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Xmas tune

It was a cowboy crooner, singing in that sad, down on his luck way with a very sonorous voice. Sad. "I'll be stoned for Christmas." Or funny. Folk Art: Maybe a different head, "Artist Unknown?" I'v linked here before, but it's a favorite image, Virgen de Guadalupe. What heightens my appreciation for that one piece? The building it was on, I got that picture several years ago, but the building has been "redone," perhaps not in a flattering light, and the empty shell is now three "loft-style" apartments. Condominiums. Expensive, very expensive real estate. Why that art means so much…

5. Ignore the Pundits

5. Ignore the Pundits Seriously, 5. Ignore the Pundits. The List. The trick, with the web especially – everyone is both critic and expert, which can be a problem. Target audience, demographic, and I wanted topographic, too. Since this is uncharted territory – “Thar be dragons” – picking a direction is pointless . The web is a fluid and dynamic medium. As such? Respect the ability to change. The first blog I did was, with its final tag line that evolved as “experiential and experimental” with fictional excerpts, book fragments and almost daily linkage. The Internet has spawned a…

The Iceman

The Iceman Over the last dozen years, maybe more, I’ve followed, with a degree of raw curiosity, the tale of The Iceman. He was found, literally, frozen in the mountains, with many details left intact. Always curious about our past. New imaging techniques reveal he has tattoos. Lots of tats. So none of this is new. My ‘go to’ for tat work? Ask for Bubba. #Iceman

Random “About” Pages

Random “About” Pages Stumbled through two, kind of random, “about” pages. Found them enjoyable, and I like the tone. I’m guessing I should rewrite my own. Here, at, there is no rhyme or reason, just what offends or amuses. Likewise? and Whatever Scalzi. Recommended reads. Wait, Mark Twain wrote something along these lines, right? Kindle Edition

Cranes part two

Supposedly, Sand Hill Cranes, Whooping Cranes, from the fertile Texas Coast - the Third Coast.

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