Horoscopes for 8-7-2022

“And let her read it in thy looks at board:
Shame hath a bastard fame, well managed;
Ill deeds is doubled with an evil word.

Luciano in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 3.2.18-9

Horoscopes for 8-7-2022

Full Moon is August 11 at 8 PM, more or less aligned with Saturn. Venus moves into Leo August 11.

The Leo

The Leo Self-doubt is overrated. Just about every Majestic Leo that I know has a smidgen of Virgo in their chart (royal “we,” agreement works.) That tiny bit of mutable earth is getting an extra dose of doubt.

Self-doubt is overrated.

More than one non-Leo has suggested there’s an aura of arrogance that surrounds the Mighty Leo, just like, not to get too specific, but just like a Lion’s mane. So in the next week or so? It’s quite all right to indulge in niggling little fears, and wonder if you’re doing this correctly. But with birthdays, Full Moon, and all? That little voice in the back of your head that suggests you’re not quite perfect? Consider ways to stifle it, if only for the time being.

Self-doubt is overrated.

It’s a simple reminder, just for right now. Happy birthday.


I “mine” my own experiences to capture the essence of what I see with particular transits, me being the only person I can factually write about. Mix in my genealogy, family histories, and upbringing? That water gets mighty muddy, in a hurry.

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