Breakfast boot note

I’m not sure what’s weirder.

“You know what Dear Abby says, right?”

“Yeah, that’s why she’s single and old and bitter, and writing advice columns.”

Wouldn’t know, myself.

So it was brief snippet from breakfast time, not much of a note, other than the Taurus waiter has been at Magnolia, off and on, for more than ten years.

“Oh, you were waiting on him?” He asked, as I slid into the final seat, “too bad.”

He grinned.

Weird day with not one, but two people recognizing me from swimming in the springs.

First was an Aquarius, and neither her nor I was sure about where we’d seen each other before. The other was the Leo hostess at the place where we all ate dinner.

Too early flight to Seattle. Too tired. Maybe I’ll pass out on the plane. I’ve got opera – Das Rhinegold Monday night.