Horoscopes for 12-2-2021

Horoscopes for 12-2-2021

It is not well done, mark you now, to take the tales out of my mouth, ere it is made and finished.

    Fluellen in Shakespeare’s Henry V (IV.vii.9)

New Moon in the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius about Dec. 4, 2021, almost at 1:43 AM (local).


Sagittarius One of the greatest of confusions is about fishing gear. Off and on, over the last years, almost three decades, now, I’ve written as The Fishing Guide to the Stars. I know a thing or two about some aspects of fishing, mostly, rather localized data. Part of who — and what — I am. I’ve also observed, and this is a very Sagittarius behavior that pops up now: changing out gear. “If I only had a different shade of bait, if it was just a different color, then I would be catching fish.” If I only had, and the litany is nearly endless, different pole, different fishing line, different reel, different bait, different hook, weights, bobbers, Bluetooth, do they even make a bluetooth fishing thing? I don’t know. But the right gear isn’t going to work. It does work, but I spent half of a coast trip in the back of the boat, tying on different baits, hooks, combinations, lures, and so forth, and less time with a line in the water. Problem? Every time I paused to try a different arrangement, my buddy would catch something, and he wasn’t using an ideal set-up. Think it was just leader, hook, not much else. Bait. Something at the end of the hook to attract the fish. To be fair, I was experimenting with a number of new-fangled set-ups, and it was part of that, and he was just fishing. As an example for our Birthday Sagittarius, and the rest of us? Simple works. Keep it simple. If the goal is to catch fish, then the easiest way to catch fish is to make sure we have a line in the water.


Save yourself from another round of hope and hurt? It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it? Get those Capricorn hopes up, looks so promising and then? All gets rent asunder, resulting in Capricorn butt-hurt. Look: impending holidays and all? Gear up for Xmas and all that? Sure, I’m all for that conviviality. There’s just that one thing, you know?

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