Horoscopes for 1.11.2022

“O, that way madness lies, let me shun that!
No more of that.”

Horoscopes for 1.11.2022


CapricornBad decisions make the best stories.” Used it before and I’ll use it again. As a reminder, with the current disposition of the planets? There’s a lot of pressure, and that planetary pressure might not be in your own, enlightened best interest. As far as good material for a story, a tale, an example of what not to do? Sure, great stuff there, if you don’t wind up in jail. At least some of you think I’m joking, and I might be, and that might just be a metaphor, but there’s a tiny fraction of the Capricorn sky that is tempted beyond reasonable and rational measures to take action that — when you look back in about six week? “Yeah, that wasn’t a good idea.”

I can save you the pain, then, if you listen now. Maybe not yet.


I have a personal attachment to the play, King Lear. Studied it, then saw it live on stage in London, and I was shattered, crying at the end, even though I know how it was going to come out. It’s a tragedy — doesn’t end well. Can’t claim that surprised me. Happened that first time, then, like twenty years later, happened again. Still doesn’t end well, and it could’ve been avoided, but yeah, no surprise other than I was caught up in the narrative and swept away. There are numerous chances for the story change, but it’s not likely.

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