Pitching Ideas

How to Pitch Ideas They believed that it was a mistake to separate product development from marketing, as most of their contemporaries did, because to them the two were indistinguishable: the object that sold best was the one that sold itself. via Malcolm Gladwell’s gladwell.com The long article is about the consummate pitchman and inventor, […] read more

Potential Problems

The easiest way to suggest this, astrofish.net is just me. I pride myself on a home-made, hand-built, DIY site. That being noted, staying abreast of new tech is not always easy, as reported. In ASCII, ask-EE, in various location on the site, and in various formats, there are bits of the original codes stretching back […] read more

At the Rock Shop Again

At the Rock Shop Again Looks like Austin, At the Rock Shop Again, at Nature's Treasures, for a Tuesday. Often in Austin Tuesday at Nature's Treasures. 4103 North IH-35 Austin, Texas 78722 Store phone: 512-472-5015 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM —astrofish.net/travel— #Austin […] read more

Ruffian Dick

Ruffian Dick Ruffian Dick – Joseph Kennedy & John Enright All about Sir Richard Burton — at least — look at how this stacks up… “…more than a century after his death, he is still considered the world’s greatest erotic anthropologist.” Page 13. What sold the book, from a list I subscribe to, for me, was […] read more

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