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Birthday Fishing

What kind of a customer are you? I try to take a fishing trip around my birthday time, each year. Been going on a half-dozen years or more, and it’s a tradition I like. Been good some years, less successful other years. After Thanksgiving, I was fishing. Coastal and Western, and literally, at one point, […] Read More

Worst Case Scenario

Weather. Frakenstorm. Hurricane Sandy. “I told you so.” I lived through two or three “100 year floods” my last decade in Austin. With the advent of the millennial time change, one could argue that one flood came at the end of the last century, while the other one came at the beginning of the next. […] Read More

The Last Road Show

Just for the year, but it was sad. The promoter herself was ill, so she claimed. The gig was in the aforementioned Salado, TX. The hours were narrow, too, from 11 in the morning until just 4 in the afternoon. I’m used to longer hours, and the one Austin promoter is experimenting with even longer […] Read More

Went Fishing

Rolled out at “oh-dark-thirty,” grabbed a big coffee, and headed towards the lake. First fish on, nice fish, especially from previous experiences at that lake, and while I could’ve promulgated the fable about the first cast, it was really on the third cast. Off the water a little after noon, and then, burnt like an […] Read More

Gone fishing

Inbound mail: Questions answered- >Just why are you not wearing any shirt in >your video thingy by your bookcase? >There’s no sun! Sunny outside, too cheap to turn the thermostat any cooler, and, well, who doesn’t like the idea of topless astrology? Whither goest thou? Sex sells: So, if I understand this, we needed a […] Read More

More musical notes

It was a, I’m guessing, Tim McGraw B-Side but what made it even funnier, was Crystal Method’s song that followed. Sometimes I wonder about the computers and the “randomness” of the songs. Two Meat Tuesday (the book) (cure for the common horoscope) Failing to understand either reference, the explanation might be a little more prosaic. […] Read More


[…] Read More