• Horoscopes for 4-16-2024
    “The ripest fruit first falls, and so doth he; His time is spent, our pilgrimage must be.”
    King Richard II in Shakespeare’s Richard II (2.1.153)

    Horoscopes 4-16-2024

    • Sun enters Taurus 4/19 – Sun enters Taurus 9 AM
    • Jupiter/Uranus 4/20 10:59 PM 21°50’ Taurus


    Aries This happened in a backwards fashion in my own experience, but that’s me, and I never did anything the easy way. However, for Aries, there’s a more forward way to handle this. It’s about asking qualifying questions. I backed into learning how to figure out if person was interested in my services as an astrologer. I have a straightforward way to handle this, after many years of mistakes, I’ll just ask, “What’s your birthday?” I’ve heard the complete range from me being a devil worshiper to me being a pipeline to the almighty. Neither is really true, but that doesn’t matter, does it? It’s about those qualifying questions. Let me flip this one around, a buddy was pursuing a certain female I know. His first question should’ve been, “Is she available?” This binary statement then becomes an algorithm with branches from yes/no answers. Instead, my buddy just ardently pursued the woman, who was already involved with someone else, and not interested. Could’ve saved him a lot of pain, if he’d asked, “Is she available,” and followed that with, “is she interested?” Ask qualifying questions before committing to any particular course.


    There’s a subtle shift, and simple change just up ahead in Taurus. The sign that precedes gentle Taurus is Aries. In the above horoscope, I’ve reduced rambunctious Aries to a simple, binary situation. Yes or no, proceed from there. However, for Taurus, there is nothing quite so simple. It’s not binary. it’s not a simple “Yes,” or “no.” It’s complicated. I would like to untangle the complications. I can’t. As soon as I pull on one string, a single thread that marks a possible answer? More material comes unraveled, and this gets worse. Or better, sort of depends on the situations. Mostly, though, there are stipulations, conditional amendments, and variables with each branch of the decision tree. “If this, then this, or maybe that, and it all depends.” Subtle, simple changes are ahead, and the secret? Don’t get hitched to just one outcome, not now. It will work in your Taurus favor. Eventually.


    Patience may, in fact, be a virtue, but it’s not usually a Gemini virtue. While there are many facets to the Gemini personalties, patience isn’t typically one of them. Here’s where I help: plot. Plot, plan, connive, mentally arrange, mentally rearrange, and then sketch out those ideas. Do not take action. One of my former favorite ways to plot and plan? Wireframe drawings, except, I would do it freehand, and it would be a bit wobbly. At one point, and I can’t seem to locate the image at the moment, but at time, I had this wire-frame design for what I was trying to implement, consider it an outline, and the design was solid, but the framework I used? I certainly didn’t color within the lines. The framework was an idea, and as a concept, the information was properly formatted, but as an image itself? Yeah, not so good. I didn’t get out a straightedge and make sure each line was crisp and solid. No patience on my part. Sound familiar with gentle Gemini? A certain lack of patience? A few squiggles, a hastily drawn figure that represents the data silo? Sure. All of this works, but I would suggest the biggest piece that might be missing? Patience.


    Streaming has long since replaced basic cable. I get these variations on a theme, and then, it’s a long dive into a single series, or a singular title. While really dated in some respects, and going with the style of the golden age TV? Peter Falk’s Lt. Columbo, and his rumpled appearance, casual manner, and quirky mannerisms caught my attention. I got off on watching a number of the seasons, just because it was innocuous TV, there were some stars, and the slightly stilted acting of the perpetrators was always amusing. Like the main character? As the Crab’s, the Moon Children’s situation builds towards an inevitable conclusion? “Just one more thing,” — Lt. Columbo.

    The Leo

    For several years, I used a favorite picture of me, shirtless, in front of the Austin Stevie Ray Vaughn statue, along the shores of Town Lake. The image is rather dated, and in the background, the then-burgeoning Austin downtown skyline clearly visible? It’s obvious when the image is from. Austin was bucolic, laid-back, and aggressively casual. Not much of a skyline is visible because there wasn’t any. Old picture. I used to fish there, a lot. I would wander past that statue almost daily. It’s a great image because it captures the roots, and foundations, of my works. While not exclusively mine, the way I thought about it, my living room was that shoreline, stretching for miles in either direction. Several reasons I like that one image, in part, I was fit, in part, it was “old” Austin, and in part? That was one of the most fertile times of my career. I was bursting with ideas, fresh analysis, new thought. That’s what I like the most. Or that it was the way I remember the “good old days,” which were neither good, and I wasn’t old. This is a moment’s reverie, a time to take a beat and recall. Recall what our original destination was, and then, gentle Leo (the best Fixed Fire Sign), remember what our roots are, and where we were. For me, I just used a simple, digital image, original part of a biographical “about” package. Where you’ve been, gentle Leo, is important so we can see where you’re going.


    It’s about flow. Getting engaged in the flow. Getting engaged with the energies, the way material moves, shifts, and eventually shapes itself, as we all make an effort to trudge ever forward. As a good Virgo, and who but a good Virgo would read this, but as a good Virgo? Understand missteps, miscues, and ordinary mistakes are part of the inherent plan. It’s part of the deal. One cry, leftover from the dark old days? “Fail better!” The implication was that everyone would have failure, no one was perfect, and there will always be mistakes. At some point in life, we all get tired of picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, and then trying again. Instead of just trying again, though, think about adjustments to the routine. Might not be a big deal, either. Just a slight change in direction, not the radical departure from the pre-existing situation, just a few degrees off from the course you were on. Not a big change, a little change. Not huge, sweeping, all-new-direction, but a gentle course correction. Get engaged with the flow and see where that slightly new version takes you. “It hurts if you go straight, but hit it at an angle? Works better.”


    Stop and assess. Seriously, just take a quick break, then move forward. Then stop and assess again. This adds a stuttering motion, a hesitant step, an almost unintended interruption to forward motion, but there’s a point to this step forward, hesitate, then step forward again, then shuffle backwards a half a pace, and then? There’s an ongoing need to make gentle, and minuscule course corrections as we all move forward, and the trick to use this kind of energy? Shuffle half a step forward, then pause, see where we are, an then, try again, if we’re sure of the direction. If not? If you’re not sure that it is the correct direction? It’s possible to change and alter the course, the route, the pathway, and the steps you’re taking. Adjust as need be. At least one Libra I know? she’ll stop, assess, and keep moving in the exact same way as before, because, after looking, it is the best way to proceed. But stopping to check? Makes all the difference.


    There’s a gradual winnowing of Scorpiorelated challenges. That’s where we separate the real issue from the apparent issue. That’s where we figure out what the exact nature of the challenge is, rather than looking at material that seems a little distracting, hanging off the side. It’s really hard to accept a challenge, or understand a stated goal if there is no clue, no indication of what the actual target might be. What is the desired outcome from this very Scorpio situation? The long, dissembling, sometimes rancorous, diatribe about our Scorpio goals is the sign that we’re not on target, not seeing what our actual challenge is, and not quite grasping the intended meaning might be. It’s a reality check, of sorts, and there’s at least one of my buddies who will suggest that mine bounced. But I’m not Scorpio.


    Destination, desire, drive, and obfuscation. Take all of those, “Destination, desire, drive, and obfuscation,” take them all, and toss them in a blender. The question remains, “Will it blend?” Hit the button, nothing like a good Sagittarius at the helm, ready to give an experiment the test. Hit the button. What happens? The first, most immediate image? “Oops, forgot to put the top on the blender,” and the resultant mess? As expected, another fine Sagittarius mess we’ve got here. The real issue, despite the best efforts? Only some of the elements will blend cohesively together. There’s always one part that doesn’t want to chop, turn to slurry, or stay suspended in the artificial mixture. So the question remains, “Drive, desire, destination, and obfuscation,” which one stands out? The odd one out is probably the problem. Problems can’t be avoided, but being aware of the possible issue? That’s halfway to winning, isn’t it? Mostly is, for us Sagittarius.


    With patient work, an old red-dirt road can be smoothed over. However, repeated normal use usually gives the surface a washboard effect. It’s a combination of factors, part of it is the consistency of the red dirt soil itself, mixed with fine caliche clay (like) sub-strata. Part of it is incessant summer heat, marred by occasional spring torrents of rain. Part of it is the variation of farm and heavy construction equipment, light vehicle traffic, and then, the weather, just baking it all. A few summers, I lived alongside just such a red-dirt road, I remember the details well enough. Middle of dry East Texas summer, the surface just packed and ruffled, like permanent waves, etched by the wind, in the dirt. The only way to drive on it? Slow. Painfully slow. Negotiate each ripple in the road’s surface as an individual bump, crawling over it. The only other way to do this? Too fast, and that results in greater damage, wear, and tear, to the body, the Capricorn mind, and the vehicle itself. That red dirt road doesn’t care, either way, fast or slow. What’s better in the long-haul for Capricorn?


    Aquarius is a fixed sign. Fixed Air Sign, but fixed nonetheless. This shows up as an uncharacteristic stubborn nature. That seemingly incongruent character trait, the weirdly obstinate way an Aquarius can present? That pops up. That pops up at an inconvenient time. That ability to dig in and stick to one’s perceived line? The issue, the statement, the belief that one is correct, in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but the burden of proof suggests that our Aquarius selves might have called this incorrectly. Sticking to that perception, just because you were right at one time? One ex-girlfriend showed this energy best, “Oh, I knew I was wrong yesterday, I was just trying to piss you off.”


    One of the problems, perhaps a challenge, not a problem per se, facing digital tools and the solo show like me? One of the biggest issues is knowing when it’s done. What’s enough? What’s too much? What’s just right? And then, on the backside of that question, thinking along the line of strictly digital tools, it’s “Is there a way to put a check mark by a piece to indicate it was put through the various proof-reading, legal, and fact-checking protocols that are in place?” Or should be in place, and sometimes, something gets lost in the shuffle. All I was looking for was a simple way to place a little check mark, like I had done what I set out to do, and I looked it over, thoroughly. In one iteration, this reminded me of a former mentor, and the suggestion? Stop and correct the first mistake that one encounters — before moving on. Which doesn’t answer my question about a check mark, or any other analog tool in place, but for Pisces? We need a check mark, real, analog, digital, allegorical, or whatever, that shows you’ve double-checked this particular piece.

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