Adult Decisions

Adult Decisions Pretty sure this is an indication of the way this is going to go, the whole Saturn in Sagittarius that just started to unfold. It’s about Adult Decisons, as in, making the proper decsion for long-term benefits. In my various travel bags, gear I’ve used over the years as I bounce back forth […] read more

Outside the Coffee Shop

Outside the Coffee Shop Outside the Coffee Shop in Port A., there’s a sign on the drive up window, “If you’ve been waiting for more than two minutes, maybe honk.” But inside? “Hurry isn’t on the menu.” It’s “Island Time,” as Port A. is located on Mustang Island. Coffee […] read more

Pricing e-Books

Pricing e-Books It’s about Pricing e-Books, at least, that’s how I read it. Think I’ve covered this on numerous occasions. […] read more

Sun in Libra

Sun’s in Libra, now. Boundless intemperance In nature is a tyranny; Macduff Shakespeare’s Scottish Play (IV.iii.68-9) I will swear I’ve used this in a horoscope before, but I couldn’t locate in my files, other than in the book of quotes, Pink Cake. Either way, welcome to Libra and… […] read more

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