Week of: October 16 - 22

Aries [3/23-4/20]: As the month long journey of the Golden Chariot of Apollo closes out its trip in the sign of Libra, you can breath a big, old sigh of relief. In plain English: the Sun is moving out of opposition to you -- that means life gets a whole lot easier. If you wanted to buy some new tackle, I'd start the shopping process now. Begin with the magazines, Bass Fishing Today, This Week at the Lakes, and the perennial favorite: American Angler. Your just doing the research, right now.

Taurus [4/21-5/22]: Most Taurus folk are known for their delightfully sensual nature. The problem we're facing right now is that delightfully and sensual nature is being thwarted by the Evil Lords from the planet beyond the Sun. Okay, so maybe it isn't that bad, but Venus is making a direct opposition to just about everything you do right now, and that forebodes no good. You just THOUGHT your frustrations were over last week. Looks like you've still got some trouble up ahead.

Gemini [5/23-6/21]: I keep talking to you about balance and you keep hopping from one topic to another. If only you could see this with my vision: the balance point, your equilibrium, that combination of childish glee and adult humor, if only you can get all l of those together at once, then the events of the week aren't nearly as bad. If only. If. Forget it, you're a Gemini, and balance is not one of your strengths. But you do have many, many other talents.

Cancer [6/22-7/22]: Poor old Cancer! Talk about a frustrating way to begin a week. Monday is the the Monday from Planet 9. Tuesday, things start to settle down, and by Wednesday, everything is back to normal. But be forewarned: there is an other who you want to be a significant other, and it's not working well this week. I told you to go fishing, instead.

Leo [7/23-8/23]: Ouch! Leo, you're just not doing too good these days? Sorry about that. I've warned you, now the best thing you can do is figure out where you want to go to party. There are some great opportunities coming up: your level of frustration is only matched by your drive. In other words, you can be a lot of fun to party with right now. Just be careful of STRENUOUS exertions. Belay that last thought, don't bother, throw caution to the wind!

Virgo [8/24-9/23]: Talk about your major sigh of relief! Isn't that what you've been feeling the last day or so, as if a great pressure is just about to be lifted from your chest? Here, let me give you a hand. Now, the even better news: while every one else is feeling a little put upon by the celestial trauma generated in the night sky, you are feeling better than ever. Your keen sense of balance and your judgment is back. You know what you know, and it's all back together again. Balance is improving, and, if you weren't a Virgo, I would say that you easily aroused right.

Libra [9/24-10/23]: Venus abandoned you last week, and the Sun itself is about to roll right on out of your way, so that's a bit of a change. You just had a birthday, in the last few weeks, and now, more than ever, you might want to consider a reading from a good Fishing Guide (shameless self promotion & advertising). The reason to wait just a little longer is because the birthday stuff isn't quite done with making your life particularly interesting. There are some complications, some stemming from as far back as the beginning of the year, but you will manage to overcome them. We hope so, anyway.

Scorpio [10/24-11/23]: I just hope I remember to stay out of EVERY Scorpio's long armed reach these days. Especially these days. In Some of the Aztec Astrology, Venus was considered a War-like planet. And Mars is often characterized as the Roman God of War. And Pluto is a Dark Lord of the Underworld. And it's all happening in Scorpio. Talk about stirring up a hornets nest! But it's all over at the end of the week, and then the pressure is off. Don't explode this week, and you will be just fine. Some of this pressure, you will never, ever have to face again, at least not in this lifetime.

Sagittarius [11/24-12/21]: Play a little Martial Music. Then play a little Martian Music. The ugly red one is the first in a series of visiting planets which ultimately will do you a lot of good. This is just the warm up show, and the little red one brings a certain kind of hot and dry energy with it. Because it's Mars, brush up on the dry humor -- you're going to need it for the coming week(s).

Capricorn [12/22-1/20]: Yes, we all know how miserable you've been for the last few years. The changes, fraught with disaster and upheaval, the instability, the sheer random and mean nature of the universe. Yatta, yatta, yatta. The rest of us have been listening to you whine for far too long. Guess what? You can stop now. I wouldn't tell you cease and desist if the stars weren't lining up and moving in a beneficial way. See? It is getting a little bit better, if only by degrees.

Aquarius [1/21-2/18]: Go outside and do a little dance. You should celebrate. For no known reason, other than you probably feel really good today. In fact, you should feel really good for the rest of the week. Doesn't matter than you have a few loose ends which you need to tie up. Doesn't matter that you are falling a little behind at work. Nope, none of it matters because IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER! This week, anyway.

Pisces [2/19-3/22]: Talk about a few more changes! Fortunately, as a mutable sign, when you go cycling through these mood swings that characterize this week, you don't take too much of it to heart. Or do you? As long as you keep a light attitude, you can go sailing right on through the next week. Remember, don't let the Earthlings hold you down.

� Kramer Wetzel