The way I learned about it, or relearned about it, this digs deep, but the first “Mac” virus, it was stamped out in a hurry, but the first version was easy to catch by looking at the resource fork of an application that was infected. To help thwart the spread of the “mac” virus, there [...]

The Wall

Pink Floyd’s song was on the muzak at the Alamo Drafthouse, and I’m sure that was just a coincidence. The Wall - Pink Floyd Yeah, just coincidence — the movie we were seeing? The Wall with Marky Mark. Universally panned by critics, seeing it at the Alamo Drafthouse was a bonus. The teaser reels were [...]

New Archetype

I can’t recall the details, bet it was a shelf someplace, grocery? Restaurant? Memory is an exceedingly porous membrane, at best — that’s science. The rest is hypothetical, and usually, just conjecture. The New Archetype refers to the image of Sriracha Sauce, a new favorite. While the sauce itself is rooted in Pacific Rim food, [...]

Affable Wolves

It’s a quote from a wildly weird play, sort of an afterthought in Shakespeare’s collected works, which to me, just makes it more interesting. Current scholarship suggests that it is one play in two parts, and the primary author was probably Shakespeare, but his heir apparent — in respects to the acting company — probably [...]

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