• Horoscopes for 6-6-23
    Let me twine Mine arms about that body, where against My grained ash an hundred times hath broke, And scarr’d the moon with splinters.
      Shakespeare’s Coriolanus (IV.v.93-5)

    Horoscopes for 6-6-2023

    Sun in Gemini Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter in Taurus Mars and Venus in Leo Saturn and Neptune in Pisces Mercury in Gemini 6/11 5:28 AM (approx.) Pluto back into Capricorn 6/11


    Gemini Happy Birthday, and let’s get moving. It’s the motion of Mercury, mostly. Yeah, let’s work with Mercury. Mercury is fast moving, and Mercury likes being in Gemini. Until Mercury lands firmly in Gemini? As noted above? I can’t stress this enough, please, hold off. There’s a leap, action, an adventure that awaits, but until Mercury lands in your sign? All I’m suggesting is we all hold off. It’s too long to hold your breath, but that bated breath scenario, for gentle Gemini, it takes time. There’s actually a twin influence — that motion of Pluto, another planet not much larger than Mercury, but equally effective, and the two motions, so close to each other? It rattles cages, and makes one prone to mistakes unless, you know, you wait for Mercury to arrive. Mercury and Pluto, as they shift signs? Time for Gemini, the sign of The Twins, time to start.


    I can’t recall, and this could stretch as far back as a trailer park in South Austin, but I doubt I can reach that. Still, the idea, the format, it’s a simple, hand-held broom and dust pan. The two items clip together, so it’s always handy. It’s not much, and I’m trying to figure it out, but I think I’ve held onto this, used infrequently, for many a long year. These days? When I empty my shredder, these days that goes into compost, but when I empty the shredder? A few stray scraps fall out, no matter how careful I am. That little dust broom and dust pan, still useful, and now? The dust-broom, dust-pan combination? Perfect way for my dear Cancer, Moon Children to approach this next few days. It’s not a big deal. Doesn’t require massive action, not on the part of Cancer, the Moon Children quadrant. Gentle, little sweeping motion, just cleaning up a few stray bits, not big chunks, but little pieces. Just odds pieces that require straightening, arranging, maybe just sweeping up a tiny corner of the Cancer crib. It’s not a big deal, but a little deal. Might not matter, right away, but every little bit helps.

    The Leo

    What you do is hire the right people, and trust that they will get it done. Micro-managing our underlings is not an attractive trait. Think Leo-like, and that means? Hire the right people and then get out of their way as they do your biding. There is no need to get in and second-guess, double-check, and over-see each minute detail. That’s not a Leo strength, and that’s not how you can best spend your time. Mars and Venus add an extra level of frenetic activity, and that frequently manifests with micro-managing a task that you normally couldn’t be bothered with. Since you normally wouldn’t be othered with this, why are you taking it on, now? “They needed supervision.” While that might be true, each and every tiny detail? Did you hire the right people, in the first place? Second-guessing is common with Mr. Mars and Miss Venus. I’d take that grand, Leo attention, and direct it elsewhere. They are doing a good job. Micro-managing is not one of your skills.


    There’s a sense that the final product isn’t currently pretty enough for good Virgo. Something is not up to snuff. Not quite right, not pretty enough for your aesthetics. Not quite nice enough. I really like the idea, “Not pretty enough,” as that conveys a certain sense of style, taste, and possibly decorum. It’s a good Virgo sensibility that shines through, and herein is the weekly challenge, especially with this phase of the moon, it’s about not being able to convey your sense of Virgo taste to other people. Any good Virgo will understand, but other signs? They might not get it. The urgency is to make the scenario, whatever it is, appear nicer, cleaner, spruced up, or just pretty. Prettier? The problem? No one gets the urgency to make it look nice. I get it, and I’m certainly not Virgo, but I’m looking at this chart for you, and it suggests, no matter what you do, it won’t be up to your usual standards. Maybe let that slide for now?


    Depends on how you seek balance. Some days, the easiest way to stay balanced it admit everything is out of whack. “But can we order more whack, so it won’t be all out of whack?” Your mileage may vary, but the unbalanced feeling isn’t really Libra, per se, but everyone around you. Struggling with the irrational on one side, and insurmountable on the other side? Leaves gentle Libra feeling unbalanced. I can’t fix that, but understanding that the problem doesn’t originate in Libra might help because that means the solution isn’t up to Libra, either. Best expression when someone asks you to fix what’s out of whack? “I’ll take that under consideration; I’ll look at it.” Notice, I didn’t say you had to fix it yourself. When they figure out it’s out of whack? “I’ll try and order some more whack for you.”


    Hot summer’s day in South Texas. A single cloud skittered and scudded along, and for a brief moment, it felt cool out. Cloud was a fast moving target, and the water vapor itself might have evaporated by the time I looked around. On a lake, I’ve seen clouds like that scatter the fish, since there’s an uncanny resemblance to some bird of prey, especially the pesky osprey. But no, this was just another hot afternoon in South Texas, and the summer’s heat quotient is up. What to expect? A single, minor diversion like that cloud. For a moment it looked like it would cool off. For a moment, the fish scattered thinking it was a predator. For split second, I thought, “Cool! Rain.” Sorry, no, just a simple, single cloud. So this week offers a brief respite, but maybe not much more, and be cautious, that might be a feint, can’t be too sure. Good Scorpio caution is best advised. Heeded. Something. Warned. Yeah, I warned you it might be a fake. Or real, maybe, act accordingly.


    Don’t step in it. Simple, plain exhortation for my Sagittarius brothers and sisters (in arms), just, “Don’t step in it.” There’s always an issue, and there’s always an excuse, and then, there’s always a sticking point, and is the point that is so important we have to make stand, here and now? I’ll give you a hint, it might seem important at the time, but in a few days, you’ll wonder about what the problem is, and then, you’ll question yourself about why that was such a big deal at the time, when someone clearly stepped into the middle of it when that was not required. Or, like I’ve just suggested, in the first place? “Don’t step in it.” It gets on your foot, my sandals, boots, and then it gets tracked everywhere. Simplest solution for right now? “Don’t step in it.” Looking over at a friendly Sagittarius with a ton of muck around her foot, “Yeah, easy for you say, now.”


    There’s a certain smirk I expect from Capricorn. Along with that devilish grin? How about a sotto voce, “I told you so?” There is that. Don’t gloat. It is unbecoming and not fashionable for a good Capricorn like yourself. Doesn’t look good; although, the feeling can be immensely satisfying, still, not a look that you really should try for. Not that you’re not right, you are correct. It’s about other signs, other people, other people you associate with, know, are in cahoots with, some manner of presence, but what to do? I’m serious, you are right, but rubbing our collective faces in it is not a good move, not for you, not now. Know, in your little lecherous and litigious Capricorn heart of hearts, yes, you’re right. Smirk is fine, but other than that? While the Sun is where he is? Keep it to yourself. Or you can tell me, but don’t be too flippant about it. Sotto Voce means low enough to not be heard. Think of it as an aside to an imagined audience, an imagined Capricorn audience. “See? I told you so.”


    There are three texts that I’ve found offer the best solace for me. One is obviously The Complete Works of Shakespeare, one is Marcus Aurelius Meditations, and final interest is 101 zen Stories. Of those, if I were to pick a course for Aquarius solace in the next few days? I would pick Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, but I’m not Aquarius, so I’m not sure that’s best. While I might be one of the most Aquarius-compliant astrology writers, no, not a drop of real Aquarius, and therefore, I might not be the best judge. Might be the Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, or even something from Shakespeare’s canon, but I would turn first to the Zen koans from masters. Tastes vary. I’ve laid my literary soul bare for you pick and choose, but there’s a message that I can’t arrive at, but you can, by digging through whatever your favorite text is. Takes a little bit of work, but the correct answers are there, and these answers get very personal, which is why I have such broad brush strokes to start with. Whatever works for Aquarius? Works.
      Shakespeare Complete Works (here) Marcus Aurelius Mediations (here) Zen Flesh Zen Bones (here)


    One place I lived had a copse of young Live Oak trees in the yard. I noticed that one was dead, sort a long limb from the ground, and the tree itself was dead for some time before I got around to borrowing a chain saw and cutting it down. When I did, I found two things. One? Live Oak is hardwood with dense grains, and seasoned, it’s even tougher to cut. But two? Fire ants. Maybe carpenter ants, but they looked like fire ants to me, and they had taken up residence in the base of the dead tree. Didn’t make it any easier to cut, but the old neighbor, he wound up with a cord of good wood until I got the part with the angry ants, the tenacity of those ants is what I was thinking about. The tenacity of the ants is what is important for gentle Pisces, too. There’s a sense of a portion of the world that is ripped asunder, mowed down, and otherwise relocated or simply clear-cut. Then, days later, I looked at the log, base of the tree that held most of the ants’ nest? They were all still toiling away, looking for nutrition, working to support each other, and I was unwilling to interfere more than I had. They all soldiered on, and they were busy finding a new place to call home. Working as a cohesive unit, a team. Pisces? Work like those ants, and never give up.


    Never be afraid to dig into the historical record. I’m not talking about the last few days, last few weeks or even the last few months, no, this goes much further back than that. This is about looking at statistics and numbers from the distant past, times long gone by, and maybe, even some history that is even recorded in a traditional history book. Watching an arid desert rain storm made me think of this, in respect to Aries, and the gentle susurrations of the planets. The short history is one of arid conditions, but look at the historical record, the deep gullies and arroyos etched by the flow of water, and the historical record, over time, indicates that there is moisture — but this is an element of time. The way to measure progress, Aries progress, the way to measure Aries motion is against that historical record. This isn’t a time to dwell on last week, last month or even what was happening a year ago at this time. It’s the casual yet causal relationship of time, and in this age, it’s the horrid time, not just minute-by-minute, or the sweep of the second-hand on the face of the Aries watch. Think: historic time. “Glacial” and “geologic” terms come to mind, as well.


    Some years back, I strayed from the “Straight and narrow,” and decided to embrace the slightly off-beat. Carrying that forward, I started shopping in venues that offered handmade, one-off, singular products instead of mass produced, everything uniform materials. I realize that this is reflected, in no small part, in my own work. I recently bought a book-like slipcover, and the purveyor sent me a note, “Last one, and if you don’t like it, just mail it back, sorry for the imperfections…” It is glorious. Right size, right material, feels good, looks good, and the few stray threads? Gives it an individual appearance. It is perfect in its imperfections. There are no two, exactly alike. Kind of cool, like that, you know? In the Taurus world, right now, there are no two exactly alike, revel and enjoy the imperfections that make each individual. This is like a book with dog-eared pages, with Mercury’s movements, celebrate the differences, the tiny imperfections that make each individual. Eschew that uniformity. Celebrate the individual.

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