Astrology: go. Explanation of energies. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer The Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces What does my future hold? Yawn. This is material woven into my work on transits, and part of the transit reports I sell, on occasion. See also — Dramatic Irony — yes, “coming soon.” “The problem with […] read more

The Year of Lear

The Year of Lear - James Shapiro Shakespeare is basically Quentin Tarantino with a thesaurus. Trevor Noah 06/13/2017 Bought as an afterthought, then I checked some Amazon reviews, wow, slaughtered. That LA Review of Books piece was quote laudatory, way I read it. The sages on amazon, at one point, were quite without a dram […] read more

iPad 10.5

Interesting review. Points to the problem with “Fake News” and journalism in general. I tend to trust that site, pretty implicitly, as, over the years, the narrator has proven to be correct, time and again. But the site isn’t an outlet like that. Just one person’s voice, who, over the years, has proven good, time […] read more

Halcyon Days in Austin

Thanks for the memories? Matchbook cover fell out when I was digging around. That puts it at 10, maybe 12 years old. Or older, yet. Speaks to the veracity of the advertising claim that material like this lives on with an undeteremined lifespan for carrying a marketing message. While it is a San Antonio image, […] read more

Three Choices

This weekend, there are three choices. One is an event in San Antonio. I’m not there this weekend. Another is the annual Body Mind Spirit Expo at Austin’s Palmer Event Center. It’s been a half-dozen years since I’ve worked with that promoter, always a pricey option for me — and the clients. I’m not there, […] read more

Trust Me

How I know this one, trust me, I’m a doctor. This weekend: Austin — See listing for details — #Austin […] read more

Eleanor Oliphant

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman Firstly thought was living lives of quiet desperation. Waxing: morituri te salutant All the studies show that people tend to take a partner who is roughly as attractive as they are; like attracts like, that is the norm. Page 26. Waxing eloquent as a Comedy of manners? […] read more

Job Title

Just a few from the list, each and every day? Writer Journalist Tarot Reader Astrologer Webmaster Research Assitant Web Programmer Editor Editor-at-large Of Council Web Designer Graphic Artist Designer Artist Content Producer Communications Public Relations Travel Agent Booking Agent Bookkeeper Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Copywriter Copy Editor Accounting Librarian Promotions Manager Research and Development Team […] read more

Family Proud

It wasn’t bad enough that I pursued an English degree, no, not like the family wouldn’t be disappointed enough, I took up as an astrologer... Yeah, no worries about respect from my family […] read more

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