More Richard

More Richard III While I’m overtly suspicious, seems like King Richard the Third’s ghost is still haunting the hallowed parking lot. Old feller just won’t go away. #Royalist […] read more

Hello El Paso, TX

El Paso, TX Me. In front of the historic venue. We’re next door this weekend. See: —— […] read more

Astrology as a Horror Film

Astrology as a Horror Film I’ve been working as a “reader” for more than two decades now, and I’m starting to get a clue that Astrology as a Horror Film might have merit. Part of my job is to listen, both figuratively and literally. Over the last few weeks, what with what is going on, […] read more

Sky Mall

Sky Mall Not sure, but I think I miss it. That thing that’s missing. The magazine full of useless crap, but killer ideas, and the source of more than one horoscope. #Flying […] read more


Length As a writer, the length of writing is important. Since I’m dipped in digital ink alone, I’m used to having a word count as part of the process. Way it works. I have exactly one friend who can still calculate “column inches,” picas, points, and so forth, but the rest of us? Word count. […] read more

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