See Elaine

See Elaine A not-subtle reminder to See Elaine at the rock shop in Austin. See the fineprint for rules. […] read more

Islands in the Net

Islands in the Net Islands in the Net – Bruce Sterling My cover image — 1988 First Edition. Wow, not available on Amazon. Islands in the Net – Bruce Sterling 1988, the fax was the thing. Dated tech, but pause, I own both a nice, hardback first edition, lovingly “discovered” new in a bookstore, around […] read more

Shoot First

Shoot First Shoot First – Stuart Woods Stuart Woods and his character, perhaps an alter ego? Stone Barrington. The character has uncharacteristic sex, a fascinating life, and lots of excitement. He’s cool under fire and knows the perfect end-run for almost any flanking maneuver. Old girlfriend, years ago, got me hooked own the author, and […] read more


Motto What is that lurp (Army Recon, as I recall, Long Range Patrol) motto? “If you die, we’re splitting up your gear.” Veracity is not assured. Might be mercenary. See the fineprint for guidelines. […] read more

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