Horoscopes for 9-28-2022

“Most barbarous intimation! Yet a kind of insinuation, as it were in via, in way, of explication; facere, as it were, replication, or rather ostentare, to show, as it were, his inclination, after his undressed, unpolished, uneducated, unpruned, untrained, or rather unlettered, or ratherest unconfirmed fashion, to insert again my haud credo for a deer.”

Holofernes in Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost (IV.ii.6)

Horoscopes for 9-28-2022

  • Venus enters Libra 9/29
  • Mercury goes direct 10/3
  • Saturn squares Uranus (ongoing)


Libra Having dated a few Libra, I know of what I speak. In an argument with a Libra? Might be construed as being sexists on my part, but the genders can be adjusted as necessary, to make whomever happy. I don’t care. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out, after extensive research and years of this material? Libra gets the last word, this week. If I was, as an example, arguing with a Libra, if it looks like she isn’t getting the last word in? I have that final, spike-the-ball in the end-zone statement? That merely becomes a fresh starting point for another “discussion,” usually about my mannerism, verbal tendencies, and how I don’t pay attention. If I — as a non-Libra — try for the last word? That’s merely an invitation to the next fight. While this is a Libraspecific horoscope, it’s more reminder for all the non-Libra people to quit trying to get in that last word.

Me? I can blame Mercury for my miscues. But that’s just me.


Two Keys Two keys to the kingdom? Two keys that will help you — help my fine Scorpio friends survive, thrive, and excel in these uncertain times? I use my own library cards as pure examples. I didn’t totally understand why these were so important, not until I was in full pandemic panic lock-down mode. Only then did I fully grasp why these were so important. Keys to the kingdom. I want my Scorpio friends to have keys to the kingdom, as well. It’s a little secret, and it is near-universal, just about every place has this kind of access, or something similar. The library is a source of data. It’s a warehouse for information. Some good stuff, some crap, some cruft, some entertaining, and some that has great value. I’m all about value for Scorpio.

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