The Z-List blogs. I was reading a quick excerpt from a tech-blog about SXSW. The gist of the article was that Twitter was the “killer app.” I’m less than enthused. I figure a daily web journal (blog) is about the best I can do. As I got to thinking about it though. And I’ve toyed with ideas in the past, I needed a handle to describe what this is.

I’m not an A-list blogger. I’m not even a B-list blogger. I would happily report, though, that I’m near the top of the Z-list.

We have a reach that encompasses tens of readers. Or three or four, anyway. The Z-list, what’s it about? Fairly regular, not a lot of traffic, but then, some traffic is better than nothing. Hi Mom.

She read this religiously for a while, then I think pictures of fish bored her.

The Z-list has its advantages. No moral obligation to spell check or correct punctuation. No need to fact check.


Fact or fiction? Not that it matters much, now does it?

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  • ssmith04 Mar 21, 2008 @ 13:30

    Aww, gee whiz, I’ve been reading Xenon regularly for years now. And with my new (and spiffy) password, I can actually make inane comments again.

    Please don’t give up the fish pictures. That last one a few days ago was stunning. Plus, who gives a rat’s patoot which list you’re on? Personally, I think you are your own, singular, unique list of one. You and Will S.

    Not going to get religion though. Not now, not ever. Which makes me wonder what clown volunteered me for this Sunday’s get-together. Someone who shares my warped sense of humor, I’ll bet.

  • Kramer Mar 25, 2008 @ 19:10

    My mother. She read this religiously.

    Or, as my sister said, “OMG, OMG, Mom’s found your blog! Oh NO!”


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