Herbert’s Taco Hut

Herbert’s Taco Hut

San Marcos, TX straddles the concrete ribbon that snakes from Laredo to Minnesota, “35,” as much a mother-road as any, for me. Just off the freeway, a few blocks from downtown San Marcos, beside the city’s river park, there’s Herbert’s. Herbert’s Taco Hut. Half a block due west, on Riverside.

Local favorite C&W photos speckle the walls, the bath room is hot and sweaty, the food is pure, classic TexMex. Salsa has some heat. On a summer’s eve, it’s full of river rats, and drunks, other afternoons? All just local, including some students, or student-like crowds.

Herbert's Taco Hut

Herbert’s Taco Hut

Often in Austin


Herbert’s is almost a required stop, these days, a break from the road.

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