"And earthly power doth then show likest God's
When mercy seasons justice."
Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice [IV.i.192-3]

Historically, the Merchant of Venice was only performed twice in the 17th century, and both times? For King James I, at the Whitehall Palace, in 1605.

Uranus bumps into Aries, just a taste, just a flavor, not really making that much of a splash.

astrofish.net Gemini: Happy Birthday to that one special Gemini! Before we get any more freaky about this, let me point out a single point: Aquarius is an Air Sign. Like Gemini. All right, things are going to get mighty weird. Soon. Now. Even in the last few minutes, it's gotten a little more strange.

As a good Gemini, though, strange isn't really so bad. This sets up a period of time, the last astrological theory I worked with suggested this is the tone for the next year or so, and that's what we're looking at. It's more like a flavor instead of a series of events. More like a smoky allure of BBQ with a hidden hint of the flavor of Mesquite. Less a spicy hot, more like the smoked sultry sweetness of the Chipotle Sauces.

So there's a weirdness quotient that gets turned up a notch , but it's not, like, this is really weird. Just sort of weird. Getting weirder, but is that so bad for a Gemini? The symbolism is one that suggests there's a chance for change, in a very positive direction, around the corner. Now, even. Take advantage of the strange events, but remember, this is more like flavor than anything else.

SkyFriday.com Cancer: In the desert mountains, to the north and west of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, there's a little Benedictine Monastery. It was originally built in the sixties and seventies by three monks from NYC.

Christ-in-the-Desert Monastery.

Check it out, the monks do have a web site. Of course they do. This is a modern age. The ironic part about the place? It's open for visitors and overnight guests. No, that's no ironic. However, there is no electricity or phones. That is ironic -- they do have a web page.
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"Present fears
Are less than horrible imaginings."
Shakespeare's Scottish Play [I.iii.149-50]
The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Gemini -- it's Twin Time!

    Sidebar: note of no real importance: all the moons of Uranus are named for Shakespeare's characters.

astrofish.net Gemini: I was clicking around on the web. Avoiding work, probably. I hit an ad for a site that promised to tell me the five most common mistakes that websites make.

I clicked through, and it turned into one of those ads for a subscriber-based service, for a single low fee, and the rest of it is merely advertising.

The five most common mistakes? As long as I've been making websites, weblogs, horoscopes, digital images and graphics? I think I've found those five mistakes and I figure I've invented a few more mistakes that some people have never seen before. Nor, after I made the mistake once, do I think I'll ever make the same mistake again. The joy lies in the doing, not the getting.

What are the most five common mistakes that a web page makes? I think it has to do with graphics that load too slow, crap that loads instantly (like video or sound files, communication (e-mail, address, phone, Twitter, FaceBook), ability to scale the site (across various operating environments), and too many clicks to get to content.

I might have it wrong, but that was a short guide and the information was supposed to be free. I think one of the mistakes was moving graphics, but anymore, that's kind of moot point. Really doesn't matter as bandwidth is cheap.

As I've suggested, I've made a lot more mistakes. Guidelines are nice, but it's your birthday. What mistakes have you made, now that we're rolling into a new Gemini year, what issues don't you want to repeat. Here's how you do that: don't. Since that was too short? Don't repeat the same mistakes. There's a list, about five, you were thinking about it last week? Don't repeat those mistakes.

    Books in print: astrofish.net/book
    The instructional video/workshop: www.BarefootAstrology.com

SkyFriday.com Cancer: Guilty pleasure. I can explain, I was looking at online video of Mexican wrestlers. Luchadores. Mighty, majestic, accomplished, sleek, flying through the air, acrobatics that seem to defy the very laws of physics, and so much more. The masks, the glamor, the pageantry, the elegance of the choreography. To some it might not appear all that elegant, but to me?

It's a guilty pleasure. I can call it "research" since it's a highly effective manner of learning a third language, or fourth, depends on how you count. Might have am undesirable side-effect though, my pronunciation might make me sound like an announcer with that kind of tone and timing. I'm unsure of how I'd do, for real.
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"Knowing I lov'd my books, he furnish'd me,
From mine own library with volumes that
I prize above my dukedom."
Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest [I.ii.195-7]

Taurus Taurus: Stop. Pause. No, full stop. Complete and dead stop in your tracks, just for a minute. Please. Just stop.

Where were you, what was happening, what was your situation, ten years ago. To the date. Ten years back. One decade ago? Planet Earth we use a year as a marker for time, one lap around the sun. Mercury moves a lot faster, closer to three, four times as fast. Venus? About two-thirds, Mars? Maybe two years to our one year. Jupiter? 12 years. Saturn? 28, and so on.

So using the completely arbitrary number of ten? Ten years back. One whole decade ago, where were you? What was the situation? What was happening, who was what and where, and what was important to you?

We have to stop, in Taurus, long enough to look back at a turning point, a time when everything changed, ten years ago. That's how we plot a course forward. Before we can move into what's happening this week, get a grip on what happened a decade ago.

    Books in print: astrofish.net/book
    The instructional video/workshop: www.BarefootAstrology.com

SkyFriday.com Gemini: "Quetzalcoatl" is derived from two words in the indigenous language of Meso-America. It means "Plumed Serpent," and it refers to a god of the Aztecs. Azatlan. "Quetzal" is the name for a bird with a long, plumed tail while "Coatl" means snake.

Half serpent, half bird, all deity. Pretty good, two things combined as one. That's the Gemini goal, now, two as one. Not the reverse. What does some pagan god have to do with Gemini stars? Maybe nothing. Maybe a lot.
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"Rogue, thou hast lived too long!"
Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra [II.v.74]

That's Cleopatra addressing the messenger with his bad news. Original source of "Don't kill the messenger." Might've been a Mercury Moment, as the littlest planet starts to unwind from its retrograde pattern.

Just missed "drinko de gringo." Not an original term, but it certainly applies around here

HumbleOils.com Taurus: At the very end of this horoscope, the day it is over? From that point, forward, all good, all the time, in Taurus. From May 13, 2010, onward and upward. The hardest part of the scope of this scope is getting Taurus to that date. While it's warmed up considerably here, there's still an urge to sleep late. Still cool in the morning with the window letting gentle spring dampness saturate the air with, well, it's a wet cold. Good weather to be snuggled up, under that winter blanket, leftover at the foot of the bed, just for the time being.

Good weather to have a fat cat as a house mate, warm and cuddly, not real interested in getting up at the dawn's earliest light. Much to be said for this. Regrettably, I doubt you can spend the next week hibernating in bed. If you can? I'd suggest it. If you can't? Then use more than the usual amount of caution. Realize that we've got a seven-day window to get through. Then it's good. What can you do between now and then to make sure it's good when it gets here?

astrofish.net Gemini: The University of Texas is credited with having an excellent Business School. I was in a coffee shop, and I noticed a recent UT Business T-shirt.

"Business School: No Buses, Bridges or Beakers." Never thought of that as a selling point, but it did make good advertising. As did his companion's T: "Three letters MBA, BMW." I liked the first one, better. I liked it a great deal. No Buses, Bridges or Beakers.
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"His complexion is perfect gallows."
Gonzalo in Shakespeare's The Tempest [I.i.27]

The comment is even funnier in context of the whole play. Sinking ship. Mercury is retrograde, oh why do I bother?

Taurus Taurus: I was listening to an iPod, factory earphones, volume low as I was traversing busy downtown streets and I wanted to be careful, not oblivious. The bass response on those isn't that great, and like I said, the volume was down, buds loose in my ears. I heard familiar rim rhythm, the drum's opening lines in ZZ Top's "La Grange."

Yes, it's classic rock, and yes, it's been done to death, and yes, it's still good. As a native Texan, I don't have a choice but to respect the Top. The opening licks are more than familiar with anyone born in the last half of the last century. I suspect those refrains will be valued into the future as well. It's a lick we all recognize. That's a "name that song in three bars" type of lick. Riff. Musical phrase, call it what you want.

This isn't about the song itself, though, it's about that opening thirty, maybe forty seconds of music. Guitar, funky little tap-tappity-tap, rimshot kind of rhythm, and the anticipation. The rock and roll is on its way, about to rock out. Blues, garage band from Houston that did well with three chords.

Me? I love the music. But that's not what this is about, it's about the anticipation -- like the first 30, 40 seconds of that song? That's going to stretch out all week, the drums beating an expectant beat, expectant Taurus beat.

astrofish.net Gemini: "I am so out of here like a dirt shirt!" Little girl, maybe, middle-school aged, I don't know, she was proudly proclaiming that. Her parental unit corrected her, "It's 'Off like a dirty shirt,' honey." The younger woman protested vehemently, citing examples of dirt shirts, and why that was a preferable expression.

I'm good either way.
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