Bookstores Hot list via silly Buzzfeed of bookstores worth visiting. In London, there was always Hatchards, on Piccadilly, a block or so from the Circus, and near F&M for dry goods. Hatchards always felt like a book store should. Tight quarters, cramped, almost, and books floor to ceiling. I am unsure if it is still […] read more

The Whistler

The Whistler The Whistler – John Grisham Honestly, I was never really a “Grisham fan.” Thus noted? As lawyers, they valued their time. As investigators, they had learned patience. The two roles were often in conflict. Page 9. Nice set up for conflicted. Part way through, though, I had to wonder if Grisham was wandering […] read more

Live Number Two Dinner

Live Number Two Dinner Last summer, I’d seen a passing reference to REK (Robert Earl Keen, Jr.) doing a show at Floores Country Store — brought back memories because that is a singular event that was a serious bucket list for me. That album — over the years — crawled its way to the top […] read more

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