Horoscopes for 6-28-2022

“…and hot blood begets hot thoughts, and hot thoughts beget hot deeds, and hot deeds is love.”

    — Paris in Troilus & Cressida Act 3, Scene 1

Horoscopes for 6-28-2022

The Moon enters Cancer June 28 at 6:54 AM. The New Moon is June 28 9:52 PM. Mercury moves into Cancer July 5, around 1:26 AM. Mars enters Taurus at 1:09 AM. (All times are local).


The Crab - the Moonchild I’m kind of waiting until Mercury gets situated in Cancer, the sign of the Moon Children. Until that happens, there’s a kind of free-floating, not quite anxiety, but not quite sure of what it is. The phase of the moon, new and growing, that helps, but in this week’s example, it’s Mercury, more than anything else. We need clarity, direction, compassion, and closure. That comes with Mr. Mercury. His presence, along with other stuff, but let’s just hang this all on Mr. Mercury? Doing so gives us a reasonable direction, a specific choice, and way to work with the present energies. New Moon is a new start. But Mercury is the trigger that gets the new start really started. So? That means, like I’ve suggested, shortly after the big July 4th thing, time to get rolling for Cancer.

The Leo

None of this is going to make any kind of rational sense, not to a, excuse me, not to The good Leo. No rational sense. Nothing seems to line up quite correctly. Nothing seems to matter. What was a once a steady and dependable source of data is no longer viable. Just doesn’t make any kind of sense to The Leo. Got a good handle on what this means, now? “Yeah, doesn’t make any sense.”

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