interstate, and it hosts the annual "Guitar and Gun" show. It's one of those uniquely Texas kind of event. Guitars and guns, where else would those two seemingly distant items mix so well together? Which makes it the perfect June celebration destination for Gemini. There is so much cooking in Gemini, and this week adds Venus to the fray. Mercury, Sun, Full Moon in Sagittarius, and Venus pops into Gemini. Need a new destination a little off the usual Gemini track. Pick one. Pick any. My suggestion is choosing something just like that Guitar and Gun Show. Two items that don't belong together. Perfect for the Gemini celebrations. This week, make it happen.

astrofish.net Cancer: For most of its history, San Antonio has been larger -- and the most cosmopolitan -- destination in Texas. Bigger than the other big cities, like Houston, Dallas, Austin. For most of the region's history, San Antonio was the largest city in Texas. It wasn't until the last hundred years or less, the other towns started explosive growth. I'd attribute it to "We got discovered." Folks figured out that the climate was good, the fishing was good, the hunting was good (if you're into that sort of thing), and the business climate was excellent. Maybe not so much anymore, but at one time, this was the place to be. Texas isn't really "southwest," and it's certainly not really "deep south," which leaves it alone unto its self. San Antonio, was, at one time, the center. "Remember the Alamo."
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