Lather Rinse Repeat

Lather Rinse Repeat The adage, as seen here: Lather Rinse Repeat. There are — at least — two running commentaries about them that term, “Lather Rinse Repeat.” The first is that it was an advertising jingle that sold billions of containers of a certain brand of shampoo. The second is that it is a term […] read more

Listening to Die Valkure

Listening to Die Valkure Based on a previous Norse Notation, I was listening to the opera to and from Austin. Day after Valentine’s. I went searching for a libretto, thinking I had a grip on the plot, only to find out I was woefully mistaken. Still, it is a sad love story, misguided, even, with […] read more

A Very Private Grief

A Very Private Grief An uncle passed the other evening. While not exactly close in recent times, I have stayed in touch, as best I can. Made a few long detours to check up on him, some years back. Perhaps I’m missing something, but there is that elegiac tone. HIs wife, my aunt, showed up […] read more

Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts Standing in line at the Starbucks, past the security check, I watched, bemused, as a guy took a picture of the mugs. Variously, they read, Texas and San Antonio. “Where ya’ll from,” I asked. “New York,” he said, hint of that typical accent. I smiled, and he asked where I was from. […] read more

San Antonio Coffee

San Antonio Coffee via various: Cuban: Café Cubano – espresso with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mexican: Café de Olla – 1 tbsp coffee, 1½ tbsp. piloncillo, 1½ cups water and a cinnamon stick. Irish Coffee — Irish Coffee. Previously San Antonio Coffee Still a works in progress, be my guess. Subsidiary to this one, I’ve […] read more

The Rift

The Rift The Rift – Walter Jon Williams Another super sale deal, and one I almost bought, but I realized I already had enough new material to read, no need to load myself up with digital versions of hardbacks. 99 cents on the iBooks thing. Great deal. There’s an entry, dated 9/5 (1999) that has […] read more

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