More on Wagner and Opera

More on Wagner and Opera Hope the rest of the family is having fun. More on Wagner and Opera Benson on the Valkyries — here (via The Wagnerian Romances — here (via Newman on the Wagner Operas. Wagner Operas – Ernest Newman The Wagner Operas […] read more

Server Service

Server Service With an image that explains it all, here, Server Service I currently use? Cute marketing trick, I got a quick “survey” about their service as a server, website host, what liked about it, and would I recommend it. I just gave a high rating, and ticked the box, yes I would recommend it. […] read more


Turbulence Turbulence – Stuart Woods Not like this would be my first rodeo, as I’ve long suggested, now, Stuart Woods’ books are — for me — simply mind candy. Maybe with fewer bad side effects, no rotting teeth, no sugar spikes, but there’s a kind of quality, and when I see the book is there […] read more

Local Municipality

Local Municipality Bexar County under nine different governments. Local Municipality Historical marker, nine governments, just south of the old red courthouse. The place is awash, steeped in tradition and the confluence of cultures, Previously, I would address this as a “clash of cultures,” but that’s not what happens. There’s a very forgiving, more open-minded understanding […] read more

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