Horoscopes for 9-23-2021

Horoscopes for 9–23–2021

“All this I speak in print, for in print I found it. Why muse you, sir? ’Tis dinner-time.”

    Speed in Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona (2.i.118)

The sun enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Libra on Sept 22, a little before 3 PM (local). Mercury is essentially stationary most of the week, going “officially” retrograde around the 26th near midnight.

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LibraNo new negotiations. Simply put, just no new negotiations about working with others. Or, for that matter, about just about anything. The challenge is that one, or more, situations come up for discussion, and this isn’t the right time to try and negotiate a better deal. “Look, look, they are $1.50 each, but he’ll sell me three for $5!” Do the math. It’s just a simple calculation. See how this works? Happy birthday, but go easy.


Scorpio “Follow your heart; it can never lead you astray.” What bunch of — malarkey? Baloney? Other terms that are less destined for print media? Yeah, “Follow your heart,” is not good advice at the moment. Love me some Scorpio, and I openly admire the tenacity the sign has, but no. “The heart wants what the heart wants?” More misleading information. No, the heart is usually right, but not right now. The heart, at this moment is beguiling, but maybe interested in a situation that would be fun, amusing, but ultimately, not a good idea. Maybe a good idea, but not a good choice?

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