Horoscopes for 1.18.2022

“The bonds of heaven are slipp’d, dissolv’d, and loos’d…”

Troilus in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida (5.2.152)

Horoscopes for 1.18.2022

The Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Aquarius on January 20, 2022. Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius.


Aquarius I was in the smallest room in the house, and I was scrolling through various feeds. I wanted inspiration for something uplifting and hopeful for Aquarius, and all I could do was laugh at memes. None of them were appropriate. Amused me greatly, then there was a political post that offended me, and then, I realized as I finished up, I was being entertained by “short attention span theatre.” Which is what Aquarius needs at the moment. Flip over to my various social media feeds — see if there isn’t something distracting, amusing, enraging, engaging, or evocative of some kind of intellectual pursuit. Need a distraction, and I can’t offer anything better for this week other than just poking around on the Aquarius interwebs, looking at images, or pictures of cats. Whatever it is. Dog on skateboard? Need a mental palate cleanse, and some happy, ironic, brash, bold, unnerving, or just plain stupid material in your feeds might be the best way to go.


Old trick; works well. I wanted a quick, simple, easy solution to the confusing problems in Pisces. There are two or three issues pressing down on the Pisces psyche, and the biggest one, the easiest way to deal with it? More coffee. I realized that this won’t work for everyone, and I will offend some purists, but what I’ve found? It’s current iteration of my old coffee ritual, slightly updated, I get a big, cheap, two-pound bag of medium roast whole bean coffee from the big box store; Grocery stores if you like, our local grocery used to have this great stuff called “Jet Fuel.” Get some of that, then mix is with smaller, usually 12-ounce bag of Italian Roast.

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