Books about astrology —

by Ptolemy, edited and translated into English by F. E. Robbins.
Cambridge, MA: Loeb Classical Library, 1940-90. ISBN 0-674-99479-5

The original basis of all this Astrology stuff. Read what the first guys had to say about it. Not always politically correct, but what do expect from the year 100?

Letters, Essays, & Premonitions
By Antero Alli. Seattle, WA: Vigilantero Press, 1993. ISBN 0-9616829-2-2.
This book is less of an astrology primer and more of a series of ramblings. Contained within it, however, are some very important nuggets of information. And some serious pointers for serious students of serious astrology. It's like panning for gold, you can look back through the book and find things you missed before, and it is worthy of patient study.

Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook
By Debbi Kempton-Smith. NY: Bantam, 1985. ISBN 0-553-24687-9

This is an excellent, one stop shopping guide to Astrology. In keeping with the FGS style, the book presents the various lessons about astrology and incorporates a chance for the reader to interpret his/her own chart. As a reference, it can be a great starting point, and for many, it can be the only book you'll ever need about astrology.

By Antero Alli. Seattle, WA: Vigilantero Press, 1990. ISBN 0-9616829-1-4.
This is what one reviewer called "punk astrology." In any form, it is a fresh approach to astrology, and it invites the reader to become actively engaged in the process. Astrologick can also be a one stop shopping guide to astrology.

Planets in Transit
by Robert Hand. Sciffer Publishing, Ltd. West Chester, PA. ISBN: 0-914918-24-9

Although the material is dated in its origin, this is still one of the very best pieces of reference material to ever come along for predicitive astrology. No astrology bookshelf is complete without a well-thumbed copy of this text.

So, what's Your Sign?
The cruel/benevolent hands of Fate
Astrologers as a species
Same as it ever was