I was surfing the web, waiting on Bubba Sean [Gemini] to show up so we could grab some lunch, and I stumbled across a journal Web Ring. This one thrilled me because I got a chance to peak at a few journals, find out what was going in other minds. I'm less sure of it, and I'm deathly afraid that if I try to do something like this that I'll get the usual pressure from regular readers who want a daily horoscope column. I guess the effort to do that escapes the usual mentality. Like a good beer, or so I'm told, a good column is hand crafted, over time.

The Moon is in Virgo today, it hit that critical degree in my chart last night while I was doing my weekly "Bubba Chat" for AOL's AstroNet.

Rather than stay online and finish up the the web work, I logged out, and went back to my reading of a book, Sarum. I'm getting close to the Middle Ages in it, but it looks like I won't get a chance to finish it before I head over seas.

I was sitting at home this morning, more like the afternoon to be correct, and the phone rang. I realize it's not that remarkable to begin with, but it was one of the Gemini buddies on the line. He wanted me to do a spot on national radio. Since I was headed in his direction anyway, I told him to hold that thought and I would be right there. I hoofed it up to Threadgill's, the restaurant I use for an office, and walked in on a late lunch crowd. Sean was just putting away the gear from the afternoon "chat and chew" show. I told him I would be back in a second and went to see the maitre'd about getting a table. As I was walking along, another Gemini, Jimmy, the best cab driver in Austin, accosted me. We had a round of "hello's" and made arrangements for his services in the coming week. Then, I had a flash of an idea. Jimmy plays with several jazz bands, and he's done session work around town. Sean is always looking for musicians for the show... I introduced them. Two Gemini's.

Now, to further compound this Gemini idea, I had reading later this afternoon with a Gemini. Then a friend from out of town is visiting, guess what? Another Gemini.

Fate? Coincidence?

It was a slow night in Austin Town. A leisurely meal at Maudie's Tex Mex Heaven, and quiet night at home. Or so it would seem. I did get the new art for the walls, and I have had a Gemini eye on them, helping me align everything.

It's a new, black velvet Elvis, and there comes a time in every man's life when he has to be true to his self. Black velvet naked ladies. Black velvet Elvis in a frame. And a black velvet Elvis tapestry. Starting to sense a theme here? I hope so. It's the truly tasteless art as a result having been force fed work of the great masters as a child.

This whole Gemini question is bothering me. Of all the signs, why so many Gemini's in my life? I got an e-mail from my kid sister, yesterday, another Gemini, and she had great news. She's being considered for some professional puppet work.

A recent flurry of E-mail has changed, and this week, it looks like the Gemini tide will turn to a Pisces inflow. When did it happen? Grace, the Leo from El Paso was in town to see her sister. Me and a Gemini hopped over for Cigars and coffee, Sunday afternoon. It was a change. Grace's sister is a Pisces, married to a Pisces, and then, this evening, after the scopes went up, it was Pisces and and Pisces who responded the fastest.

Jupiter is in Pisces, and he's kicked loose, moving in a decidedly forward direction.

Coffee in bed. It's a wonderful idea. It doesn't work in the real world. There has always been this undercurrent about coffee in bed. As I recall, prior to this weekend, there are only two women who have gotten coffee in bed. No, make that three. Only three times before this weekend have I served coffee in bed to my "stay-over" guest. The reason is simple... serve some girl coffee in bed, and she falls in love.

I don't have truly objective data to support this claim, so far, the only material is based on observations. But no more coffee in bed.

The brief flurry of Pisces mail has stopped. And in its place, guess what sign has popped up again? Yes, it's the Kramer Gemini curse. It's back.... first Bubba Sean talking about cigars on a fine afternoon like this, a quick gathering before I leave town, and then there's this one Gemini who calls just to check on me...

I finally got a chance to make one last preflight check before departing tomorrow. I had everything packed but pants. And to make sure I departed Austin on the right note, Kathi the Cappy took me to eat at the Hula Hut, a little bit of Austin's finest -- Tex-Mex Polynesian food. Nothing is better than a coconut flake covered shrimp, deep fried to a crispy perfection, unless you can find a little hot sauce to add a bit of zest. And what better way to hit the giant cattle drive at the airport than loaded with good -- spicy -- Texican food.

Just to make sure, and for the best in absurdities, I hit Magnolia South one last time before I'm off to the airport. There's a new coffee hut on South Congress, and I took this as a good sign as I had one last cup of real coffee before hitting it to the airport. Of course, the ride to the airport will be a GEMINI again. The new coffee hit is at the corner of S. Congress and James Street. By tomorrow, I'll be suffering with coffee at St. James, not just James.

Times being what they are, I did my morning cruise in S. Austin wearing shorts and sandals. I think my attire for London and points beyond will be a little different.

"C'mon on down to Austin town, and get a life..." Doug Sahm off his latest recording.[SDQ98 - with help from the Gourds]

In order to better service Pisces, one of the little steps I've taken is to make sure that I include a reference and hopefully hot link to some arcane conspiracy theorist, aliens, or who knows what. The funniest response was crop circles and Virgo's, but that's best left unpublished.

The Dallas Morning News, a virtual bastion of conservative information, graciously ran a tongue in cheek article about these sorts of sites. Either it's a really boring flight, or this was exceptionally newsworthy information, the article was obviously a sign from the heavens that this little treatment should coninue because I have so many new sites to add just for the Pisces.

I forgot how expensive this London-town can be.

And how strange -- nothing like wandering around a good and proper English bookstore, like Hatchards [est. 1797, just spittin' distance to Piccadilly Circus] and finding signed editions by a good a old boy from East Texas. Now what in tarnation was somebody like him doin' over here? Sellin' books, I reckon. Joe R. Lansdale had apparently been at Hatchard's recently, there were still a few copies which hain't flown off the shelf yet.

Or how cold the Brits can be. I guess that's not a fair assessment, but after a cold shoulder time and again, I have to wonder about it all. I do know that a large number of American accents seem congregate in the American sounding coffee shops. Names like Seattle Coffee Company, Coffee Republic, ad so forth.