Jimmy Buffett in Retrospect

Jimmy Buffett in Retrospect My earliest, albeit relatively fuzzy, memory of Jimmy Buffett in concert was — I must’ve been early teens or something. He was at an outdoor music festival that celebrated a number of different kinds of music, but mostly “Progressive Country,” which — these days — sounds just like the new term, […] read more

Beyond Suspicion

Beyond Suspicion Beyond Suspicion Guess that settles that question? “Maybe something along the lines of All lawyers at some point in the relationship are capable of killing their client.” Page 172. Always interesting when a lawyer becomes a novelist, especially a lawyer with some degree of success at trial law. Not a book I wanted […] read more

Vegan Twinkie

Vegan Twinkie Just what it says, a Vegan Twinkie. Come after a late Sagittarius lunch, thanks dude, needed that. “You want it warmed up?” Was kind of good, maybe better, as the “cream center filing” got nuked to juice. No idea what it was. Still makes one wonder. Place is famous for its Vegan Cuisine, […] read more

Mistress Ford

Mistress Ford “Stand not amaz’d; here is no remedy. In love, the heavens themselves do guide the state; Money buys lands, and wives are sold be fate.” —Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor (V.v.137-9) My take, listen to the whole play, the women are in charge. Just sayin’. Mistress Ford It’s another passage that I couldn’t […] read more