Horoscopes for 10.3.2019

    Like a demigod here sit I in the sky,
    And wretched fools’ secrets heedfully o’er-eye.
  • Loves Labors Lost 4.3.56-7
  • Horoscopes for 10.3.2019

    Running gags are hard to maintain, but a worthy effort some days. Have to rate this one a marginal success. Didn’t quite make it all the way through, but the idea, tied to the quote from Love’s Labor’s Lost, is that the color of the sky, and the heavens above do suggest a spin.


    LibraThe sky was the color of her eyes. One woman I dated, the first impression, that very first time? Some would call it, “Love at first sight,” but we all know, my mind wasn’t anywhere near that elevated. Wasn’t love, not at first sight. Much baser emotion, and maybe not really an emotion, just an animal reaction.

    Years later, I still can’t quite ever seem to shake that first image of her eyes. Light blue, sky blue, clear blue? Haunting, but not like that. In a town — now San Antonio — surrounded by seductive brown-eyed females, those blue eyes stood out. This week, the sky, like those eyes, that’s what stands out. There’s a singular feature, like color of clear blue, and it’s a variation on a theme of the blue sky. That also means, despite some foreboding-looking clouds (planets), there’s a hope for the near future. The way it works, birthday this week? Good stuff, just up ahead. Birthday in the near future? Again, good stuff, just up ahead. Libra: headed for blue skies.


    ScorpioThe first time I head the expression? It was, “The Devil is beating his wife.” In song, some years later, more along the lines of the oral tradition and the way the greater subconscious works? “The devil beats his wife with a silver chain.” I’m sure there are variants, but the expression is meant to describe an altogether not uncommon occurrence here, rain and sunshine at the same time. Headed out to fish, the other day, buddy looks up at the sky, sun shining, and yet big rain drops falling on the windshield, “Oh man, the devil’s beating his wife today.” That kind of fickle sky? That’s the Scorpio color for this week. “The devil beats his wife? What?”

    Rain and shine. More specifically, big, moisture-laden cloud billowing over Scorpio land, and then, the sun is out, too. Confusing, yes, but also something to look forward to, as well, the “Devils beats his wife” weather, that kind of sky? Blue sky, rain clouds, sunshine, darkness, all combined into one? That is your week ahead. I’d take the good with the bad, the rain, and the sun shine, I’ve been known to fish in this weather, and I think the images from last week should be up on the web — someplace. The sky? The specific, Scorpio sky? The devil beats is wife, this week. Sunshine and rain, maybe, probably, all at the same time.


    SagittariusThe original “Sky was the color of” format derives from a peculiar particular piece of fiction. However, for Sagittarius, with a nod towards that fiction, and the works of Shakespeare? The sky was the color of an old TV set with the thin plastic film stretched across the screen that was supposed to provide coloration. These days, this is a mere artifact from a bygone era, a time when there was only “black and white” TV, cathode ray, at that, big boxy sets that had a miserable image, mostly rendered in fuzzy variations of gray.

    As a reminder of the days gone by? As a quick Sagittarius throw-back idea? There was, for a short time, a product that nothing more than a rainbow-like sheet of plastic that was supposed to add color to the otherwise drab, grey-scale experience of primitive, consumer-grade, audio-visual entertainment. Short form? It was a tinted plastic screen, adhered to the TV screen, and the tint was, in a rainbow effect, blown at the bottom, then green, then blue at the top, so a typically framed visual narrative, a TV show, think a Western, for example, the ground would look brown, the grass would appear green and the skies would be blue. The Sagittarius sky at this time? There’s a simple order to the shading, makes it look just one way. As long as it’s The Lone Ranger, in black and white? Looks good with this coloration. Looks great. The planets add a thin film, makes it easier for us to see what’s supposed to be what, as long as everything is in its proper order.


    CapricornThe sky was the color of slate, a TV set, when they were cathode ray tubes, turned off. Dead sky. Almost a greenish tinge to it, but not really, more gray. Or greenish gray, but the gray is predominate. At least one Capricorn will sit back, satisfied, “See? I told you so. Nothing good will come of this. TV set the color of slate.” However, there’s another interpretation of that, the TV set is turned off.

    Get out. Go do something, outside. Get up. Get out. Motion. Action, good Capricorn action of some sort. That cloudy sky? The Capricorn countenance that seems disfigured by internal clouds, like an old TV turned off? That requires some kind of action, and the color of that sky is supposed to spur some Capricorn cation, as in, “Up and out.” Now. The sky is the color of an old, dead TV set. means that it’s times for motion. Leave the TV off for now.


    AquariusThe sky was the color of coffee, after someone dumped milk in it, or that caramel cappuccino coloration. Usually only occurs during twister weather. Tornado season, and only with certain conditions, but typically, it’s blowing wind, with rain that comes in with huge drops at a — sure seems like — a forty-five degree angles. Sometimes it looks and feels like “horizontal precipitation,” due to the wind. The color of that sky, the turbulent, coffee with creamer color? Indicates heavy weather. There are, at times, an almost yellowish tint to the sky, ferocious, fast-moving clouds, bulbous, furious, with an air of evil intent.

    To me, it is simply put, twister weather, and I grew up around it, living at the tail end of tornado alley, as it was at the time. The weather inspires and yet, calms me, too, knowing that I can be inside, in a relatively safe place. I no longer live in a trailer park, and as such? Much safer. But this is about the Aquarius astrological weather, what that color of sky means? Means that it’s time to proceed with caution, but proceed. Move yourself forward but do so with an eye towards weather, conditions. Changes, and if there’s a funnel cloud on the Aquarius horizon? Me? I tend to seek high ground with cover, so I’m safe for a spell, let this crap blow over.


    PiscesThe sky was dappled with light, fluffy clouds. Wisps of cotton ball white against the brilliant cerulean sky itself, adding a layers of texture. Part of what this is about, those layers of texture. The clouds can be white and fluffy, mere specks in the sky, or layers of smooth-bottomed shapes, with perhaps a dark side to them, shades of gray rather than all brilliant white. The sky in early October, in South Texas, though, this doesn’t look like it does elsewhere, but this view fits with the Pisces week ahead. There are variations on themes, and textures, plus, this is an ever-shifting environment. While I’d like this to a be simple, stable week, understand that the images are constantly shifting, the tableaux itself. The backdrop and the set dressings are constantly in flux. So the Pisces sky is dappled with white, cotton-ball looking clouds. That means this is a week that is constantly shifting. Nothing permanent, although, frozen images at any one time, are really quite pretty.


    AriesHaving lived almost all my life in the American Southwest, I’m used to brilliant sunsets. Scooting to and from Austin in recent memory, almost spoiled me, but time spent in Arizona and New Mexico, plus limited engagements along the Pacific Coast?

    Yes, I’m spoiled, but I get to see good sunsets, like, right in my back yard. Some days, heavy clouds color it bright orange, or a deep magenta. Other days, not a cloud in the sky? Blip. Sun goes down, and the sky goes dark, like shutting the lights off in the bedroom. However, this week’s Aries horoscope made me think about a brilliant sunset, last week, maybe? One my way, headed south, southwest, towards San Antonio — just as the sun went down.

    I wanted to pull off the highway and catch a quick image, but the camera never does justice to the majesty of what I see, the sky afire with brilliant reds, pinks, mostly variations of orange, but by the time I could get situated to pull over and grab an image, have to find a high spot, has to be an exit with easy egress and ingress, and so on? Too late. Missed it. While the idea is nice, juggling a phone to capture an image from the driver’s seat? I know enough about physics that it won’t work. Car, phone, juggling. This week’s Aries material is like that brilliant image of a sunset, too fleeting to catch on digital film, but as an Aries? You know you saw it. All that counts.


    TaurusThe night sky, out in the countryside? The night sky in the country, especially when the moon is down? It’s the most amazing thing for a city boy like me to see. I know it’s there, and I’ve seen it before, and none of this is new, but it’s still pretty amazing.

    Historically, there was a time when Austin had the “Moonlight Towers,” no, look this one up, made famous in the cult classic “Dazed and Confused” film... The Moon Towers simulated moonlight, every night. Still, nothing compares with waking up and walking out of a barn at 4 AM, looking up and seeing the night sky just before the sun begins to climb into the sky. The inky blackness, God’s little lanterns twinkling on and off, the richness of the “Great Sky River,” clearly visible? Not long before sunrise, the Galactic Center clear overhead? What this means is we’re in for changes — at night — under the cover of darkness — for Taurus.

    Change occurs at night. That Galactic Center, and rest of the starry firmament? That spells gradual, almost imperceptible changes, like, changes that occur overnight? But they don’t catch up with Taurus for a few days. But overnight? Against that inky backdrop of the night’s sky when no moon is present? Yeah, that’s the time to look for.


    GeminiOne of the little secret I’ve learned over the years? Each and every week, sometimes, each and every day? There is an astrological window for success — for Gemini. Each day, just about. Some days, there are several windows. These windows are time periods when the Moon is not Void of Course, Mercury (Mars & Venus) are not retrograde, the big planets are either in a tight pattern or they are all in a loose pattern, and “Stuff just comes together.” There are a myriad of moving parts, a ton of components to looks at, but these times, these little windows occur, in Gemini, for Gemini, with remarkable — alarming — frequency. Want me to fine tune those windows? Hit me up for a session, but I’m booked for the next week or two, and anyway, wait for it, there are opportunities when you least expect it. From corners of the Gemini where one would certainly not expect it. Gemini scene. One of those. Unexpected benefits from places where one least expects it. What happens is this week has a break, multiple breaks, in the established pattern and each time that kind of opportunity shows up? Grab it with at least one Gemini hand.


    The Crab - the MoonchildGreat term I’ve used over and over? “Discomfited.” Gets questioned from time to time, editor types, “You mean ‘discomforted?’ Did you really mean that?” I didn’t mistype, at least, not in this case. The planets, more like the sun, serve to discomfit gentle Moon Children.

    It’s not uncomfortable, but it’s mildly annoying, slightly embarrassing, like a simple scratch that can’t be itched. Which, in turn, leaves you squirming. Which, in turn, makes you look silly. Which, in turn, is embarrassing, sitting there, squirming like a schoolboy. The hot seat. Something like that. The planets will conspire to toss your Cancer self out into the public eye, at a time when secrecy, at least a demure, quiet countenance is much preferred. Most actors on this stage chase the spotlight. The way this week works? You’re trying to shun the spotlight and it keeps catching up with you. The planets conspire, this week, to leave your Cancer (Moon Child) self somewhat discomfited.

    The Leo

    The LeoYeah, bit trite, but c’mon, what choice do I have? Leo, the Leo is going to be an Arizona day. When I was in school in AZ, there were these days with an achingly clear sky in the morning, and as the day went from warm, to “roast,” some days up to “broil,” the sky would be a clear blue, with nary a hint of a cloud. I think there are close to 300 days a year like that in Central AZ.

    My numbers might be off about the weather because this is what I’m remembering, maybe not what really happened. But when we get these days, late in September, between other patterns? I call them Arizona Days, because it reminds me of that clear, high pressure weather pattern, from whence the term, “Dry heat” originates, I’m sure. To me, they are “Arizona Days,” more as a tribute to time spent there, in school with various courses of study, but also as a significant weather pattern. High Pressure Dome is what I’ve heard it called, locally, and what happens is that the Black Bass tend to lose interest in feeding while the Red Drum seem to get more voracious. Switch what one is fishing for, be my guess. The forecast for The Leo is a variation on my theme of the achingly clear, blue sky, just ahead. Enjoy.


    VirgoThe sky was slate gray, starting to suck light back into it, turning everything darker. “Oh,” moaned Virgo, “no good shall come of this.” It was part of that weird Fall weather pattern, suddenly, rain, and in this case, it was the threat of rain, and I scurried inside, the sky looked as if it were full of evil intent, when, really, that rain? It helps pave the way for wildflowers along the highways and byways in the spring.

    No, there’s strong connection between the fall rain and the spring flowers. That slate gray sky? Portends flowers next spring. That slate gray sky that the Virgo is worried about? Means beautiful flowers in the future. Still stuck with the complaint? I can’t fix that. I can remind you, though, Virgo dear, that this helps for the future — helps for your Very Virgo future.

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    About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person. More at KramerWetzel.com.

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