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Local News Item

Local news is always more entertaining.

A city cop was arrested for allegedly threatening his wife/girlfriend. I don’t think there was bodily damage — to either one. He was Park Police, and they’re just like regular city police, only cooler-looking uniforms. Paid less, as I understand it, but still cops.

The news showed him hauled off in cuffs, head hung low. If he wasn’t a cop, would that even be a news item? I didn’t check, but I doubt it was the only domestic disturbance call that night.

I ran into a pair of foot-patrol officers, and I joked — they know me — “Don’t beat your wife,” with a quick smile and their retort, “You saw that?”

Are public servants held to a higher standard then? Which got me thinking, as I live my life in the public eye, am I held to a higher standard, especially as the author of these pages?

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  • Yes, in a way. Since your position as astrologer requires insight and intelligence and wit, I expect you to be more insightful, smarter, and of greater wit than the average bear. So in that sense you’re held to a higher standard.

    I think law enforcement officers, since they uphold the law and protect us against those who break it, are held to a higher standard of lawful activity. But I would hardly expect them to be witter than the rest of us, since that’s not what they do. In other words, I hold people to a higher standard in their area of expertise/responsibility–but not in their whole lives.

    The flip side of this is that I don’t acknowledge special expertise or relevance of opinion from a person outside his/her special area–if Bubba wants me to accept his version of relativity, he’d darn well better be a physicist. And if J Lo supports a particular candidate, doesn’t cut much ice with me. What makes her an expert on politics, because she is a celebrity?

  • I always follow Willie. As Willie votes, so do I?

  • Or, as the song goes, “What would Willie do?”

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