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High Noon

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Art Project

Art Project


Typeface What typeface is that? Simple question. Regretably, I’m sure the image is near-universal due to its origins. Still, I was wondering, what typeface is that, what font? Sometimes, simplest, easiest material can be so difficult to do. The word “Market,” and that’s a san serif typeface, right? Or is it? Hints? It’s not monospaced, […] Read More

Going the Distance

Going the Distance So walking helps ease a number of ailments? Who knew? Scientific evidence now proves what some of us have known for years… From whence it comes? #walking #SanAntonio […] Read More

Fine for Stewing

Fine for Stewing Strictly a Bexar County Line image, but the message, I thought it was so perfect. Dinner, the other evening, sweet peppers, mild hot peppers and some tiny cubed beef. After listening to people for a while, and ruminating myself, I thought the message was almost too funny. Fine for Stewing […] Read More


Anthropomorphic Anthropomorphic – machine with soul. We’ve all had them, one or more times, a machine with soul. I still bear scares from one such Italian beasty, a two-wheeled monster. In retrospect? I should’ve maned it “Mercutio,” for Hamlet’s buddy. Curious when this F-Type Jaguar popped up in a feed. I’d just seen my first […] Read More


Renewal Your domain is set to expire on February 26, 2015. In order to maintain ownership of your domain and to keep email and hosting active, it needs to be renewed before February 26, 2015. I no longer live downtown, best to let this go. It was fun while it lasted – Still, the […] Read More

Credit Cards & Fees

Credit Cards & Fees The Ubiquitous “plastic,” these days, the associated fees – Credit Cards & Fees, this should be filed uner the heading, “The cost of business.” I got a rebate in the form of a Visa card. $100 rebate for a new service, not related. I took that charge and split that card, […] Read More

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