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"The miserable have no other medicine
But only hope."
Shakespeare's Hamlet [II.ii.207-8] Aquarius: At the very beginning of this scope, right when Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun all sort of roll around and influence each other? Full-Moon party, all of that, when it hits? Get out a (brand of indelible felt-tip marker), and grab something to make a mark on, like paper. Grab that marker and dream the dream, think big, then double it, one last time, for good measure, just to make sure that the wish/dream/Aquarius Vision is large enough. Go for the maximum that you can think of, make it big, and that wish? Marked with one of those markers that can't be erased. Here's what will happen, the Sun slides into Pisces, the full moon is over, and people are getting cranky. Not all people, just most of the folks that you have to deal with which is going to create the problems. From smooth sailing, and big wish, to me suggesting not everyone is on the same page, the same wavelength, the same ideal as you? That really isn't news, but how you choose to deal with it? That's why I was suggesting that dream you dreamed at the beginning? That's why I told you to use ink that's permanent. Keep your eyes set on that goal. Don't assume that you're just going to wake up and have it happen, magically. However, ink that can't be erased? Why we used that. Keep looking at that goal (dream) and keep taking steps towards it. It's not as far away as you think. Pisces: Happy birthday to my fine Pisces friends. Best of your new year, coming along! Problems? Yeah, there are 11 other signs. Of that, 10 out of the 11 of the other signs fail to understand that it's Pisces' Birthday Time, and as such, should be reverentially (and with much felicity) celebrated. It's about how you choose to interact with the rest of us. I'd suggest caution. Maybe that big stick? Sure, you've heard the expression, "Poke it with a big stick?" Or "Wouldn't want poke it with a big stick?" That big stick. Use a long pole, maybe a ten-foot pole would be best.
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"To business that we love we rise betime
And go to it with delight."
Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra [IV.iv.20]

Great (literary) lovers, Antony and Cleopatra. Rock on, perfect for St. Valentine's Day. "Wedding rings and shotguns on sale now" as the sign says. Aquarius: As the Sun lines up with Neptune, as we start thinking about closing out Aquarius, we have to consider that Mars is still a player. I've always liked Mars, as an astrologer, as the symbolism is clear and plain. It's an easy planet for me to interpret. "Oh yeah," by Yellow. Made famous in "Ferris Bueller," as a pop culture sideline. That music, that one song, it has a deceptively smooth bass line, and that's what I like. There's speed, anxiety, a velvet bass line that smooths everything over, but still, it maintains that strident beat. Pushing ever forward. There's a slightly confused, almost directionless, yet ever relentless type of energy pulsing, pushing and propelling Aquarius forward. Oh yeah.

Valentine (Aquarius) Special:
Join now and get a free copy of the ebook, Fishing for Love, the Fishing Guide to the Stars guide to love (happiness and a better bass boat). Pisces: Palpable anticipation, a full moon, and it's a wild ride! Lot of data in a short space. Just about covers it all, too. You are in a good position to reap some results for some of your good works. One of the old fishing tricks, this isn't new, but one of the oldest tricks in the book? Day-old bread. Stale, maybe with a little mold on it? Old bread. I would buy it at the bakery reject store, but that bread is still good. However, I did find a huge deal, perfect for this at the dollar store. Three loaves of bread for a buck. I think there might be mold on the bread. I don't care.
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"For never anything can be amiss,
When simpleness and duty tender it."
Shakespeare's A Midsummer-Night's Dream [V.i.89-90]

Venus moves into Capricorn, which means? Aquarius: Timing is what's weird about this. I started writing a weekly scope because the size fit me. Right, Happy Birthday! Anyway, ten years ago, I switched to a Thursday through Wednesday chart. Which is why I was looking at the timing. Last week, right as the charts shifted, Mars, Sun, Moon, lined up almost perfectly. It's the beginning of a new day. While I tend to observe such a planetary alignment as purely symbolic, there is a trend. Action is now required. Click here, or some other call to action is required. Now. Click, spend, spit, fill-in, fill-out, something. Anything. Maybe, how about, maybe, try all three? Or four? Whatever the "try now" offer is? With that kind of symbolic kick from Mr. Mars? Time to get going on one, two, three, maybe four or even five projects. Just jump. You're going to go every direction. Don't let that stop you. Try them all. We'll sort out the details later.

Pisces: Too much time in Austin: the hippie shake. There's a dance, and the way I usually see this kind of dance, it'll be in Austin (that's Austin, TX, live music capital of the world because, on any given night, there will good acts playing). The hippie shake is usually a guy, probably has long hair, might be in a ponytail, or often as not, a braid. Probably a distressed straw cowboy hat, and badly scuffed boots. White guy, usually, but it's not gender or ethnic specific.
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"These tiding nip me, I hang the head
As flowers with frost or grass beat down with storms."
Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus [IV.iv.72-3] Aquarius: Happy birthday! Do so love me my little Aquarius buddies, and all of ya'll, to a letter, all of ya'll have some Mars action. This is like a super punctuation mark. Like using three exclamation marks instead of just one. Like this!!! Not like this! See the difference? One is excessive and effusive while the other more grammatically correct. There's almost a cartoon-like quality, looks like a hand-lettered "graphic novel," which in its day, we just called comic books. Although, the story line was tightly plotted, and the action was dramatic enough to qualify as a good piece of literature, still, the pulp-like antecedents regulated that type of media to a relatively low-brow status. This isn't about literature, low-brow or high-brow. This is about excessive punctuation due to Mr. Mars, and what it means. My first really good writing coach suggested that sentence should carry enough punch do what punctuation like an exclamation mark was supposed to do.

Pisces: I was doing a reading for a client, and I could see, like, her whole life unfold. I had answers and directions, goals, targets, pitfalls, pratfalls, and advice. It was about a hour-long reading, so she got the whole thing on CD, too. I don't recall any of what I said, I just recall feeling like this was one of the best readings I'd ever done. I managed to hit the vein, like, I was getting a pipeline of information, delivered.
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Either are past remedies, or, timely knowing,
The remedy is then born."
Shakespeare's Cymberline []

Sun joins Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter moves into Aries, and Saturn turns retrograde. What does it all mean? Aquarius: Happy birthday! The planets portend a brilliant new year, on its way. More or less. More less than more. It's about picking a single direction and sticking to that single direction. One, simple goal. The direction is simple. The problem is how to get "there" from "here." I once invested in software that built project management outlines. Bullet points, steps, process analysis, and most important? A visual outline of what steps are required. I used that software once. Didn't really use it, just played with it some. I outlined a project, looked at how the interface didn't really work for me, all those steps to take steps, and I decided my method of scraps of paper and spurious text documents on computers was more effective. For me. All a matter of what works. What doesn't work. The Aquarius birthday challenge, is to realize that there's a simple, stated goal, and getting there looks easy, at this moment. Leave room for someone (something) to add some extra steps. It's all part of the Aquarius process. My little stack of notes? Scribbled instructions? Seems to be growing. I know you understand that.

Pisces: Late this Thursday afternoon starts the beginning of the "Pisces Extended Dance Mix." I have a theory, an astrology theory, based on years of observation and little bit of chart twiddling, that Pisces, as whole, enters an extended period of bliss and happiness, starting, like, maybe a month before the Pisces month really starts. This is usually reserved for Aquarius birthdays, but as I've discovered, gregarious and magnanimous to a fault, the Aquarius types are willing to share the good times. There's really a lot more technical data involved, but let's keep this simple.
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