Horoscopes for 5.7.2022

O weary night, O long and tedious night,
Abate thy hours! Shine, comforts, from the east,
That I may back to Athens by daylight,
From these that my poor company detest.
And sleep, that sometimes shuts up sorrow’s eye,
Steal me a while from mine own company.

Helena in A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream (3.2.431-6)

Horoscopes for 5.7.2022

Jupiter taps into Aries May 10, 6:23 PM. Mercury turns retrograde around May 10, 7 AM at 4 Gemini.

The Portable Mercury Retrograde


Taurus I never collected baseball cards. I don’t intend to collect them. However, as an artifact, and as a snapshot of what this kind of week can hold for gentle Taurus? Think of what a baseball card represented. It was a data sheet, a short bio — like my original bio — a snapshot and brief listing of statistics. What made the notion of the baseball card even cooler is that, as a printed artifact, it’s set in a time and place, a certain season, the team that the player played for, the most recent runs, hits, pitches, whatever was the important data? It was, at the time of the card’s printing, current. What’s most important recall, is that this is a printed form, and that means, what is committed to print, that’s there, with those numbers, forever. Again, I know almost nothing about baseball, and I know even less about baseball cards, but as an idea, a way to approach this holiday, birthday, whatever-day for Taurus? Think in terms of a baseball card. Good publicity still on one side, action shot on the reverse, vital stats, seasons’ averages, and overall numbers. All on a card that’s not much bigger than a business card. Think: baseball card. That’s size, statistics, biographical data, images, and whatever else is necessary.


This is an opportunity, this is a chance, this is the one time, the one time when you can make one of those mistakes on a grand scale. Not just large error, but a billboard-sized mistake. Due to the largely contentious clientele I’ve seen over the years? I could see this being one of those mistakes that is enlarged and enhanced by social media, and other, similar ways of spreading amusing notations. Wasn’t bad enough that you were greeted at the airport with sign that said, “Welcome back from drug rehab!” What’s worse?

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the Portable Mercury Retrograde
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