Queen This quick story — link — suggested that Queen’s anthem, “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the most streamed song at this time. Cool for Queen. I was working in a motorcycle shop (outlaw BMW storefront), when I first head this song on the radio. The morning drive-time jock was a patron, and he recited the facts […] read more

Hold My Beer

Hold My Beer It’s a standard line, almost just a punch line, in Texas. Recently, the most common variant of the joke? Mother Nature: You CANNOT have four seasons in one week. Texas: hold my beer So looking around in retail land, I stumbled across this, Shower Beer holder. Is this a thing now? In […] read more

Austin Pho

Austin Pho For several years, I lived in North Austin, as in north of 183, even. Didn’t last long that far from my waterfront, beach house trailer park, but I did it for love. Or one of those emotions that looks like love. That was a failed experiment. I would suggest that it is best […] read more

Jung Via Pink Cake

Jung Via Pink Cake “As I saw it, a scientific truth was a hypothesis which might be adequate for the moment but was not to be preserved as an article of faith for all time.” Carl G. Jung Memories, Dreams and Reflections Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel Pink Cake Pink Cake […] read more