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Horoscopes for 11-21-2019

    Such a villan
    A writer could not put down in his scene,
    Without taxation of his auditory
    For fiction most enormous.

Julio in Shakespeare’s
Double Falsehood 3.1.22-

The attribution of Double Falsehood to Shakespeare is best left to academics to debate. But the idea that we got scene that no writer could ever dream of as a fiction?

Horoscopes for 11.21.2019

The Sun moves into the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius Nov. 22, 10:58 AM Central, more or less.


The problems with the Sun moving into Sagittarius is that phase of the moon. She’s just a bitch, you know? Too much going on, and not enough Sagittarius to cover all that is required. Personally, from here on out, my business is next to non-existent until January 1. I’m not too concerned; been like this for many long years, finally figured out the holding pattern, and figured out what to do about everting: nothing.

As a fellow November Sagittarius? I know that long-term, big-picture goals, think, like what kind of a new year do we want? Think in terms like that as we approach the holidays and the merriment, and the parties, and the birthday celebrations, and whatever else? There are two lines, one arcing upwards, that’s Sagittarius social commitments, and another arcing downwards, that’s Sagittarius income (work, career). One is headed up and one is headed down, and those two arcs intersect this week. Middle of the graph. Again, back to that phase of the moon, and what it suggests? Long-term plans. think long-term, big-picture. New year, what does that hold? “That’s too far away!” Not too far to make some plans, now.


A really long time ago, I was in the “entertainment” field, albeit in a different iteration than now. Mostly, my background was bartending, and it’s a cut above some work, but, essentially, at the time, I was cashier with liquor bottles and staff of three to five. In military terms? Think: squad leader. Couple of nights were always big business nights. Thanksgiving was one. Thanksgiving night was a drinker’s paradise. The venues — that were open — would be crowded with seasoned professionals and the “out of town” guests, most notably, victims or escapes based on whatever the local legend was. Like? “I couldn't wait until I got out of school so I could leave this town, forever.” And they were back, at Thanksgiving.
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Horoscopes for 11-14-2019

    “Slander, whose sting is sharper than sword’s”

Paulina in Shakespeare’s
The Winter’s Tale 2.3.86-7

This week's horoscopes have been updated to include bug fixes and subtle improvements over last week's horoscopes.

Horoscopes for 11.14.2019


ScorpioHappy birthday. Glad we got that out of the way. Now, onto more important matters. More important Scorpio matters: Experts in Extracorporeal Existence. There’s a weird sense, this is like leftover Halloween material, really, and that might be where I picked up the idea. But the idea is that we need an Expert in Extracorporeal Existence. Personally, I would tend to believe that my friends — my Scorpio friends — are just such experts.

Most of the good Scorpio that I know understand haunting, spirits, the undead, and all of that. It’s part of being born around All Hallow’s Eve, the sign born around the time when the veil is the thinnest. The rest of this is merely a drill, but you understand that the heavenly influences are predicting that there’s a strong sense of connection with the other side, the spirit world, the voices in my head.

How you deal with that? Got to be a little careful, these days, “A ghost told me to say/do this thing,” that usually doesn’t hold up well as a defense.


Cheetos are a favorite nasty food. Look: the ingredients are all pureed chemicals and refined flour, “bad for you” corn starch and basically, all chemicals. Nothing terribly natural, but Cheetos, especially the hot ones? They are favorite “nasty” snack. Like a Diet Dr Pepper, another beverage that probably does more harm than good, still, every once in awhile, it’s a refreshing beverage, a little treat. Previously, I’ve alluded to “Mexican Coke,” which, despite the onerous title, it’s really just old school Coca-Cola made from the original — not updated — recipe, and that includes regular cane sugar, nothing processed.

I just polished off half a bag of Cheetos. With coffee.
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Horoscopes for 11-7-2019

    This Cloten was a fool, an empty purse,
    There was no money in’t. Not Hercules
    Could have knock’d out his brains, for he had none.

Guiderius in Shakespeare's Cymbeline 4.2.115-

Horoscopes for 11.7.2019

The Portable Mercury Retograde


It’s always a race to the bottom, and that’s what this might be about. Oh yeah, happy birthday, away. Thought I’d forget? Hardly. But the idea that it’s a “Race to the bottom” struck a good chord with me, and I watched, as a number of my Scorpio buddies started to pick back up that bad behavior. “It’s my birthday,” or “Mercury is Retrograde, my astrologer told me, so I can do this.” Yeah, not how this works, I mean, yes, it is your birthday time, and yes, Mercury is most heinously retrograde in your sign, but no, that’s not a valid excuse to slip back into a previous arrangement that did your Scorpio self no good. Celebrate? Yes. Indulge in your birthday? Yes. Use that as an excuse? Can’t say I didn’t try and warn you. Good luck.


Years and years of research, astrological, phenomenological, psychological? Years and years of applied research has a couple of easy guidelines for this kind of Mercury in Retrograde (in Scorpio, no less). Because of the relative motions, I found that a particular part of my ritual involves: coffee. Bad day today? Coffee. Good day today?
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