“Christmas is the single largest event in American communal life, intersecting with every aspect of religion, culture, commerce, and politics.” Page 18.

Wilkie Brand

Wilkie Brand Wilkie Brand Perfect Western Wear. Wilkie Brand Perfect Island Flair. Had some for several years, the shirts are the nicest blend of ‘Western’ and ‘Hawaiian,’ my two signature looks. The term ‘Western’ — in my mind — implies a yoke cut design, and as such, it’s a favorite with me, although, I currently […] read more

St. Benedict via Pink Cake

St. Benedict via Pink Cake “It is easier to beg forgiveness than to seek permission.” St. Benedict’s Dictum astrofish.net/travel Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Pink Cake […] read more

Roadkill Chili

Roadkill Chili Been some years, and as I tried to explain to my buddy, I don’t have a recipe. Meat, peppers, onion, garlic, seasoning, and the secret ingredient, Chorizo. Think this one was three firm green tomatoes, half-dozen mild winter jalapeños, two hot Serrano peppers, two organic bell peppers, some ground meat, some meat I […] read more


Queen This quick story — link — suggested that Queen’s anthem, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the most streamed song at this time. Cool for Queen. I was working in a motorcycle shop (outlaw BMW storefront), when I first head this song on the radio. The morning drive-time jock was a patron, and he recited the facts […] read more