• Horoscopes for 11-28-2023
    “You are more saucy with lords and honorable personages than the commission of your birth and virtue gives you heraldry.”
    Lafew in Shakespeare’s All’s Well that Ends Well (II.iii.192)

    Horoscopes for 11-28-2023

    • Moon enters Gemini 11/26 7:40 PM
    • Moon oppose Sun 11/27 4:16 AM 4°51’ Sag/Gem
    • Moon enters Cancer 11/29 1:54 AM
    • Venus enters Scorpio 12/4 1:51 PM
    • Mercury enters Capricorn 12/19:32 AM


    Sagittarius My astrological theory, borne out by years of observation, more than three decades, now? When the Moon enters Gemini, like it did evening of 11/26? Thats’ the real start of my astrological full moon, insert that special full moon flavor here. The actual full moon is listed above at 4:16 AM, and in my current thinking, that full moon flavor pretty much lasts until that old moon slides into Cancer, as noted, 11/29. The rest of the time, in Sagittarius? We’re dealing with the Mars impetus with its inherent drive, as well the bits and pieces that shake loose from that full moon. Three days along with its run-up to the full moon, and then? We’re left with pieces to put back together. Fold in a layer of just normal holiday madness? It gets crazy, but then, as soon as the moon moves onward? We get a moment or two to pause and reflect. However, with that Mars influence? That moment or two to pause? We get that frantic, must do something now sense knocked loose. Rein it in there, gentle Sagittarius, just pull back a little. We’re getting everything done, but everyone else is less enthused than we are, and we have to keep that in mind. Can’t slow down Mars, but we can slow our selves down.


    I couldn’t figure this one out, the price at the taco place, the cheap, almost tawdry taco joint I tend to favor? The price at the drive-thru was $3 cheaper than the dine-in price. Weird, I know. I was dining in, then grabbing a to-go for a buddy stuck in his shop. Ordering at the table, the waitress told me about the price difference. I had a special, then drove through the drive-thru. Outside, in the drive-thru lane, there it was a placard that had that special price, yes, three bucks less than inside. The point, for Capricorn? Ask, be nice, and tip well. What that does? It saves money, even if you have to go through that drive-thru lane.


    Dream, dream big. If you can dream it? You can be it. If you can dream it? You can achieve it. This is about wishes and then, wish-fulfillment. The first part of the process is dreaming it. Dream big, make grandiose wishes. Pretend you’re sitting on Santa’s lap and asking for the Xmas gifts, with an unlimited budget. No restraints of any kind, so dream big. Now, after we have that “pie in the sky,” verified “pipe dream” going for goodly Aquarius? As soon as we have the impossible all dreamed up and ready to be wished for? Look at the first step in this process to achieve that goal, as impossible as it might be. First part of this? Dream big, Aquarius, dream big.


    I’ve developed a bad habit of chewing on a toothbrush. I’ll start to brush my teeth, then think of something to write down, and wander into the desk, make a quick note online, then look at a message, and the brush is stuck in my mouth, I don’t really chew on it, but that’s as good a description as any. I’d say it’s a bad habit, but oral hygiene is one of the easiest, and most fixable problems for someone my age. I do what I can, and habit, both good bad is formed. The chewing on a toothbrush is a very Pisces example of good and bad, rolled into one. There is a potential danger, but not really, and there is a possibility that I could get caught up with a responding to a client, and forget about that I was doing, chewing on toothbrush like a celery stick. As the one girlfriend observed, “Yeah, you’re just a little weird.” Fresh breath means kissing. Kissing leads to other things, so is it bad habit or a good one? “As long as you don’t get too distracted…”


    I’ve got one book, I’ve had, sold, recycled, bought again, and again, then, in digital format checked out of the library. It’s a “Classic of American Literature, important for its contribution to arts and letters,” and so on. One academic suggested it was one of the most accessible pieces of difficult fiction that’s out there. I think, more important, is where I read, then stopped reading, as it got too dense. “Like some of your horoscopes, Kramer?” Smart-aleck Aries, huh. But, seriously, yeah, could be a fair analogy. Let’s not judge our Aries selves based upon what we’ve accomplished, but like me, note where we stopped. I picked up another “recommended” book, I read about three pages, didn’t like it, style, pace, prose, something didn’t sit well with me. I put if back down (actually a library hook, so I just returned it). Stop, doesn’t work, stop. No need to push and then punish our Aries selves for something we don’t finish because it doesn’t sit well with us. Some of these, we have to tackle, but the optional stuff? Make it optional. Do what engages and thrills, not what you’re supposed to like even though it might be crap.


    I can’t weigh in on this discussion, as I’ve got no point of reference. The battles wages on, and it’s about tube amplifier versus just a digital audio amplifier, and then there’s the media itself, vinyl versus digital. The battle lines have been drawn and the consensus I favor? That vinyl is warmer, richer in tone, and that tube amplifier offers more euphonic depth once it’s all warmed up. I can’t say for sure. I toyed with a half Marshall stack as a home stereo for a little while. Didn’t really work, as the one neighbor? He’s half-deaf and never bothered him. But I like the tradition, and sometimes, the ceremony that goes with both vinyl and tubed amp? Waiting, placing a stylus down carefully, the way the tubes have to reach a certain temperature before they sound “right?” All about the ritual. I don’t have a definitive answer as to what’s better — my ear is not so refined. However, if you have true Taurus audiophile sense? That rarefied and refined ability to tell the distinctions? I’d suggest it is best to go with what you can hear. The proof is n what you can see — or hear.


    Occasionally, we all need to be reminded, “We’re not in control.” How’s that? “We’re not the big boss,” however that looks to your extra-fine Gemini selves. Clearly, especially now, if Gemini were in control, if you did hold the reins, if you were directing this scenario, if this was your scene to shoot, clearly this would’ve worked out better. But you’re not in control. You’re not the big boos, other than what happens in Gemini-land, and as such? It’s out of your immediate control. Easy for me to say, as I’m not Gemini. Mars is opposite, and at the very end of this, Mercury moves out of being opposite from your Gemini planets. Still, there’s an edge to this, and and it cause you to move faster, which, in turn means you get agitated faster because someone isn;’t doing it the way you think it should be done. Remember: we can’t all be Gemini soother is that as a problem. Got to slit down long enough for us to realize that you are right. Me? I’d left you in charge, in the first place, but this wasn’t up to me.


    The old joke? “How can I be out of money? I still have checks left.” I abandoned checks almost entirely some years ago, and while I do use plastic, I keep it carefully separated. Credit cards and debit cards are similar, can look the same, but they are different. Still, the joke used to be funny, as it indicated a certain mindset that wasn’t exactly responsible. Me? After overdraft, usurious interest rates, and spurious finance charges, I learned. This isn’t really about fiscal responsibility,, as much as it is about Cancer, Moon Children and their bookkeeping. Maybe not even bookkeeping, but just keeping track of every, little detail. Me? I’m lazy. I tend to have a Virgo girlfriend to look after the details, but that’s me, and I live this astrology. A good Virgo girlfriend will also keep the place tidy, but I guess that’s not important, as this is about Moon Children, Cancer emotional housecleaning and keeping those records, the points of data that critical? Keeping them all in place. “How can I be out of money? I have checks left.”

    The Leo

    Hear a lot of complaints, but in the end? Everyone seems to like it. I used to pass a taco joint, on the way out of downtown San Antonio, and I would pull through there, headed to the rock shop in Austin. Maybe once a month, I’d feel generous and bring a bag of tacos with me to the shop. While I’ve chronicled this elsewhere, I thought I would mention it as a favorite memory. The dozen tacos were less than ten bucks, and they varied, chorizo and egg, bean and eggs, egg and weenie, bacon and egg, just an assortment is what I would get. The tacos were cold, grease soaked through the foil then paper bag, and yet? “I don’t eat meat,” or, “I’m vegan and can’t eat egg,” or “I’m gluten free, there’s no gluten in the flour tortillas is there?” Got a lot of excuses but I arrived around ten and by noon, the tacos were all gone. “That was really good vegan bacon.” Hear a lot of complaints, but by noon? All gone, and all loved. For The Leo? Don’t listen to the detractors, just look at the results.


    The problem with facts is that they are persistent. The situations change, mutate, and alter conditions, but the facts themselves, they remain steadfast. The persistent Sagittarius influence on the poor, pitied Virgo slice of the heavens? It’s going to bring up some inconvenient facts. Cost, cost/benefit, actual cost, actualized benefits, and more, much more. Let’s go back to the beginning and re-evaluate the facts. Review, revise, and reassess. Then, let’s go back to the facts again. This haven’t changed, and that’s where Virgo starts building, all over, all new, again. Or maybe, we just go back and start building what was already there, in order to get ahead. Stupid facts, still haven’t changed. Might not be able to change them.


    “Kramer, are you OK?” One of my irregular correspondents dropped me a quick line, “you seemed off.” It’s the holidays, it’s the news, it’s the crush of media collision with the psyche, and mostly? Just me, a little after a full moon along that Sagittarius/Gemini axis. I’m not bad off, just like a little alone time in the midst of the hectic, crazy, tumultuous holiday season that’s brewing, along with the astrological portents, and for Libra? Thanks for reaching out, it’s not that bad, I just need a few minutes, alone, to recharge. Like me, what helps the most? A few minute — alone — to recharge. True introverts get it. Extroverts, and by extension, extroverted Libras folk might not understand. From individual to individual, and where that Libra is placed in a chart? Kind of depends, but this is a time for less time with lots of people, and a quick, mental Libra recharge, however that looks to you.


    Venus will make naive, but she’s not here, not yet. I mean she slips in at the very tail-end of this horoscope, and anyone who has ever experienced the wrath of that Scorpio-stinger knows what it’s like at the tail-end and just how powerful that can be, but no Venus and no Venus outpouring of relief until then. The classic example of this energy is the times passed, when there would be a chaotic, fraught with personality disorders, family Thanksgiving meal, with sisters and brothers, parental unit, some cousins we’re not sure how we’re related? All that in a swirling mass of energy that seems to be pointless, and generational tensions, formerly buried, pop to the surface. “I thought we talked about that.” We did. “Why are you still mad?” Because. Don’t look for that forgiveness in Scorpio until Venus crawls into the sign to help ameliorate the pain and past hurts. Sig_file

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