Horoscopes starting 7.29.1010

"It is the stars,
The stars above us, govern our conditions."
Shakespeare's King Lear [IV.iii.32-3]

Jupiter RX at 3° Aries opposite Mars Conjunct Saturn at 3° Libra, Square Pluto at 3° Capricorn.

astrofish.net Leo: Best muse, ever?

Guilt. No, I mean it. What works better than trying to figure out a story to keep from getting in trouble for something that has already happened and the culpable party? Might be ourselves. See what I mean?

Guilt works better than a whole host of positive attributes. Calliope, Erato, Euterpe, Terpsichore, all of those. Even, sometimes, sex. Although, that could be the source of guilt. What were you thinking? Wouldn't get caught? You're now warned, either forewarned, or this caught up with you a little too late, but either way, the options for Leo are simple. Either don't do it -- whatever it is that can get you in trouble. Or, simpler? This week? Don't get caught.

Guilt. If you do get caught, or even if it looks like you might get caught? You'll find out just what a great muse Guilt can be.

astrofish.net/xenon/astrofishcouk/ Virgo: "I don't know, Kramer, you just always, like, you look like a tourist, not a tourist, but you always have on a Hawaiian shirt." A worker at a counter where I do frequent business. "You're always, upbeat, you know, like you don't care."

I'm not a Virgo. She was, but that's not the point. I do worry but I have tendency to appear more upbeat even though there seems to be dark rumblings in the near future. Even now.
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Horoscopes for the week starting 7.22.2010

"Thou disputes like an infant.
Go whip thy gig."
Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost [V.i.60]

Holofernes to Moth. Sun Moves into Leo, Saturn opposes Uranus.

astrofish.net Leo: Happy birthday. The mighty July Leo's, you guys all have birthdays rapidly approaching. Good news. Celebrate, have fun. Got a full moon coming up, party time.

Now, the point that needs to be hammered home?





The phrase reminded me of a slight;y dated yet applicable Talking Heads album, one that was, in its time, a proper album, and not just a CD. Or worse yet, jut digital music. Stop Making Sense was both a CD and a tour movie, or live movie, and while the material wasn't exactly ground-breaking, it was pop with a heart.

Either the last of the New Wave, or the first of the post-punk genre, the sound was bright and the music was clever. What does a does the title of a pop recording that is 25 years-old have to do with a the Leo making something difficult on his or her self? Made you stop. Made you think. Made you look. Made you pause. Then, the problem that was a problem at that moment? Gone. No longer a problem, except in your Leo mind. Which was the point. Stop making sense. Or? Stop making this difficult.

HumbleOils.com Virgo: What's your price? Don't be coy, everyone has a price. For me? I'm kind of hard to get an accurate value, not easy to determine what the rate is, or should, be.

One place, the restaurant manager, I suppose this is a giveaway, a telltale clue, but I was bought off with a half rack of pork ribs and couple of slices of brisket.
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Horoscopes for the week starting 7.15.2010

"The world's mine oyster."
Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor [II.ii.4]

Saturn shifts into Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries. There is at least one school of thought that will suggest the end is near.

SkyFriday.com Cancer: Happy birthday baby. Last of the extra good Cancer birthdays are now. This week. Through the end of this scope, anyway.

I learned a valuable lesson from one of my clients. Guy lost his job. Walked in one day and he was downsized. Right-sized, or, secretly, I think he was "RiFFed." Reduction in Force. Less work, less hands-on-deck. Or more appropriately, squeezed out.

Now, this one buddy, not named bubba, he was working, albeit, not making as much money, within three days. One, there is work available. It's not classy, it's not in an air-conditioned office, and his Spanish is improving daily. On the positive side, it's outdoor work, and it's healthy. He's getting a good tan. With some people being unemployed for up to a year or more? His three days seems pretty much like a record. Because he was turned out of the office job and into the out-of-doors?

We'll get to fish in the next week because his current employer, if my buddy doesn't show up for work one day? He just doesn't get paid. That's all. Opportunity comes in many guises. Take a lesson from my buddy. He got a three-day break, and his is much happier for the time being. He'll go back to an office job. One day. Maybe.

astrofish.net Leo: The -- purportedly -- stoic author, Marcus Aurelius, suggested that, "We shrink from change but can anything be done without it?" (Book Seven, chapter 18)

Change is part of what we do, daily. When you wake up, my Leo friend, you roll out of bed, that's a change in location. Adding some coffee to the morning diet, that introduces a change in body chemistry, as does various foods. These can be happy changes, too. I love that first cup of coffee in the morning, the hot water, the coffee -- the smell of coffee. The warm, brown elixir as it starts to course through my veins. Love it all. The brain snapping to attention, sudden-like. Works wonder. Good stuff.

Change is brewing. Change is underfoot. How much of this change are you going to fight with? How much are you going to say, "I don't want to change this," or change that or whatever the deal is? You've been in constant state of flux, all your Leo life. It just felt like you were standing still. You're not.
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For the Week Starting 7.8.2010

"You shall perceive how you
Mistake my fortunes; I am wealthy in my friends."
Shakespeare's Timon of Athens [II.ii.178-9]

Timon of Athens, several distinctions. Least performed play of the canon. Probably not scripted entirely by Shakespeare. And yet?

SkyFriday.com Cancer: Useless trivia? Yeah, I'm good for that. Who was it, the cartoon character who sang about being strong to the finish (because he eats his spinach)? That was originally a comic strip. Appeared first in 1931. Spinach consumption, as tracked by growers at the time? Up one-third after the strip appeared.

While I'm unsure of the academic sources, and whether or not this is factual, taught in "media" classes, it's notable since it's clear evidence that purported entertainment was used to sell -- promote -- a product. Spinach. Now, spinach is good for us, so we're assured, and it's really tasty with a bacon dressing. I just didn't know that a comic strip, later a cartoon, had a profound influence on the market. Or the marketability of produce.

Clear example of entertainment swaying a retail decision. That's my warning, too. If my advertising here is pretty clear: I want to sell you an astrology consultation. It's how I earn income. The point, though, for the weekly scope? What is motivating you? Conscious? Or is some cartoon character operating on some unseen level in the Cancer's psyche?

astrofish.net Leo: I was looking at everything happening around you and I was just wondering. What's a good Leo, like yourself, to do?

All this material and none if it impacts you directly. To be sure, Mercury is slipping through your sign, but that just means your a little more curious than usual.

I'd like to think, over the years, you've learned a little bit of caution, too. This is where that caution pays off by the bucketful.

    Don't jump.
    Don't get startled.
    Don't get rattled.

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Horoscopes for July 1, 2010

"He that made us with such large discourse,
Looking before and after, gave us not
That capability ad god-like reason
To fust in is unus'd."
Shakespeare's Hamlet [IV.iv.41-4]

As we celebrate the birthday of our country...

SkyFriday.com Cancer: Happy Birthday, Cancer! It's going to be a weird year. Weirder than last year? And is that weird "good" or weird "disaster"? I'm "Mr. Every-Cloud-Has-A-Silver-Lining." So this weirdness, good or bad? How are you going to play what's been dealt to you? Carefully, and with a little coaching, guidance, and maybe, a little uncharacteristic action? Might be good. Potentially very good.

Full Moon is way over, and we don't have that new moon for another few days. We're stuck in the middle. Reservoir Dogs allusion here. At least one Cancer will recoil in horror at that mention. I liked the movie but I wouldn't necessarily watch it again and again. That's not what this about, though, it's about taking appropriate action to change one item, one particular aspect, just a single change. I'm not suggesting wholesale change and a scorched earth, no, just one, tiny, almost insignificant item that can be changed.

One. Little. Change.

Probably something you should've done a while back, too. Take the big step, it's your birthday, I'd suggest, with all the parties and stuff? Go ahead. Take the big plunge. Or the little step. Whatever that one item is? Change it. Willingly. Even if it scares you.

astrofish.net Leo: I was in a restaurant, kind of an upscale place. I noticed another patron, next table over. She had a vibrant "sun" tattoo, above her ankle, outside of her leg.

She caught me looking at the tattoo and arched her eyebrows -- I assumed it was a quizzical look -- and I just asked, "Leo?" She glanced downward, looked back at me, batted her eyes, then nodded.
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