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Ruby Tuesday


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  • Wonderful pic for Ruby Tuesday!

  • That is so pretty, I love the lil window thing.

  • “If the sun, the leader of the stars, is sick, then definitely there’s going to be some bigger problems happening in the world,” he [Raj Kumar Sharma, an astrologer in Mumbai,] said.

    Oh, please.

  • Summer gardens are especially exquisite with red flowers!

  • How lovely! Thank you for sharing such a delightful photograph.

  • Nice shot, beautiful flower..a lovely scene indeed

  • Nice shot, beautiful flowers..a lovely scene indeed

  • A truly beautiful window for Ruby Tuesday! Slate blue and RED geraniums! 🙂

  • Great RT post!

  • What a lovely lattice window and shutters. Great touch of red there!

  • Nice photo. It reminds me of some lattice work we saw in Santa Fe.

  • red geraniums
    framed by old wooden shutters—
    window to beauty

    My Ruby Tuesday

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