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"O shame, where is thy blush?"
Shakespeare's Hamlet [III.iv.83]

Hamlet, addressing Gertrude, his mother. Mercury, in apparent retrograde motion. See listings for details. Neptune enters Pisces. But Mercury is still Retrograde. Aries: As a side-project, I started publishing digital images of San Antonio (Bexar County) TX as a daily photo weblog. Started as an amusement for myself. Spun off into a truly strange world. The images themselves, some are years old, from decade-long service in and around Texas, to include San Antonio. The basic assumption is that I'll publish one picture a day. Enter Mars unto Aries, adding a level of fire to an already hot mix, i.e., Retrograde Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. Adds a level of impatience. Now isn't really soon enough. The way that side-project works, the images appear at whatever time I get around to posting them, once within the 24-hour period. Doesn't occur at the same time, and there's no rhythm, which can further infuriate an Aries. No schedule, loose rules, nothing but a simple guideline, all sort of annoying. Here's the hint: learn to bend with our ways. Either that, or keep compulsively clicking to see if/when the site's been updated. Usually occurs between six in the AM to ten in the PM. Sometime in there. Taurus: Austin's world famous SXSW (South By South West) Music, movie, and so on? The weather is usually good for part of the week. However, during the middle of the week, or at one end of the week-long spring-break festival, sometime during the event, it will rain. Cold, gentle, spring rain. Didn't one year, but that was a drought year. The year it didn't rain, natives were fine, but out-of-town guests suffered with debilitating heat. Summer arrived early that year. However, rain during the week is a safe bet. With the line-up in the sign in front of you? "Rain" is a safe bet. Doesn't mean it will really rain in your neighborhood, but it does mean that there will be an upset, there will be a delay, there will be heavy weather, something, some event that upsets the finely tuned Taurus expectations.
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"You are the weaker vessel, as they say, the emptier vessel."
Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part 2 [II.iv.56]

It's Shakespeare's Hostess suggesting Doll keep her mouth shut while she's arguing with Falstaff. I'd add that arguing with Falstaff is an exercise in futility as he was always quick with the wit. Aries: Not yet, not yet, not yet. Not yet. I'll mention it one more time, for a certain Aries who isn't getting a clue: not yet. Happy birthday to my fine Aries friends having birthdays this week, the Sun and Uranus, Jupiter and a Retrograde Mercury are all ploughing through your sign. That's why I mean, "No, not yet." We're close. We're so very close. We're not there yet. Let's look at this way, it's your birthday, right now, birthday week, birthday month, anyway, soon or for one, just passed, but still, that expectant glee that comes with birthdays, that should be present. Stop. Enjoy the fun stuff. Realize a few people aren't quite geared up in time. I'm just saying, close but not yet. The trigger is Mars, and once Mars gets ensconced in your sign, then we can start to move ahead. But until then? Not yet. Happy birthday! Taurus: Guacamole secret ingredient: Garlic. In an effort to "eat healthy," I've gradually shifted some of my dietary issues. Doubt I'll give up chips and hot sauce, but I can shift to the no-salt, organic blue-corn chips. Then, instead of slathering that with hot sauce, there's guacamole. Avocado is one of the good fruits, full of good fats, minerals and vitamins. I read it on the inter-web, must be true. One grocery store makes this really good stuff, and I was trying to figure out why it was so tasty. Zesty, with a hint of heat, but not too much, low sodium, and so on. I found the secret: big garlic bulbs.
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"When he is best, he is a little worse than a man, and when he is worst, he is little betters than a beast."
Shakespeare's Portia in The Merchant of Venice [I.ii.80-2]

New Server. New hardware. Same location. Any problems? Shoot me an e-mail. Pisces: It was an ad, a billboard, greeted me on the highway into San Antonio. It read, "We have LIFT-OFF" (San Antonio Rodeo). The visual was a cowboy, getting airborne, off the back of a large, and probably none-to-pleased bull. Maybe the bull was happy now that this his payload was lifted. As I understand it, the brain of the bull is none too large, so maybe there's not much activity in that cranial space. The cowboy getting jettisoned? I'm sure he was looking for a happy landing. I thought it was clever advertising, playing on various themes. I also thought it was a good way to get around to cautions and cares for Pisces. Careful with the lift-off. See, it really isn't the lift-off part that hurts. No, the pain is caused by the abrupt return the arena's dirt floor. It's not the getting airborne, no, that's not the problem. It's the part when the motions stops. So a lift-off might be good, I'm just worried about the sudden and complete stop that might occur afterwards. Happy birthday and I hope, a happy return.

SXSW (Pisces) Special:
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Aries: I watched, in awe, as a buddy of mine, an Aries buddy, was texting on an old number-pad phone. Following last week's Sagittarius advice, was my guess, sticking with an older model of phone like that. "No, it's not a problem," he explained, "it learns words like 'Zombie, Redneck and Werewolf' pretty fast." I was amused at the words the phone learned and I asked if they were in frequent use. "Surprisingly, yes," my Aries friend answered. I would think, if he was using a smart phone that the texting would be easier. The convergence of phone and inter-web tech sort of demands such a device.
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"O, if [your girdle should break], how thy guts would fall about thy knees!"
Shakespeare's Prince Hal to Falstaff in Henry IV, part 1: III.iii.146-7

"The transit of Uranus in Aries, thus begins."

    Check the travel & appearances schedule for upcoming locations. Might be one near you, cf., the download page for free eBooks of most of the regular books in print. Pisces: One more round of birthdays, and a little relief is in store for my extra-good Pisces friends. Happy Birthday, darlin'! I used to date this one girl, and when I stayed over, as one might expect, I'd use the shower. The shower's control handle-spigot thing, the temperature control for the water was always set at one spot However, when I would first run the water, and test it? That setting was all wrong for me. Too cold. No, too hot. No, way too hot. How could she stand it like that? Ice princess. What I learned from that girlfriend was to make sure and check the water's temperature before jumping into the shower -- seems like simple enough advice, no? Just check before immersing one's self, correct? I'm unsure if this is about a sleep-over with a dear girlfriend, or if this some other watery situation. Just when you think you have the adjustments all made for the perfect temperature. Just when you think the settings are perfect, there's a change. I'd blame the planets, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check the water before diving in, first.

SXSW (Pisces) Special:
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Aries: I'm a big fan of software that does the automatic update. Or, in the past, I have been a big fan of this software. The message popped, "There is a new version of this software available, update automatically?" I would normally just click on "Yes." You're an Aries, you would normally not even think twice about this question, much less what to click on, much less what to do... Think twice. Uranus is a huge, can be quite good, unexpected influence. Use this influence wisely.
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"Be that thou know'st thou are, and then thou art
As great as that thou fear'st."
Shakespeare's Twelfth-Night; or, What You Will [V.i.136-7]

Jupiter -- in Aries -- squares Pluto -- in Capricorn -- and what that means?

    Check the travel & appearances schedule for upcoming locations. Might be one near you, cf., the download page for free eBooks of most of the regular books in print. Pisces: I had to throw away two hot dogs the other afternoon. It was a sad, sad time. I'm not sure what it is, something in my upbringing, I'm sure, but throwing away perfectly good food bothers me. However, I'm wise enough to recognize that the hotdogs themselves were discolored. Not in a fun way, either. Time to let them go to the compost pit. I'd sealed them back up in their container, ten hot dogs to a package, cheap, off-brand meat-like products in thin tubes, and I left them, I guess it's been since before Xmas. Didn't know those things would ever go bad, the hotdogs. If they had been the organic, healthy kind, I'd understand, but these? Just animal parts swept up and ground extra-fine, then loaded with salt and preservatives. How those can go bad? I've no idea. However, I'm mature enough to recognize the discoloration, under the plastic wrapper, and I'm just smart enough to know that I really can't cover up spoiled food with cheap mustard. However, as a metaphor for Pisces? This is perfect: there are eight buns in a hotdog bun package. There are ten hotdogs in the store-bought package. Two left over, easy enough to see how this happens. The message is to throw out the stuff that's clearly no longer serviceable, eatable, or usable. Toss.

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astrofish.netAries: I attended a fairly high-brow function in Austin. Crowd of several hundred people, big pavilion, and the usual rubber chicken kind of meal. It's a cut above cafeteria-style food, but not by much. When we first arrived, I looked around at the crowd, the women all in evening wear and the men -- myself included -- in "business casual." I've lived in and worked in Austin for so long, in any large crowd, I tend to know some of the people. Not my crowd, by a long shot. I laid a small wager, off to one side, that I would know at least one person in the room -- someone I've done a reading for. Two guys sitting at our table, those two looked familiar, but I couldn't place them. Real familiar, but there was no obvious, "Hey, Kramer!" So that didn't count.
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