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From Lockhart, Texas--Top ten Worst Valentin Day gifts:

10. Year's membership in "Roadkill of the Month Club"

9. Any floral gift from a place whose name contains "outlet" or "wholesale"

8. Anything from the "Everything 99 Cent" store

7. Lingerie bought at a truckstop or convenience store

6. Anything that requires air holes in the box

5. Anything made of chicken (beef is okay)

4. Any embroidered fishing gear [c'mon, we don't want the guys to laugh at us]

3. Anything that contains camouflage AND lace--it's a nice thoughts [but she won't appreciate as much as you think]

2. Don't give her a Valentine's card that talks about chocolate being better than sex because it might make for a cold night.

1. Don't give HER a 1998 Hooter's Girls Calendar, especially if it's signed

Kramer Wetzel

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