Big Lizard in my Backyard

And no one caught mentioned the musical allusion? Big Lizard in my Backyard? You would think, with the obvious ties to my Texas — That image was captured a few days before Xmas, and that very evening, the balmy temperature turned cold as we all got that icy arctic blast. Big Lizard – The Dead […] read more

Nine Minute Audio File

Nine Minute Audio File So amusing, to me, that’s just what this is, a Nine Minute Audio File (mp3)… Nine Minute Audio File The new design will have less room for such material on the footer, so I needed a placeholder for that pointer, all this is. The file itself is three bells then nine […] read more

The Dali Cookbook

For many years, I collected Tarot decks, as much from a personal development point as artistic, or even professional ideal in mind. Various shapes and sizes, and I started before the Internet was “a thing,” and collecting Tarot decks was all about the adventure, prowling esoteric bookstores and similar venues off the main pathways. Over […] read more

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Fortune Cookie Wisdom Popped out of the bottom of my bag, other afternoon. Must’ve been carrying this around for years, so I can’t place there original source, but judging from the commentary on the back, it is Chinese Fortune Cookie Wisdom. Fortune Cookie Wisdom Fortune Cookie Wisdom Note: Standard disclaimers apply […] read more

Sunday in El Paso

Sunday in El Paso Another story, the guest towels. Quick, sidestep down memory lane, dovetails with upcoming images for the next Hallmark Holiday: VD. The trip I caught the coolest Valentine Image ever, around the turn of the millennia, the desert was blooming. Brilliant shades, the dusty background alive as it was the first time […] read more

El Paso

El Paso, TX Another notation from almost, not quite, but almost ten years ago — about El Paso — and their new truck, then. In El Paso, one weekend only, details? For some reason, always a favorite image — the old truck stop. As always, details are at #ElPaso […] read more

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