Week of: Nov. 27 to Dec. 2

Aries [3/23-4/20]: Well, Bubba, it's that time, one more time, those dog days of winter when everything seems so dark all the time. Just be glad you're not too far north, one of those places close to the Arctic Circle where the sun goes down at 3 in the afternoon, and refuses to pop up until 9 the next morning. Speaking of which, does that schedule sound familiar? It should,. Because those daylight hours, especially this week, are about the only time you should be working. The rest of the time ought to be given over to leisure time activities.

Taurus [4/21-5/22]: Let's get one more final sigh of relief as the pressure which has been building for the last year is finally off of you. I don't know exactly what you did to release the pressure, but you should be feeling a lot better by now. Your sense of balance and even your good taste has returned., just watch your spending right now. It won't do me any good, but investing in a fortune teller right now is not a safe bet.

Gemini [5/23-6/21]: I realize that you're were really hoping for some clarity in my comments right now. Sorry. Besides, no matter what the shaman, visionary, seer, reader, high priestess or oracle tells you right now, it will all sound as if it is some riddle that you can't figure out. It makes about as much sense the sound of one hand clapping. See? I told you none of what we would say would sound like it made any sense. You clarity is permanently fogged in this week. Quit worrying about bumping around in the dark, turn on the fog lights, and slow down.

Cancer [6/22-7/22]: Feels like a good week, at least, once you get off to a running start. Yessir, really does, feels like it could be a good week. If you haven't already, there's a little Pagan Holiday, just around the corner, and you need to begin making travel plans for what is called Christmas in America. Should be good. You're face to face with a turning point in a couple of areas of your life, and you are right on the edge. You know what the bumper sticker says, don't you? "If you're not the edge, YOU'RE TAKING UP TOO MUCH ROOM!"

Leo [7/23-8/23]: Odd as this may sound, right now is a good time for some personal advancement. Seize the moment, or more aptly, "you got a tiger by the tail." Perhaps I shouldn't confuse you felines, between Lions and Tigers, but the idea and the feeling holds true. I'll bet you even get the trolling motor back from your ex. Will minor miracles never cease!

Virgo [8/24-9/23]: It's a good thing that Virgo's can be adaptable, because you are going to have to use ever once of your adaptability this week. In fact, this is setting an annoying trend which is all part of a grander cycle destined to make you a better person. The problem being, right here, right now, it ain't so wonderful. Concentrate on cleaning out your tackle box, getting all your hooks in order, lures lines up, doing all those Virgo things so that the world will appear to be in order.

Libra [9/24-10/23]: Now may not feel like a good time to talk about this, but you've got some long term studies which need to be addressed. Sooner or later, there are certain academic ventures which you need to undertake. Consider doing that now. In fact, consider some quick evaluations, too. There are still a few areas of your life, looks like it has to do with people who are close to you. Perhaps you can address old problems in a new way.

Scorpio [10/24-11/23]: I'm so glad you Scorpio's are speaking to me again! Things are supposed to be looking up, it's just that most Scorpio's refused to acknowledge that there is a bright side to anything. Oh please just get over it! All of friends and family have been loyally trying to get you to see that there is some bright sides to all of this, and like a good Scorpio, you've stubbornly held on to outmoded beliefs. Well, you heard it here first.

Sagittarius [11/24-12/21]: Dearest Sagittarius friend. Dear me. Oh dear. There are still six planets at the beginning of the week to play a game of inter-planetary tag with you. The negative influence of Mars and Venus slides on out of your way pretty quick, though, and that's a relief. Remember, in Aztec Astrology, the influence of Venus is not nearly so beneficial as some of us would have it. Since you're on the trailing side of this planet right now, be extra careful about NOT getting into a fire fight -- the odds are not in your favor.

Capricorn [12/22-1/20]: The celestial power romance duo of Mars and Venus make a quick swipe at you, starting this week. What does it mean? Venus beings peace and harmony, but Mars brings a certain amount of hot and rash action. With both these guys here, you might feel like you are about to be ripped asunder -- pulled apart by the opposing forces of love. New romance or a new spin to an existing romance, is the spotlight for this week. And get ready for some new fishing gear, too.

Aquarius [1/21-2/18]: Well, it's the tail end of a good time for Aquarius, and the week starts off with you feeling perhaps a little ashamed of some of your behavior over the last weekend. Then again, given your hardened sensibilities, maybe not. Perhaps you should be sorry about something you did last weekend, but instead, you'll just laugh it off. The coming week sort of has this tone to it, too: perhaps you were supposed to be ashamed/sorry/remorseful but instead, you just grinned and laughed in their collective faces. You never can do things the right way, can you? An act of contrition would be a great idea, only, I wouldn't expect it from you.

Pisces [2/19-3/22]: Feel that? It has finally, happened! The drudgery is over for a while! No more of this whining about work and stuff, at least, not this week. I'll assume you took heed a while back and followed everyone of my directives to the vary last letter, right? Because the foundation you established then is going to reap you many benefits starting now.