Horoscopes for the week 6.24.2010

"To that dauntless temper of his mind,
He hath a wisdom that doth guide his valour
To act in safety."
Shakespeare's MacBeth [III.i.58-60]

SkyFriday.com Cancer: In January, allegedly, January 5, 1914, Pancho Villa made a deal with Mutual Film Corporation to film battles. In exchange for $25K in gold, Villa agreed to capture Ojinaga, and his promise was to do so with mostly daylight battles.

First reality star.

Having been on a reality show, and the news? It's not that big of a deal. Money's more important. That money did buy arms and helped overthrow a corrupt dictatorship. Didn't buy enough good will, though, however, that's a different question.

Do you want to be a media star? Do you want to be filmed? Do you want to be paid for a "reality" show that might be, or might not be, staged? Or would you rather just cash out? Personally, but I'm not a Cancer, personally?

I think the cash is better than the fame. Historically? Makes you less of a target.

astrofish.net Leo: Alice Cooper (Aquarius) helped shape modern music with his version of terror. He's credited with mixing metal and horror on stage. I was thinking about a single lyric from a 1972 Alice Cooper hit, "School's Out." Lyrics, come on, every one knows this one, "School's out for summer...." That tune cycled up on an iPod.

Halfway through, there's my favorite line, "We can't even think of word that rhymes." The meter is correct, just not rhyming. You get a chance to fill in the blanks.
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Horoscopes for 6.17.2010

"Action is eloquence."
Shakespeare's Coriolanus [III.ii.96]

astrofish.net Gemini: iTunes, and by extension, many of the other avenues for electronic distribution of music? Something that's searchable? One of the best offshoots of this whole world wide down-home page thing. The inter-web. Them computers and stuff.

I was looking for a very specific title, by a certain artist, and I couldn't think of what to start with. I wound up typing in "Plastic Jesus," and of course the song is from a movie, sort of a one-off hit for an artist.

But the song? It's been covered by a number of other people. Some might be comical. Some might be serious. None of them would I have found if it wasn't for a little bit of poking on a software giant like iTunes. Perfect.

Which is why I suggest you search. Maybe you're not looking for a song with "Plastic Jesus" in its lyrics. Maybe it's something else. A little research? Now? At the close of Gemini? As summer hits full roast?

SkyFriday.com Cancer: Everyone has a peculiar weakness. Superman has Kryptonite. Batman has Batgirl. Me? Rudy's handmade pork/jalapeño tamales. Rudy's offers several varieties, but the handmade "hot" pork is the best. I've tried the "vegetarian" (bean/cheese), chicken, beef, and so forth. Best is still the pork/jalapeño.

The place, in a seedy neighborhood on the south side of town, next to an abandoned warehouse? Rudy's Mexican Food Products? Yeah, that's the weakness. The peppers are hot, and the lard drips off the tamale, after it's been warmed. Full of flavor. Lean, shredded pork, rough corn flour, and then, the lard. And peppers. I'm sure that there's some portion of this equation that's just not good for me.
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Horoscopes for 6.10.2010

"Happy are they that hear their detractors, and can put them to mending."
Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing [II.iii.90]

Horoscopes for 6.10.2010

astrofish.net Gemini: Which influence is it? I can't say. Exactly. I can guess a little, but I'm admitting that it is, at best a guess. What I was working through was an influence in a piece of art I was working on, a banner ad for a website.

Wasn't big, and the image itself, it's changed a little over the years, but it's all pretty minimalistic. A few shapes, a splash of color, that's about it. The original impetus, as far as I could recall? It was a building that obviously was a certain brand of coffee shop, a national chain, at one time.

Over the years, the deco, or nouveau, or modernist material has changed, as has the ownership. It was a pawn shop for years. The building's most recent incarnation? Spanish-language church, some kind of Apostle of Juan the Baptista. Or something. There's also a six-sided star associated with the evangelical nature of this church. One of its symbols.

So I can't say which influence it is, the coffee shop, the pawn shop, the evangelical Mexican church? Or, as far as I'm concerned, it's really the underpinning, the architecture that influenced me. Buried under layers of paint and various ownerships, there's still the original design and its influence. Which iteration affected me? Which one is in Gemini? Nouveau, Deco, Modern, post-modern?

Does it matter what the impetus is? Not really. Use the influence as Gemini inspiration -- and happy birthday to that one, special Gemini!

SkyFriday.com Cancer: I was reading a magazine article about a certain poet. He was, that magazine claimed, "A poet of the street." Supposedly, the poet would listen to the vernacular and transcribe all the stories, the prose, the idiom of the local city streets, catch the dialect and so forth. Could also be random thoughts. Then, over time, these bits and pieces were assembled into larger, epic in scope, poems.

Some would suggest that's what my horoscopes are, but this isn't about me, it's about poetry of the street, the rhythm and spark that's underfoot in Cancer. It's a matter of listening, watching, and catching the fragments of conversation, the hints, the overheard, and -- my favorite -- what the signs say. I'm not talking about zodiac signs, I'm suggesting the hand-lettered images, sometimes a small business, or place that sells fresh lemonade on a hot summer's eve.
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Horoscopes for the week of 6.3.2010

"Deep malice makes too deep incision."
Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Richard the Second [I.i.158]

This week: Mars enters Virgo, Jupiter enters Aries (and Jupiter conjuncts Uranus -- again).

astrofish.net Gemini: Fancy dinner in a fancy place. Advertised as being "Latin Fusion cuisine." Which I'm unsure of, because, if I understand words and definitions, that's exactly what TexMex is, "Latin Fusion Cuisine," not some kind of high-dollar, fancy-pants place with cool art on the wall, and the superior waiters who sneer at people dressed in shorts and sandals. And a nice Hawaiian shirt.

I look like a tourist. Know how that feels? Look who I'm talking to, Gemini! Of course you know how I feel. So the meal was okay, not quite enough zip, that mystery ingredient (cayenne) to most of the dishes, but the salad dressing, it was a "Mango Ranch Dressing." That was good.

Sort of a mango-horseradish-jalapeño-honey/mustard (buttermilk ranch) dressing. Appropriate peppery zing. Excellent and smooth. Really made the salad, and for that matter, made most of the meal one-hundred percent acceptable. Something with some zing, a little bite, a rush of blood to the brain (and other parts), the flush that comes with a proper pepper commitment.

I've never seen Mango Ranch Dressing in the store. Never even heard of it. That makes it a first. And to call that zippy little dressing "Ranch"? Means the place was a truly fusion cuisine. As advertised. Sometimes, this is for Gemini, sometimes? Things are what they appear to be. Doesn't happen often, might take some trial and error, but yeah, sometimes? Just like advertised.

SkyFriday.com Cancer: She was a gentle and sweet lass. Or so she appeared. She was serving us dinner at a nice place, the other evening. As she reached across to serve my date, I noticed Greek lettering on her wrist. Greek poetry, my first guess.

Not sorority or fraternity kind of Greek. I tried to catch the lettering and then her eye. Finally, a little exasperated, I just asked. (She wasn't a Cancer, but let's for the sake of argument, pretend she was.)
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Horoscopes for 5.27.2010

"And earthly power doth then show likest God's
When mercy seasons justice."
Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice [IV.i.192-3]

Historically, the Merchant of Venice was only performed twice in the 17th century, and both times? For King James I, at the Whitehall Palace, in 1605.

Uranus bumps into Aries, just a taste, just a flavor, not really making that much of a splash.

astrofish.net Gemini: Happy Birthday to that one special Gemini! Before we get any more freaky about this, let me point out a single point: Aquarius is an Air Sign. Like Gemini. All right, things are going to get mighty weird. Soon. Now. Even in the last few minutes, it's gotten a little more strange.

As a good Gemini, though, strange isn't really so bad. This sets up a period of time, the last astrological theory I worked with suggested this is the tone for the next year or so, and that's what we're looking at. It's more like a flavor instead of a series of events. More like a smoky allure of BBQ with a hidden hint of the flavor of Mesquite. Less a spicy hot, more like the smoked sultry sweetness of the Chipotle Sauces.

So there's a weirdness quotient that gets turned up a notch , but it's not, like, this is really weird. Just sort of weird. Getting weirder, but is that so bad for a Gemini? The symbolism is one that suggests there's a chance for change, in a very positive direction, around the corner. Now, even. Take advantage of the strange events, but remember, this is more like flavor than anything else.

SkyFriday.com Cancer: In the desert mountains, to the north and west of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, there's a little Benedictine Monastery. It was originally built in the sixties and seventies by three monks from NYC.

Christ-in-the-Desert Monastery.

Check it out, the monks do have a web site. Of course they do. This is a modern age. The ironic part about the place? It's open for visitors and overnight guests. No, that's no ironic. However, there is no electricity or phones. That is ironic -- they do have a web page.
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